Tony Petrello Offers Employees Paid Offs To Help Victims Of Hurricain Harvey

One of the best determinants of whether or not a company cares about its people in the community and society, one can look at the way they respond after any natural disaster. Companies that care about the people usually jump in to help them in whatever way they can, as soon as the disaster strikes. One of the more recent natural disasters that hit our country was Hurricane Harvey. The natural disaster was one of the most devastating that hit the Houston area in Texas. For one company, this was much closer to home than they would have anticipated. Nabors Industries is currently based in Houston and offers a range of oil and petroleum related services.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, the company knew that it had then become their responsibility to extend a helping hand to those who were affected by the Hurricane. The employees of the company knew that it was their responsibility to try and engage themselves in relief efforts that could help the community and those who have lost a considerable amount in the natural disaster.

During this time, a lot of the people working at Nabors decided to take a few days off to partake in relief efforts. The Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello too knew the importance of extending a helping hand to people in society, and also actively engaged himself in these relief efforts. To encourage more people to embark on these relief efforts, Petrello started to allow employees to embark on these efforts, without having to forfeit the pay that they would receive on those days. This made the employees partake even more in these relief efforts which proved to be great for the society in which they live.

One of the reasons why Petrello placed so much emphasis on the kind of charitable ventures that people have taken on is because a lot of the people working at Nabors itself were affected by the natural disaster. Almost ten percent of their entire employee population faced repercussions as a result of this disaster hitting the areas in which they live. It was only because of the help that the other colleagues working in the company offered that they were able to get once again themselves and their families situated.

Nabors hopes that in the future too, they can extend a helping hand to all those who are in need and can contribute to a better and better functioning society.

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