Stephen Murray – A Legend in His Field

Stephen Murray was a well known equity investor who was truly a legend in his field.

His impressive career allowed him to have a seat on the board of some of America’s most influential companies to include: Generac Power Systems, The Vitamin Shoppe, Aramark, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment, and Legacy Hospital Partners.

Additionally, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was known for his incredible philanthropic work with his dedication to the Make A Wish Foundation, which he later ended up being a serving member of their board.

Stephen Murray started out his career by attending Boston College and graduating with a degree in Economics.

He then later on went to attend Columbia Business School where he completed a Master’s of Business Administration. Stephen Murray started out his career in the financial unit of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Manufacturers Hanover Corporation later merged with Chemical Bank and took Stephen Murray with them. Then, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan, which is where Stephen Murray truly was able to make a name for himself in their private equity division.

In fact, in 2005, Stephen Murray became the head of business buyouts at JP Morgan Chase.

Due to his contacts at JP Morgan Chase, he was able to co-found CCMP Capital, which was a company designed to handle the buyout division of JP Morgan Chase in depth. Consequently, Stephen Murray became CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007.

What is impressive about an individual such as Stephen Murray is that he not only was bold in the business board room, but he was also dedicated to meaningful charities.

He utilized his position and high net worth contacts to make a sizable difference in the local community, which truly made him a cut above the rest.

Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, 2015; however, he will always be respectfully remembered for his meaningful contributions to the business world and charity world as well.

George Soros Discusses The Brexit Issue In The UK

The Brexit issue in the UK is a major problem right now that everyone needs to be aware of. George Soros was featured in a piece in USA Today about the issue, and he has made his voice heard about what he thinks will happen when the UK might leave the EU. The problem with the UK leaving the EU is that they do not realize how much damage they could do to the economy. George Soros says that the economy will start to collapse if the UK is allowed to leave, and he wants to make sure that no one is going to leave without knowing that the issue is.

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Someone who is voting to leave the EU might not be sure what they are voting for. They are going to separate the UK from the EU at a level where they cannot get the benefits of the continental union. There is a lot of commerce and trade that goes on in the EU every day, and the economy will start to go through a recession. George Soros made billions in currency trading, and he thinks that that is the first thing that will start to change. He does not want to see the EU start to collapse because of a lack of information, but he is preparing himself to be sure he can protect his own fortune.

George Soros is a brilliant man who understands the ramifications of what could happen if the UK is allowed to leave a union that it leads. It is the best economy in the union, and it is the place that most people flock to in the EU. They will break part of the open zone that allows for free travel, and they will cause damage to the world economy that they cannot see today.

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The Seven Day Wen Challenge

The 7 Day WEN challenge is a recap based on an article from You can go to this link for the original article. Based on the findings of Emily McClure. Emily wanted to see if the Amazon available product lived up to all the hype surrounding it. So she decided to try it out on herself, so she documented her use of the product over a seven day period.

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Day 1, Wanting to see if Wen would help her she started her trail. Claiming her hair to be greasy, frizzy, and unruly. As she washed her hair, she says it felt thicker and did not notice any hair falling out into the tub while she washed it as she usually does.

As day two began, she reported her hair was a little more greasy than usual.
Although she was a little skeptical, she continued use of the product. By the end of day three, she claims her hair was looking shiny and healthy.Emily says her hair was also oiler than she likes it. However, she was very careful to make sure Wen cleansing conditioner was washed out. Ust to be sure that wasn’t the cause of all the grease. By the end of the day, she noticed her hair still looked shiny and healthy. She was impressed by this
On the fourth day of this trail, her hair was a mess, and she didn’t have time to do it.

Day 5 things were looked promising, and she felt confident about her hair the only thing was her hair fell faster than normal. The next day was day 6, and she had finally found a routine that worked for her hair and this product. On the seventh day using this product she sucks to her routine and says her hair looked great even got some compliments on how shiny her hair was.

Based on Emily’s findings the product is great if used every day but it became oily and unmanageable if she were to skip a day. But on the days she wanted that extra shine Wen was the product for her.

