Nobody Bigger Than Chainsmokers Right Now

Ultra Miami 2018 was an epic event. The music festival attracts the biggest names in electronic dance music across the world. And one act stood out above all the others — the Chainsmokers. Everyone left the music Festival talking about the American DJ duo and their incredible performance. And positive news about this band is at a fever pitch as they ascend the ladder of worldwide fame.

The Chainsmokers rise to international fame isn’t just opinion. It is actually data driven. Billboard puts together a list of the biggest hitmakers on planet Earth that have made of the most money. It’s called Billboard’s New Dance 100 List and it honors a wide range of musical acts for the biggest ticket, music and merchandise sales. It seems that the Chainsmokers are rich.

And it’s no wonder that they enjoy this kind of fame. If you’ve ever been to one of their concerts then you know just how much fun it is. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart utilize live instruments, live vocals, prerecorded sounds, synthesizers, turntables and computers to put on an energetic performance. And with the Chainsmokers, you never know what kind of special guest you might see. The vocals of any of their smash hits might be sung by somebody just as famous. It certainly gets the crowd going.

And if you need more evidence of their success then you can look to Spotify. The music streaming service has just announced a second song for the band has been streamed over 1 billion times. Their hit “Sick Boy” has garnered over 136 million views on YouTube. And they keep topping charts in multiple countries across the world. The Chainsmokers certainly are epic if popularity is any metric of talent.

With millions of fans across the world, the Chainsmokers continue to come up with innovative ways to connect. The band recently released a teaser video for the making of “Somebody.” It’s an interesting look at how the duo makes such catchy and unforgettable hits. And it’s absolutely stunning to watch Andrew Taggart manipulate prerecorded vocals that were laid down for another track in order to fit “Somebody.”

Looking For Retirement With Freedom Checks

One of the common goals that people are hoping to achieve is retirement. For one thing, people are going to have to leave the workforce at some point. Therefore, they have to find some way they are going to support themselves. The truth is that a lot of people do not have enough money saved up for retirement. Also, some of the investment accounts that are geared towards retirement are going to fail for many different reasons. Therefore, it is important for people to look at different methods of saving for retirement. One way to look at is investing in freedom checks. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.


One of the reasons that people should invest in freedom checks is that the pay out is very high. There is a total of $34.6 billion that is waiting to be given out. Therefore, people who are interested in making some extra money to put towards their retirement or other activities should take the time to make sure that they have something that is going to add to their lives. These freedom checks are going to bring about a significant addition to one’s income. Therefore, they can live a little more comfortably when it comes to their lifestyle.



One of the best feelings to have is knowing that one has a lot of money that he can use for whatever he wants. Making the right investments can get people to that point. Another good thing to do with money is to make some more investments towards passive income. A great combination of freedom checks and other forms of income are very powerful when it comes to living comfortably. This is why it is important for look into this opportunity to invest in these types of assets. A good plan for moving forward with various forms of income is the key to a good retirement. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Ted Bauman and Jeff Yastine Reveal Secret to Anazon’s Success

Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, published by Banyan Publishing. Yastine has worked with Banyan Publishing Company since 2015. Mr. Yastine is very educated. He earned his bachelor’s degree in telecommunications at University Florida in 1986.

Prior to becoming the editor of Total Wealth at Banyan Publishing. Jeff Yastine has held several positions. From December 1993 until November 2010, Yastine worked for Nightly News as PBS’ Senior Correspondent. For two years, Mr. Yestine was the Editor Director for Oxford Club. After leaving Oxford Club in April 2013, Yastine accepted a position at News Max Media as their Director of Financial Newsletters. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Jeff Yastine believes that Amazon’s best days are behind them, and financial troubles are ahead. He thinks that one day someone of authority will accuse Amazon of violating antitrust laws. Yastine blames Amazon for many formerly successful retailers going out of business. Amazon has changed the way retailers do business. Bon Ton, Claires, and other retailers have filed bankruptcy with $50 million in liabilities. Linda M Khan thinks that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos should examine the antitrust laws and find a way around them. This past March, an anti-watchdog group from Japan had a meeting with Amazon. Amazon’s suppliers were allegedly expected to pay Amazon the discounts that the customers saved. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

