Non Accredited Investor Portfolios

Brad Reifler is a respected and sought after entrepreneur with three decades of experience  all compiled on Wikipedia. He possesses all the qualities of a leader that justifies his stature in the community. He is affiliated with numerous investment outfits such as Pali Capital, Forefront Capital and initially Reifler Trading Corporation, and several others touched upon on CrunchBase.

Brad has a passion for entrepreneurship and social welfare, and has written tons of articles on the subject. Brad established all his companies from scratch and molded them into million dollar companies. Take Reifler Trading, for example, a company he put together while in college trading derivatives online. Years later, the company was acquired by the Refco group.

Brad Reifler went on to found and run Pali Capital, a company he put on international frontiers. He spearheaded its expansion drive into four continents including Australia, Europe, and Latin America. The company earned commissions from clients to the tune of over $1 billion during this tenure of thirteen years.

Every entrepreneur must look to the future to position themselves at a vantage point for success. Brad in his knowledge knew this too well, so he left the volatile and unpredictable financial markets following the global financial crisis. He identified a gap in the investment profile. The rich and upper class of society who usually make up the accredited investor category wallowed in massive losses. He focused his efforts on the 99% of the population never involved in investment affairs before.

Reifler knows the power and accuracy of extensive research, therefore, spent time studying the non-accredited investor. Recently, he unveiled the Forefront Income Trust, a public, non-traded fund tailored for the category as mentioned earlier. According to Brad, the middle income and low-income households have never been exposed to investment opportunities. The Forefront Income Trust seeks alternative investment avenues away from the volatile financial markets. It has inbuilt safety structures such as diversification to protect the investor from the losses. This single move brings in 99% of the non-accredited investors to the entrepreneurship table.

Also, the Forefront Income Trust makes no money till the non-accredited investor makes a return of not less than 8% on his investment of $2500 or more. The fund also donates 3% to war veterans and their families. It also buys back shares on a quarterly basis by allowing investors to make withdrawals.

Brad Reifler has always harbored a passion for empowering the community, which is why he opened up his company to the middle class. All the organizations he has established and worked with have relied on the good will and warm relationships with local communities. He has been appointed and serves on numerous advisory boards for corporations and other social institutions. For instance, he is a trustee of the Millbrook School and has also served as the Chairman of its finance committee earlier in his career as shown by Bloomberg.

Lime Crime’s CEO Breaks Fashion Rules

Lime Crime is a beauty and makeup company that is dedicated to its customers and the fact that they are all individuals. It was founded by fashion blogger Doe Deere, who shares the same ideals of makeup should be more about the individual and less about the rules that most people tend to gravitate toward when it comes to makeup. There are many rules that Doe Deere has chosen to break that include not only makeup, but also include the way that she dressed and the way that she does her hair.

Choosing to color her hair unnaturally is something that Doe Deere has done often. While her hair was colored, she used to move toward neutral clothing colors that focused mainly around black. She did this for fear that the colors she wore were going to clash with her brightly colored hair. She did this because it was all based around an old fashion rule that she used to follow. No longer does she follow the black rule and she knows that you shouldn’t have to follow it either. If you have unnaturally colored hair, you should be allowed to wear any color that you want whether it clashes or not.

It is easy to see that Doe Deere does not care about fashion rules and knows that you shouldn’t be concerned about colors clashing when it comes to the way that you dress and do your makeup. For this reason, she knows that it is alright to wear clothes that have different patterns. You shouldn’t be restricted from wearing an outfit you love just because the patterns are not the same or clash in a way that does not look visually appealing. You can make sure that you are wearing what you want by not worrying about the way your patterns look together.

With all of her beauty experience and her life as a beauty blogger, Doe Deere has learned a lot about the fashion world. One thing that she has learned is that it has a lot of rules. These rules come with nearly no basis and are set by some people that are dead or that most people will likely never meet. For this reason, Deere focuses on breaking all of the fashion rules. There are some that she likes to break more than others, but she is always sure to make a bold statement with the rules she has broken.

If someone tells you that you cannot wear a bright pink lipstick with a bright green eyeshadow, you should not listen to them. This is something that was previously thought to be a big issue in the beauty world, but is also something that Deere has worked to make false. She knows that it is alright to wear whatever you like no matter how it looks. The most important part of choosing bold makeup is not about whether it doesn’t fit together, but is about what colors you think look good on your own face.