Wen by Chaz products founded by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. They say “Wen is a revolutionary way to cleanse and hydrate your hair.” Chaz Dean helps his clients achieve the hair they always wanted. Wen is a 5-in-1 product.

Daytime Actress Crystal Hunt Lands Role in Magic Mike XXL

Crystal Hunt started her acting career in daytime television. Now she’s found her way to the big screen, landing a role in Magic Mike XXL. Hunt will play the character of Lauren in what’s expected to be one of the summer’s most popular movies. She’ll be part of an eccentric cast including actresses Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell, and Elizabeth Banks.

Magic Mike XXL is the continuation of Steven Soderbergh’s 2012 Magic Mike. In this exciting sequel, Channing Tatum plays Mike Lane, who ends his retirement from stripping to reunite with his dance crew.

According to her Facebook, Hunt started her career at the age of two, when she began participating in pageants. Later she starred in various commercials, including an anti-drug advertisement with *NSYNC. She is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light, which she played from 2003 to 2006.

More recently, she can be seen in a docu-series called Queens of Drama, where she works alongside other daytime actresses including Lindsay Hartley and Vanessa Marcil. Hunt claims the cast of Queens of Drama to be similar to the strong women portrayed in Magic Mike XXL.

On the topic of Queens of Drama, Hunt says, “We’ve discovered a way to use our extensive experience in the ‘soap opera world’ to create a script that’s truly unique and original.”  Check out Crystal’s official website, for more on this up and coming actress.

Brian Bonar


Brian Bonar is a successful and popular finance executive. He also prides of extensive business leadership background by leading companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian is known to build a workable business structure which is claimed to stem from his technical background knowledge.

Some of the courses he has done include Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

The main specialization for Brian includes acquisition and mergers. He is fond of taking personable and creative approach to life by combining the creative power of architect with technical genius of an engineer.

Brian also likes spending time with the family, going on boat trips and golf.


Brian Bonar started as a worker IBM where he was a procurement manager and then became the Director of Engineering for QMS managing over 100 people. It was during this time that he was also serving as the sales manager of Adaptec where he got experience to start his company called Bezier systems.

He later worked for other businesses to blossom later into massive success with Dalrada Financial Services. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

One of the most achievement that Brian has made include being given the highest honor by Professional Networking Community. At the time, he was the CEO and chairman of Dalrada Finance Corporation when he was named finance executive of the year.

Being included in Cambridge registry is a great honor because only two male and females are named executives of the year. The selection committee is responsible for choosing the special honorees based on their leadership abilities, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments.

Brian Bonar had nearly 30 years of professional management experience especially in the financial sector which made him be uniquely positioned as the financial leader of Dalrada Corporation.

Being the CE0, he was responsible for functions such as managing aftermarket products, selecting employee and employer benefits. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dalrada corporation primary business it to act as a market liaison through the supply of clients with a broad variety of employee liaison programs to enhance business efficiency.

Some of the services include employee benefits, financial management, risk management insurance (including business liability and workers compensation), administration and promotion of business management services. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Other Achievements

Brian Bonar is also the CEO and chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. and the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services Company. He is also affiliated with American Finance Corporation and holds a Ph.D.

Beneful Offers Nutrition and Flavor with Every Product

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. This has proven to be true, and every pet owner will tell you that the health of their canine is one of their top priorities. If you want to provide your dog with a wide variety of different flavors and meal options while never having to worry that they are not receiving the nutrition that they need look no further than the incredible product line of dog foods offered by Purinastore‘s Beneful. Beneful offers a wide variety of wet and dry dog foods to appeal to the taste of any breed and the budget of every owner. If your dog is a fan of dry dog food, I would highly suggest checking out on Wal-Mart the Beneful Original Brands Real Beef dry dog food. This dog food product is made using 100% farm-raised beef in addition to whole grains and vegetables. If you happen to have a puppy rather than a full grown adult dog, I would recommend the Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food brand. This product is made utilizing real farm-raised chicken along with a variety of whole grains and vegetable accents. Don’t worry. If your dog prefers a wet dog food, Beneful has you covered as well. Beneful offers 39 different types of wet dog food, so you are sure to find one that your canine pal will love. The Beneful Savory Rice and Lamb Stew wet dog food is a highly recommended product on their website made utilizing 100% real lamb, carrots, peas and whole grains to provide your dog with a nutritious and flavorful meal option. You can also allow your dog to have a taste of the flavors from around the world with the Mediterranean Style Medley wet dog food from Beneful. This unique brand of wet dog food is made with spinach, brown rice, tomatoes, whole grains and real lamb meat. As you can see, there are many different varieties of dog food offered by Beneful and these four options are just the beginning when it comes to their overall product offerings.