Jeff Yastine believes the confidence most people love about Amazon may be coming to an end because of the company’s sinister ways. Yastine’s theories come from years of studying the antitrust laws that were written to keep companies doing fair business. He reads financial news reports. Mr. Yastine thinks Amazon violated antitrust laws to become the successful giant in business they are today. Yastine has interviewed many financial giants, like Warren Buffet and Richard Branson who have seen many once thriving companies go under because of online businesses. Former Wal-Mart CEO, Bill Simon has criticized Amazon, admitting the company isn’t a retail company. Some people think Simon is jealous of Amazon because of the competition. Jeff Yastine has a different opinion on the subject. Many people don’t know if they should take Yastine seriously either.


Anil Chaturvedi Leading Banker Offers Tips for Investing in India

Anil Chaturvedi has emerged as one of the leading bankers in the past four decades during which he has worked with some of the leading banks and financial organizations. Anil Chaturvedi has completed his studies in India from Delhi University, where he did honors in Economics and Masters in Business Administration as well. After completing his education, Anil Chaturvedi went on to join State Bank of India at its New York Branch. Within just four years of joining the State Bank of India’s New York Branch, Anil Chaturvedi managed to bring the business of over $500 million to the bank. It is what also led to Anil Chaturvedi being named the Man of the Year at State Bank of India. It is a feat that he remembers even today.

After leaving State Bank of India in 1991, Anil Chaturvedi went on to join ANZ Grindlays Bank where he worked for nearly two years. He took care of the compliance and regulatory issues and ensured that the business operations are going on smoothly. The revenue generation also multiplied under the watch of Anil Chaturvedi. He also worked for Merrill Lynch for nearly two decades during which time he was responsible for corporate advisory, cross-border transactions, and taking care of the investment portfolios of ultra high net worth individuals. Anil Chaturvedi helped many of his clients invest in a strategic manner to help them achieve their wealth creation goals. He offers practical advice to his clients so that the chances of losing money are minimum.


Currently, Anil Chaturvedi is the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, a private bank based in Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi has ensured that the bank is able to generate considerable revenue under his supervision and attract European and American businesses for investments in India. As the trade and business regulations in India have eased in the last couple of years, it is profitable for the bank as well as the foreign businesses to expand their operations in India. It also gives an opportunity to the European companies to increase their customer base as India is a growing economy and has a lot of potentials.

The Powerful Transformation of Mina Ebrahimi as a Caterer

Mina Ebrahimi is the entrepreneur that has defied the odds. She has taken it upon herself to create a type of catering business that provides a lot of different dishes for an array of clients. She has created a business where she specializes in Mediterranean, Asian, Italian and a variety of other types of food choices for her clients. She knows that this is the best way to conduct a catering business. You must have the ability to adapt to the needs of your client base.


This is a great idealogy for her because she has a business that is located in Northern Virginia. This puts her in close vicinity to a military base, and this provides a range of different types of clients. There are so many different people from different cultures that it is almost impossible for a catering business to exist without this variety.


Mina Ebrahimi knows this and that may be the true reason that her success has been as great as it is. She is someone that has made sure that it has been easy to have whatever you would like if you are having a wedding or any other private event.


Mina has award-winning cooks on board. She has received awards and accolades as the top caterer in Northern Virginia for 19 years. These are big things in the catering business. This type of word of mouth alone can increase her business. When you are the one that’s has been singled out as the top caterer it makes people recognize your talent.


For Mina her display of tallent with picking the right staff is all part of her entrepreneurial excellence. She knows how to treat her employees, and this has led her to great success. With this success she has found it to be of the utmost importance to give back to the community in Virginia.


She is a philanthropist that is always eager to share what she has learned just as much as she is willing to share information about her journey. She is a catering business CEO that also blogs about her life.