Keep an Eye on Nobilis Health Corp

Nobilis Health Corp is a company that is worth keeping an eye on regarding an investment that will buck the current trend on stockhouse of worldwide markets, which continue to go down in the last quarter of 2015. Nobilis has a strong track record when it comes to mergers and acquisitions with the recent cash acquisitions of First Nobilis Hospital and Victory Healthcare Plano Hospital. Just last year, Nobilis took a 60% stake and management control of former Freedom Pain Hospital in Scottsdale, AZ. The company continues its track record of high organic growth. Nobilis Health Corp owns and manages a large number of acute-care and ambulatory facilities to provide healthcare services to patients in several different cities and states in the US. The company operates five ambulatory surgery centers, to imaging centers, and urgent care clinic, and acute-care hospital, among other facilities. Nobilis is also in partnership with six other facilities in Arizona, Oregon, New Jersey, Tennessee, Michigan, and Minnesota. Russell Stanley, an analyst with Mackie Research Capital, says that Nobilis is a top pick for Q4 2015. Regarding macro trends, Nobilis has an undervalued advantage. There is an increasing demand for surgical procedures due to the prevalence of obesity and an aging population. Most analysts have rated Nobilis as a strong buy. Year-to-Date, the company’s stock performance stands firm at 81%. The company has 67,037,000 outstanding shares and a market cap of $364 million. Approaching the end of Q4, brokerage firms rank Mobilis as average regarding ratings. Nobilis currently offers a minimally invasive procedure back by North American Spine known as AccuraScope. This technique, led by Dr. Basem Abdelfattah, addresses multiple types of pain at all levels of the spine to include: cervical, lumbar, and thoracic. This procedure is part of a family of advanced laser spine procedures that are minimally invasive. When used to treat chronic neck and back pain in the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic regions, patients have better results and experience more improvement in health. When compared to traditional minimally invasive procedures, Nobilis is at the forefront in patient care. Outpatient care is a preferred choice among patients to avoid excessive medical bills. Minimally invasive procedures make it possible for patients to get the best care possible without costly in-patient care. Most procedures only require a centimeter-length incision and do not involve the removal of any bone. No installation of hardware is needed which improves recovery time tremendously. Overall, Nobilis has a strong future as they continue to provide the best possible care to all clients.

Your Social Media Posts Could Cost You Dearly

There are times in life when we party a bit too much or get a bit too drunk and post an inappropriate selfie on a social media site. We cringe when our friends and/or family tease us about it later. However, a hiring manager may not be so understanding. She may take one look and cross your name off the interview list. You might not get accepted into that favorite university. Worse, your current employer may discover your drunk-posted selfie during an annual review and you end up getting fired.

When Mark Zuckerberg first invented Facebook as a Harvard student, it was a small experimental novelty. That was way back in 2004, and now just eleven years later, it has become ubiquitous and important as a general social connector nexus. Everyone can connect to everyone else, for free. It seems so innocuous, until something personal posted there impinges on your life.

Of course, spending too much time using Facebook while on a job can also, in a more pedestrian way, affect your employment. And, all of these pitfalls work to reduce your overall reputation. Status Labs is a company that specializes in helping people recover from a damaged reputation, whether online or in everyday life. They offer the following tips to enact as a very first step to protecting your reputation:

Make your personal Facebook page with a code name that you only give to family and friends. You main Facebook page is kept pristine for business use.
Draw up a rigid policy that never allows you to use Facebook at work during normal working hours. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see it regularly.

There are many ways to remedy the situation if your reputation is compromised and Status Labs knows all the ways. The expert professionals at Status Labs are experienced at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. They are also adept with traditional real-world reputation repair. They are as skilled with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as they are with media Public Relations. They know how to play the system to get you back in the saddle with a real second chance in life.

Taking The Biggest Leap of My Life

For a long time I honestly thought that I would never make it in this life. As a father of three with a beautiful home, bills and everyday expenses were extremely difficult to keep up with. As each day passed by, I got behind further and further until I felt that the hole I dug was to far to climb out of. I guess I just never really understood how bad life could get when you have a limited amount of income coming in. Limited meaning I was the absolute only source of income in my household. Not even a penny coming in from anywhere else. My wife could have worked, but that would mean placing two of our children in daycare and paying full price for their positions. It just wasn’t worth the money wasted when she could sit at home with them and save money.

Right as soon as I was about to throw the towel in and sell our home, I met a guy named Greg Hague. Greg Hague just so happened to be the owner of the 990 Sells Homes Company. When I told him my problem, he quickly gave me a solution. The solution was to come to work for him as a seller. What this meant was that I would be given a $990.00 commission check if I was to find a home buyer without an agent present. At first the task seemed rather difficult, but after the first few $990 checks, I was completely wrapped around Greg’s finger. Not only was he a genius, but he was he was completely compassionate. Especially towards my personal situation.

During my first few weeks at the 990 Company, Greg had welcomed me with open arms and basically took me under his wing until I was ready to adventure out on my own. I will admit that the first couple days alone were quite stressful, but it wasn’t long before I had everything figured out perfectly. I owe my success all to Greg. If it wasn’t for him taking the time go over everything numerous times with me and having extreme amounts of patience, I probably wouldn’t have made it as far as I have.

