The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a member of the highly influential family known as the DeVos family, a family that is not only known for their multi-billion dollar business, but also a family that is known for their countless donations to many worthy organizations across the United States that involve civic duties, religion, as well as education reforms. The DeVos family is a family that is known for the family business that is known as Amway Corporation, a business that is a part of the network sales industry and that provides high quality products to households that are located all over the world.

As a member of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos has successfully been able to follow closely down the path of his father, the innovator behind this company and the current leader of the family. As the son of Richard DeVos, Dick DeVos has always had large shoes to fill and has dedicated his entire career to continuing and to growing the legacy of the DeVos family. Dick DeVos is not only an innovator and a businessman, but is also a family man who puts his family in consideration when it comes to making important decisions for the future of himself as well as his family.

Dick DeVos is a rare individual who has known that he has wanted to be a businessman even when he was a young boy. Dick DeVos has fond memories of playing with his brother in the family office of Amway Corporation which was an office that was located in the basement of his family home when he was a child. Even before any formal education, Dick DeVos was a part of the family business and worked hard to file papers, run errands, and to even give product descriptions to the clients of the business.

By college, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to earn a business degree to become a businessman just like his father. After earning a degree in business administration, Dick DeVos was able to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a part of the company as an official employee. Over the next several decades, Dick DeVos worked hard to prove himself to be a businessman in his own right. Decades later, after joining the company, Dick DeVos eventually went on to be the new CEO of the company and lead the company far into the future and towards more success.

The service that blows your mind: White Shark Media

Ever had a service from a provider and felt that they knew your emotional needs every time? Well, for Andre in Florida, that is the feeling that he got when he sought the services of White Shark Media: The Ad Words experts. He had a few words for all those struggling with Ad Words DIY. First, he acknowledges that it was a waste of time to try DIY.

The team at White Shark Media Review team met his expectations. Meeting expectations sound simple. But for people who have been frustrated by a service provider who can barely meet the expectations, it is not simple. Andre had a particular service in his mind. He had a website in mind.

He wanted to make his dream a reality but did not know how to go about it. When he shifted his attention to providers, the reviews were scary. Then he decided to use white shark. He says that the team gave him exactly what he ordered.

White Shark guys gave him regular updates. SEM is a very exhaustive process. You need regular updates on the needs and requirements of the campaign. White shark boasts of a broad interest in information. They focus on making sure that clients understand every step of the way. They provide metrics and tracking stats to the customer. Andre says that this was very helpful.

Another thing that attracted Andre is the excellent customer service provided. He felt that the team at White Shark are always there to help. At one point he was getting impatient with the responses but was given a very professional response. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

If they missed your call, they called back to follow up and even afforded a call from your senior SEM team member to walk you through the design, the stats, and the overall expectation. The feeling gives you a sense that they care.

When someone understands that the campaign may be complex for you and purposes to make it simple for you to understand, that person cares. That is what the team was regularly doing. He says that even in the midst of the launch, preparation and design were as clear as glass. He was able to be part of the process and argue that at any given time, he wants to continue the relationship.

Andre recommends others to seek the services of White Sharks. He says that it is the most professional AdWords project that he has every received from a provider.

He says that if you want to get unbeatable results in a fantastic environment, use the services of White Shark Media, and you will not regret. You will be blown by their experience, customer service, and an ever present account manager.

All Hail FreedomPop’s Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

If anyone has ever made a phone call swearing that they were only going to take a few minutes and ended up talking half an hour more, then they can understand why it’s so important to have unlimited talk time. Many times, some people don’t end their calls when they should because the conversation gets to a point where neither person wants to come off of the phone, so they easily use up a lot of talk time. Imagine those who have to pay for every minute of talk time or for a set of minutes, how much would they end up paying at the end of the month if they use a lot of minutes?


Since paying for every minute of talk time is outdated, many have switched over to unlimited plans and won’t stand for anything less. A FreedomPop review proves that it’s a great company to choose for unlimited plans because they have the lowest prices seen anywhere, and they are on a reliable network that everyone has heard of, which is Sprint. Even though FreedomPop is its own company, many people like knowing that they use Sprint’s network because Sprint has a very reliable call service, so FreedomPop will as well.


FreedomPop is committed to keeping their prices low, even if a customer chooses to get an unlimited plan. Those that want the unlimited plan that FreedomPop has can choose the one that starts at $20, and additional plans are available that have extra 4G LTE data if it’s purchased. The $20 plan is a plan that many are choosing and is ideal for most people. Those who choose a $20 plan will get their data, phone calls, and text messages to use until the month is up.


Those who tend to worry about the amount of 4G LTE data they may use can compromise a bit and accept the 1 GB of 4G LTE data that’s given in the $20 plan, or they may want to get the Wi-Fi service plan from FreedomPop. Adding the Wi-Fi service plan through an application to a smartphone will allow constant access for the month to Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop for only five dollars. Since the Wi-Fi service has 4G LTE data, the smartphone user can constantly access the Wi-Fi service and have 4G LTE data that is endless and can be used on the phone whenever they’re connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Product Recognition Technology Makes Shopping Literally “A Snap”


Image recognition is the latest technology to hit the market. Imagine seeing someone wearing a coat you like, snapping a picture of it and immediately getting information on where to purchase it. That’s exactly what image recognition can do, according to Forbes.

It’s an exciting new technology that is going to inevitably change the way people shop. Here’s how it works: the app will use a sophisticated algorithm to replicate the way the visual cortex in the brain interprets images. It then matches that image up to retailer’s products. Many retail outlets are already toying with the idea. Macy’s, Rent the Runway and Zalando are all retailers that see this as a clear way to boost sales on the fly.