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Doe Deere Brings Freedom and Expression through Cosmetics


Doe Deere Brings Innovation To The World of Beauty Products
Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and innovator in the world of Cosmetics and Beauty supply products. Born in Russia, and raised in New York, she is a well rounded individual who has an international perspective on trends in beauty. Doe Deere not only has good taste, but an eye for unique fashion and enhancements that helps her clients, both male and female, to bring to the surface a persons inner and outer beauty through cosmetics. In 2008 Deere was selling her own designs of clothes on eBay. She was shopping for make-up to compliment her unique style of colorful, vivid, and bright clothing. Unable to find a supplier of the style of cosmetics she was looking for the entrepreneur turned innovator and Lime Crime Make-Up was founded. In 2009, Lime Crime launched their first product line, which was a original and radical style of lipstick called Unicorn lipsticks. Today Lime Crime has expanded from their Unicorn Lipsticks and has added eyeliners, nail polishes, and hair coloring to the Lime Crime arsenal of cosmetics.

Cosmetics for Freedom and Expression
The old saying beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is true. But the eyes of the beholder starts with self. Every individual that looks in the mirror is the first and foremost important eyes of the beholder. Lime Crime Cosmetics are made for every unique individual to go to the mirror and have the means for greater freedom and self expression. We all want to look good for some one else and this is natural. But when you look good for yourself – when a person looks good for their own eyes – a level of pride and confidence is experienced and this brings out the awareness of beauty within and beauty on the outside. This awareness is pivotal to achieving more freedom and self expression.

Products that Are Eco-friendly and Vegan
Doe Deere is not just the CEO of Lime Crime, but she also oversees the development of all current and future products. This leadership is not just creating profitable products, but products which are made of natural vegan ingredients, and such ingredients are healthy for the bodies that use them, but also the manufacturing of her cosmetics don’t pollute mother earth, and this is a commendable trait.

If its a Crime to Be Beautiful Then Arrest Me
Lime Crime Cosmetics are explosive. Lime Crime Cosmetics breaks chains and overcomes stumbling blocks, because with Lime Crime Cosmetics clients are given the colors, hues, and dynamically expressive cosmetics so a person has but one choice, and that is to be beautiful. Lime Crime has thousands of happy customers who agree, “If its a crime to be beautiful then arrest me”.

Beneful provides amazing dog food

Dogs play a vital role in society. They greet their owners with a smile every morning and they greet their owners when they get home from work. Most people would do anything for their dog, and that includes picking the best possible food. Finding the right food for your dog can be a difficult task, but Beneful provides dog owners with an amazing food options on Wal-Mart.

Beneful has always prided itself on providing the best possible dog food. Their food is nutritious and it contains premium meats and vegetables. Dog owners around the world can count on Beneful to provide an amazing line up of dog foods.

Wet dog food is an amazing treat that even the pickiest dog is sure to enjoy. Beneful knows that every dog owner likes to keep some wet dog food available, and they offer an amazing variety of dog food for just that purpose. The Chopped Blends line of dog food includes special recipes that have been formulated for maximum enjoyment. Any canine companion is sure to love the premium meats like chicken, beef, lamb, and salmon. The vegetables and brown rice found in these blends will keep your dog healthy for years to come.

Wet dog food [] is incredibly popular, but dry dog food is still a staple in most homes. Dry dog food is easy to store, and it usually provides the eater with the nutrition they need. Beneful has a great line up of dry dog food, aimed at those that want to treat their dogs with care. The Beneful Originals line is an Amazon best seller and especially popular. This amazing line of dog food includes premium ingredients. All of the meat is real and there are no byproduct throughout the dog food. The Originals line will keep your dog happy and healthy. Beneful also has special lines of dog food for dogs that have special needs. The Healthy Weight line is designed to keep your dog at the best possible weight. The Healthy Puppy line will help your puppy grow strong.