How Equities First Holdings Is Far Ahead Of Any Company In The Industry

Equities First Holdings (EFH) has been able to offer financial advice and equity- loans to people of the United Kingdom since 2012. EFH’s office in London is part of a global corporation that celebrating a 15-year anniversary. During the 15-year anniversary they announced the completion of over $1 billion in customer transactions in a 4-year span. An equity loan is available to individuals and businesses. Equity loans have better approval rates than traditional loans. What makes an equity-loan special is stocks are allowed to be used as collateral. Equity-loans offers flexibility, because the principal can be used for anything.

Many businesses will used financial advice to stay on track to reach business goals. They will communicate goals they are trying to reach, and EFH would formulate a plan to meet goals. Future valuation is important when determining the use of stocks as collateral. If stocks meet EFH standards then it will be used as collateral.

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Wes Edens is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group which is leading investment company with billions of assets under its management. Wes Edens is among the partners who founded the company in 1998 with the primary purpose of managing assets on behalf of institutional clients and private investors globally. They manage assets such as real estates and provide investment strategies. Edens leadership is credited with achievements such as taking the firm into the public through the initial public offer in 2007. Mr. Edens is the current Private Equity Chief Investment Officer and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group since 2009. He is also the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the company since 2017. He is responsible for managing private equity and publicly traded investment businesses.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Edens had significant experience in investment managerial field. Notably, he worked as a Partner and Managing Director at Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993 and at BlackRock Financial Management Company from 1993 to 1997. He has also held key positions in several companies alongside Fortress Investment Group. He worked as Chief Executive Officer at Newcastle investment Holdings from 2002 to 2007. Also from 2002 to 2006, he served as Chief Executive Officer at Eurocastle Investment. Likewise, Mr. Edens remarkably served as the president of Capstead Mortgage Corp from 2000 to 2003.Wes Edens acquired his Bachelor of Arts and Science in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University in 1984. Currently, he is on position 962 on Forbes Billionaire list worldwide. Employees at Fortress Investment Group have a high opinion about the positive impact of the company on their career growth.

They are esteemed to be working with a global investment managing company that has a long track record of success. Additionally, the company’s web portal has lots of positive reviews submitted by employees who once worked with the company on different sections. Those who have served as interns at the firm attribute their success in career to the high exposure in the fast-paced platform.Wes Edens is the proud owner of the Milwaukee Bucks which is a National Basketball Association franchise. Additionally, Fortress Investment Group owns a new eSports franchise known as FlyQuest, a multiplayer video game competition that has assembled competing teams in the North America League of Legends Championship. Fundamentally, FlyQuest improves the business and sports experience of Edens and his team. Also, it develops sponsorships and engages fans for sustainable growth.

GoBuyside (NY)

Are you ready to start to see your business soar to newer heights of financial success? Well, GoBuyside can give you a boost.

GoBuyside is a recruitment investment management platform that has helped firms globally to achieve corporate success and to reach their financial peak in hiring top corporate talent. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

To get started, go online to GoBuyside’s website, sign up to become a registered member, and you’ll be ready to start searching for talented investment professionals who will give your firm the qualified assistance they need.

And if you have any questions, GoBuyside’s trusted is on hand to answer your questions and address your recruitment-related concerns.

Once you’ve come to GoBuyside, you’ll see that you are apparently in the hands of brilliant investment professionals. These are people with collective years of experience in dealing with investments and hedge funds, and they know exactly what is needed to help your firm reach newer heights:you need to hire capable, competent individuals who knows how to handle other people’s monies.


So, come online and sign up today and watch what GoBuyside’s staff can do for you business. In fact, its helping companies all over the world to meet the challenges of recruiting top talent, in fact, you can go to and see the track record GoBuyside has in meeting up to 7 challenges recruitment firms face when hiring corporate talent.