Last week I referred a good friend of mine to the 990 Company and I had doubts at all that they would succeed just as I had. I explained to them how well Greg does teaching him new sellers and how amazing their company runs. I am in hopes that their motivation will run high and that they will also find plenty of buyers without having to contact an agent at any point in time.

Selecting A Competent Lawyer for Your Situation

If you are involved in a business dispute, corporate conflict or any type of disagreement with another party or individual, it is advisable to talk to a lawyer right away. Lawyers have the knowledge about various laws that apply in these types of situations.

It is extremely important that you look for someone with great expertise in the area of law you are dealing with. And make sure you choose a lawyer who is professional, and who pays attention to the clients’ needs. Other considerations could include the amount of experience the attorney has, how he is regarded by various other clients and attorney at laws in the field, and how this individual relates to prospective clients upon an initial meeting.

There are several ways to find a great lawyer to help you in your legal trouble. One of the best ways to get a good lawyer is through other lawyers or clients. You need a lawyer who is respected by the Judge and rival attorney. Just as vital, you need a lawyer who will be fair and honest with you and who will certainly put your personal or your company’s best interest above his or her own.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho specializes in high-profile corporation and commercial disputes. He represents a raft of multinational companies and offers top-notch legal guidance in a diverse array of law fields. As a business and corporate litigation attorney at law, Ricardo Tosto is a leading name in the Brazilian legal system. He is a knowledgeable litigator with vast skill in enterprise and corporation law.

Ricardo Tosto has personally mentored his associates and staff in the field of Brazilian Law, setting standards for other legal professionals to follow. Not only is Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a force in the court room, he shows the utmost care and regard when it comes to his clients. Ricardo Tosto’s clients are consistently content by Mr. Ricardo Tosto’s exceptional competence, whether it’s prompting a beneficial negotiation early in the litigation process, or going after a very challenging matter.

What can Darius Fisher and Status Labs do for you?

Your online reputation can prevent you from getting a job or even cause you to lose one. In today’s society, potential and current employers are able to flock to the internet to gain insight about you. You may be able to pass the interview process or to work well in their company but they would like to get an understanding about who you really are. Some people may think that this type of scrutiny is unfair but a horrible online reputation of a current or potential employee could transfer to the company and possibly lead to the company having a bad reputation. In an effort to prevent this from happening to you, a recent article provided tips on how to clean up on your online image.

Various tips were provided but one of the most recommended tips was using a search engine to locate oneself. This task is best preformed after clearing your cache and search history. Once cleared, type your name in the search field in order to see what comes up. Google is a popular search engine so you may want to start with that one. If you are able to retrieve damaging pictures or information about yourself then your current or potential employers will be able to as well

Now that you have found items that could possibly cost you your job online, take the time out to delete them. If the pictures are connected with one of your social media sites then deleting them should be a breeze. Some pictures may be connected to other people’s social media sites and require you contacting them and asking if they could remove the pictures or posts.

The above two recommendations may not be able to rid the internet of all pictures and information that could be damaging. For harder cases, Darius Fisher can help. Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs. This particular company offer rebranding services for individuals, groups, and even businesses.

With the help of Darius Fisher and Status Labs individuals and groups have been able to reclaim their online reputation. These particular services can prevent you from missing out on getting hired from a particular job. The services provided by Status Labs can also help increase a business or company’s profit. Negative online imaging of a company can cause customers or potential not to trust that particular company. This can be turned around with some of the services offered by Status Labs such as online reputation management, search engine optimization, or even social media marketing.

Panattoni Development Co. Plans New Warehouse in Nashville

Growth in Nashville has resulted in a large number of changes, and one of these is a loss of warehouse and the city’s industrial base. Panattoni Development Co. plans to help remedy the situation by building a new warehouse park. The warehouse park, Skyline Distribution Park, will offer over 600,000 square feet of space in three buildings.

Construction is set to begin in late November and will be built on 44 acres of land that the company bought from the Oman family and includes 33 acres at 2011 Southerland Drive and 11 acres at 2811 Brick Church Pike. Both of these plots of land are visible from I-24, I-65 and residents of the park will have access to both of these interstates and I-40 via Briley Parkway.

According to Jeff Konieczny, a development manager for Panattoni’s southeast region, the project especially promising because growth in the region has resulted in a lack of warehouse space. Vacancies in the area were down to 5.5%, which is the lowest amount of vacancies since 2007. Most modern functional warehouse buildings within a 3-4 mile radius of downtown Nashville are currently being redeveloped into homes and apartments, which means that the timing is right for an accessible, modern warehouse park of this size in the area.