Beneful is an incredibly popular dog food line. They use the best possible ingredients to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Anthony Marsala Named Emerging Leader For Madison Street Capital

Recently, the 7th annual staging of the Emerging Leaders Award came to an exciting end, organizers of the event announced the top finalist among the industry. Among the nominations was Madison Street Capital’s very own co-founder and Che if Operating Officer, Anthony Marsala. The leader had nothing but gratitude and nice sentiments to express for being chosen to represent Madison Capital for his dedication and superb leadership. With Anthony Marsala’s extensive experiences and knowledge in the industry, it shouldn’t be seen as much of a surprise to see Anthony added to the list of exceptional executives for their hard work as leaders.

As a senior executive, Anthony has been advising at leading investment banking companies for upwards of 15 years. He was even honored by the NACVA association and labeled him as a top executive who is 40 under forty in 2015. Anthony, 2016 nominee for the Crain Leadership Academy, always performs with the highest skill set and accreditation, with a specialization towards M&A buyout and finance transactions. The annual 40 under forty awards brought in the M&A Emerging Leaders award earlier in 2010 as a way of honoring the top M&A advisors in the industry. It is designed to highlight the very best executives with upstanding reputations, success and expertise.

This year’s winners in the United Stated are part of an expanding global network as the M&A Emerging Leaders Award now takes to European achievers as well. David Ferguson gave his remarks, as M&A Advisor executive co-chief and president, that the emerging leaders of these awards will have great influence on the evolution of the industry. This organization will also host Black Tie themes Awards Gala on June 10th, to celebrate the Emerging Leaders of the past and present.

Just a decade ago, Madison Street Capital was entering into the investment banking scene. Within a relatively short amount of time, Madison Capital now sits as one of the leading investment banking institutions. Middle markets especially rely on exceptional expertise in financial consulting and reporting as well as business valuation. Madison Street Capital started off its venture in North America, but now the company has business sectors in Africa and Asia as well.

Madison Street Capital ruled the market last year with a total of 42 transaction deals closed on hedge funds. According to the overview from Madison Capital, the companies M&A transactions were increased by nearly 27 percent during 2015. With this exceptional performance, Madison Street Capital is going to be a strong competitor in the market for 2016. Madison Capital will continue to move ahead with excellent leadership and innovative business strategies that will take the company to higher levels. More information on Madison Street Capitals Emerging Leader, Anthony Marsala, can be found on Benzinga’s recent press release.

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Why Gold Coins Are Prefered to Gold Bars

During a recent Enterprise Radio podcast, Philip Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve had spoken with a host, Eric Dye. U.S. Money Reserve specializes in distributing gold, silver, and platinum to investors around the world. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Philip Diehl portrayed his innovative six-year commitment to improving customer service at his company. When dealing with the company, investors get serviced by a trained team of coin research and numismatic experts. The aim is to establish long-term relationships with clients by providing superior service.

Mr. Diehl advised those investing in precious metals to go for government-issued coins such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, or South African Krugerrands among others. This way standards regarding weight and purity are maintained.

U.S. Money Reserve offers a variety of coins. When it comes to gold coins, these are offered in various sizes. Even 1/10 oz. coins are available, thus making it possible for even tiny investors to acquire their own gold. Meanwhile, those seeking to invest for retirement can open a Gold IRA with this company. In fact, this IRA also allows for investing in certain silver and platinum products for further diversification. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

Peter Diehl is a known person in this industry. In the past, he served as a U.S. Mint Director, appointed to the post by President Bill Clinton. Under his leadership, the first-ever platinum coin was issued by the U.S. government.

Another accomplishment was the 50 States Quarter Program. The United States residents are well familiar with it as, over time, beautiful quarters representing all the states in the Union were issued.

As mentioned above, the interview took place on Enterprise Radio. This station specializes in assisting small business owners as well as top executives in sharing information about their products, services, experiences, and business strategies. Success of U.S. Money Reserve, a company established in 2001, is one of the stories this radio station seeks to portray to its listeners.