There is no doubt GoBuyside is the talk of Corporate America and the corporate world at large. Since its inception in 2011, it has made rapid progress and success in helping firms like investment and hedge fund concerns recruit highly-skilled corporate professionals, why not let them do the same for your firm as well?

All you have to do is sign up online and get started on the road to financial success when you choose GoBuyside as your top recruitment advisor.

Businesses everywhere are feeling the pressure of the times; it’s becoming very difficult for firms to maintain their financial edge, and GoBuyside is ever ready to assist companies in finding the right type of people to help their financial concerns to reach and to keep their edge. Read more about GoBuyside at

Infinity Group Australia: Moving towards Financial Freedom

Various parameters come into play while seeking financial fitness and anyone in the pursuit of financial freedom ought to keep them in mind. First, it is important to be conscious of how you spend your money in relation to what you earn. This means that you have to understand your cash flow-what you make in a specific period and how you spend it on necessary things such as food and housing. Equally important is to have a risk management plan to secure yourself or your family’s health and life. Without a proper plan in this regard, you are prone to face financial problems in case of sickness, accidents, or death. No doubt, making sound financial plans is integral to realizing financial success.




Having a long-term financial coach is often a viable idea towards managing your resources. In Australia, Infinity Group Australia has been on the forefront ensuring that Australians are able to keep their finances in check. Infinity Group Australia is a company based in Australia. Its goal is offering financial assistance to people to reduce their debts and realize financial freedom. In a country where more than 30 percent of citizens are overly indebted and a significant number being between 25 and 34 years of age, Infinity Group comes in handy. Also, mortgage holders are more likely to be indebted in Australia and Infinity Group has its focus on such individuals. Learn more:




Infinity Group Australia works closely with its clients to understand their financial needs, and the close relationship helps them make plans for the customers. Essentially, the company tries understanding the nitty-gritty of your finances including how much you spend and then work on adjusting your budget to fit your needs. The institution ensures personal bankers assist with financial matters including loan payment. Recently, it was able to reduce a 96, 271 dollar debt for a young family in 12 months, a proof of how effective the company is.



For accountability purposes, Infinity Group Australia provides a monthly performance review to its clients to allow them have an idea of how they are spending their money. Accordingly, the clients can make adjustments where necessary; for instance, they can reduce spending on a particular commodity or activity if it jeopardizes their financial status. The group also provides six-month reviews for clients to assess their progress. Further, Infinity Group helps people reduce spending on trivial things; it advises people to save on essential issues like a mortgage to reduce daily interests. Among other transformative ideas, Infinity Group is an example of how vital long-term financial coaches are towards attaining financial fitness. Thanks to the group, many Australians are now more conscious about their finances.

Talos Energy Knows That Sometimes It Pays To Be Shallow.

When Mexico opened up it’s fields for purchase you would think that the major players in oil would be the first companies to jump on the deal. They did not expect a smaller oil company of about 200 employees to be the first to purchase the only 2 fields put up for auction that year. That smaller company is called Talos Energy. Based out of Houston Texas, Talos Energy saw it befitting to grab the opportunity to purchase fields so close to home.

Talos Energy’s decision was rewarded greatly. After Talos Energy began discovery of fields they came across a great find. They struck oil about 37 miles from Puerto Dos Bocas, which is along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Although it is stated that it will take about 4 years of discovery to complete the find in its entirety, Talos Energy knows that this could be major. Talos Energy also knows at this time that the well that was found is in only 500 ft of water and they have reached about 11,000 feet deep so far. The larger the find the more time it will take to discover it in its fullness, this is why the time frame of around 4 years has been put into place. Talos Energy wants to be very cautious and efficient in the execution of this find.

Talos Energy in all of their wise decision making has so far found as much as 10 billion barrels of oil in shallow water. They were the first to find such amounts of oil since Mexico opened up the gas and oiled fields to outside exploration, 3 years ago. Talos Energy may be a seemingly small company now, with revenue at around $500 million, it is looking as if they are on the track to certain increase. It always makes for an amazing story when the little guys win big.

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