Developments like this are of great interest to people like Scott Lumley, who is a leading real estate professional and a principal member at Resolve Commercial, a leading real estate development company in the Nashville area. Lumley is an exceptional entrepreneur and real estate professional who has brought his years of experience in commercial development to the firm.

Before becoming a partner at Resolve Commercial, Lumley spent time working towards becoming one the largest wholesale liquidators of electronics. He used his skills and expertise to create and launch, a wholesale business to business website that specialized in electronics. The website allowed businesses, and later consumers to find the best wholesale deals on electronics. Later the business expanded into retail stores, and the online site transitioned into which allowed consumers and businesses to find and bid on speciality and wholesale electronics.The skills he developed as president and founder of this large retail company allowed Lumley to transition to real estate development.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wengie

Wengie was born Wendy Huang on January 9, 1986 in China. Wengie came over to Austrailia when she was only four-years-old. Wengie grew up in a poor home with all kinds of second hand things, including a second hand vacuum cleaner that her father repaired and used for the next 15 years. She just celebrated her first anniversary with her new boyfriend. She became engaged on August 13th. Wengie makes her home in Austrailia, The popular blogger lives with her fluffy, rag doll cat named Mikki. At 5 foot 1 inches tall, she tries to consume 1200 calories per day. In 2003, she graduated from North Syndey, a girls school. She has a high school certificate in Math, Economics, English, and Society and Culture. While in high school, Huang sang in the choir and was a member of the school chess team. She graduated in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Accounting, Advertising and Promotions from Sydney University of Technology. She speaks three different languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
Four years ago, Wengie began a blog site called The Wonderful World of Wengie. Two years ago, Wengie took her wonderful world to You Tube. She likes to share tips on diet, makeup, exercise,relationships, and anything that has to do with health and beauty. The blogger shares her life and tips on a weekly basis on her You Tube channel. She tells her viewers that it does not matter whether you are raised in a poor or wealthy family, you can always achieve.
Wengie has an episode about her favorite makeup tips. Her first tip is primer. Wengie recommends that people with dry skin use a primer with a moisturizer. Next, she recommends that people who use foundation apply it with a brush and going in downward strokes. Wengie says you should use a concealer for imperfections such as eye bags and dark circles.
Wengie has some diet tips that include, having small portions when eating a meal. Wengie addresses the problem why women can not lose weight if they exercise and diet. She says the problem might be muscle mass is replacing fat and their bone structure might be heavy. Another problem might have to do with water retention.
Wengie has over 750,000 people who subscribe to her You Tube site. She is very personable and gives advice like she is talking to a girlfriend.


The Success of Doe Deere

The life of Russian fashion entrepreneur, Doe Deere, shows that she has led an interesting and successful lifestyle. Going by a variety of names, such as Dough, Doh, Xenis, Xenu, Doe Derp, Dodo, and many others names, she has created a popular reputation for herself. After deciding not to attend fashion school, she still continued to follow her dream of being a fashion designer, where she marketed other brands of fashion, like repackaged cosmetics. Her business and her lifestyle shows how interesting she is and how she is making an impression on the internet.

One of her accomplishments in the fashion industry was creating the cosmetics brand, Lime Crime. Featured in some of the most popular cosmetic and fashion magazines, Lime Crime has proven to be a success. Designed with bright colors and unique pigments, Deere has created a fashion brand that has generated tons of followers of Lime Crime. Starting as a blog, Lime Crime eventually developed into many blogs. It has become one of her most popular brands that has helped her become a successful fashion businesswoman. As part of her marketing to introduce Lime Crime into modern pop culture, she has created YouTube videos in which she speaks forthrightly about her brand of cosmetics. In these videos she shows how she makes eyeshadow. She also has blogs in which she talks about how to make lipstick. With different interviews, Deere describes her passion for her fashion brand, explaining the process of how her multifarious makeups fits different skin tones.

With the development of Lime Crime, it has defined Deere’s success in the fashion industry. Deere continues to prove her success as a fashion designer by continuing to expand different makeup products, such as different color lipsticks and the duo tone with each one.

Before her widely known and very successful makeup brand, Lime Crime, Deere was a business innovator, aspiring to achieve success through technology in marketing different kind of makeup. She is married to rock band artist by the name of Sky Salt. Although her previous projects before Lime Crime were never quite as successful as Lime Crime itself, she showed business demeanor as well as motivation to succeed in the fashion and beauty industry. Although Lime Crime has been a difficult road to success because of her critics, she has shown business savvy by championing her product through her blog and her Twitter account.

Doe Deere has proven to be a successful businesswoman in her ability to create and market her fashion and beauty product, Lime Crime is an example of what she has accomplished and what she continues to accomplish. Though she has endured difficult criticism, she continues to prove that can be successful in anything she does.