The best thing about the image recognition technology is that it doesn’t require any marketing dollars beyond setting up the items on the store’s images to be recognized. To spur sales, all retailers need is one item to be proudly paraded down any busy street, subway or mall. If it’s visually appealing, people will take a picture and search for it.

One company that is leading the way into product recognition: Slyce. The company uses some of the most sophisticated technology available to capture accurate images. Users can easily snap a shot of anything around them and find similar, or even exact results available. The scanner that comes with Slyce can handle QR codes, coupons, real-life images and barcodes. You can easily snap an item to find it online for purchase. You also can snap to a list which gives you the power to take pictures of items you need to purchase, such as groceries.

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and likely by December many more retailers will be pushing this technology. Impulse buying is a tool they can use to increase their own revenue. Plus, Christmas is a great time to get people out on the street promoting their wares.

That’s another offshoot of image recognition. Some experts are saying that it may open the door for paid models to walk around real-life situations. The world people live in is turning into a runway. Expect to see people being hired to walk through popular areas and paid to look great.

The ease of the technology is a key selling point. You literally click on what other people have and buying it is at your fingertips—sometimes even with sale pricing. No longer do you have to search for anything. Image recognition makes the buying process that much simpler.

Wen By Chaz Gets A Life Usage Test

The newest usage test of Wen by Chaz shampoo is proving to be the best news for people who have had to deal with bad hair their whole lives. They can never get a handle on their hair because it is always doing something it is not supposed to do, but they can finally tame their hair using the WEN by Chaz shampoo and conditioner. This is a shampoo that is supposed to stop hair from shedding, and it will help people who probably never had hope for their hair because they assumed it would not cooperate.
Someone who starts out with the shampoo needs to read the package like the writer of the article on did. The writer went through all the steps to use the shampoo, and she showed herself washing her hair so that there was no question that she was using this new shampoo. She has hair that is too stringy to do anything with, and she feels the pain of all the people who are trying to get their hair in shape. She took a picture of her shower to show her hair did not shed, and she brushed and dried her hair when she was done.

The results in just one simple test show a lot of hope for people with bad hair. They are trying to get it to look as good as other hair, and they need something that is going to help. They do not have magic, but they do have Wen by Chaz shampoo that they can use. This means that people who are searching for better beauty products need to go with Wen by Chaz because it can do what it says it will do. It will tame hair, make it look shiny and make it easy to keep hair clean. For more information about Wen, visit

Need Wen? Order online today, check their products on Amazon or purchase it directly from Sephora cosmetics.


George Soros Returns to Trading, and Gets a Bit Bearish

According the Wall Street Journal, noted investor George Soros is back to shuffling money about different companies, and the choices he’s made is challenging speculators’ outlook for the market’s immediate future.

It’s more reactionary than anything. The Soros Fund Management, his private office that manages his won wealth and that of his immediate family, has made investments that seem to be in response to recent troubles in the European Union and China. Soros has been rather outspoken against these two economic heavyweights. In his estimation, these two are a source of great financial frustration as they continue to negatively influence global markets through currency manipulation and ineffective policy.

Some of the more curious positions recently taken has been in precious metals. The Soros Fund Management has dumped $19 million in the Barrick Gold Corporation, placing them in the position of largest shareholder. In a small window, this investment has grown to $90 million by the end of the previous quarter. Another source of precious metal this office has acquired comes from the Silver Wheaton Corporation. Their investment there has also increased, by an approximate 28%.

The turn to precious metals like gold and silver is often an indicator that something troubling is coming for global markets, and that’s precisely what Soros has been vocal about in the past year or so concerning what’s going on in China and Europe.

At several speaking engagements, Soros has stated that China’s current allocation of debt and manipulation of currency echoes positions the US took just before the great credit crunch which triggered the global recession of 2007-2008.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

In the short term this has lead to a mass exodus of cash from the country, which can negatively affect currency reserves in partnering Asian countries. And there seems to be little in the way of cooperation among Chinese politicians to stop it.

These decisions is placing China on a path that could lead to a national crash that spills over and effects global markets, sending stocks in the US downward.

As for the European Union, an influx of refugees continuing to come from the Middle East, including infighting from radicalized nationals and an resurgence of rightist politics, is taxing the member nations’ ability to afford the political and financial cost. When discussing the UK’s then possible exit from the EU, Soros thought it the beginning of their dissolution as a singular economic entity. And though there have been talks of other nations having to quell talks from members in their respective governments about leaving the EU, Soros argues that the union is stronger together than the nations operating on their own.

As for Soros, precious metals seem to be the safe bet for the present, promising greater returns on investment that other commodities relying on unstable policy.

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White Shark Media Helps Consumers To Increase Effectiveness of Advertising Campaigns

Business owners often wonder if the best move for their company is to hire a company that specializes in the development and implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Attaining these services is often a rather significant investment and most small businesses don’t have a large amount of revenue to allot to things like marketing.

Because of this, it often becomes a hassle for business owners to try to find a company that affords them excellent marketing services for an affordable price. White Shark Media helps clients by affording them the ability to choose to develop entirely new advertising campaigns or to increase the effectiveness of independently developed ones.

White Shark Media Helps business owners to develop new advertising campaigns or increase the effectiveness of their existent advertising campaigns. The company begins by accessing the particular needs of the business that is requesting marketing services.

After the initial assessment, White Shark Media makes a recommendation that the client either creates an entirely new marketing campaign or make strategic changes to the campaign they already have in place.

White Shark Media has implemented extensive programs to help business owners to develop targeted advertising campaigns. If the client should choose to go forward with the further development of their existing advertising campaign, White Shark Media is committed to making that campaign a success.

The company offers several options to the client in an effort to optimize the advertising campaign and make it profitable for the business owner. Sometimes, it only takes a few minor adjustments to an existing advertising campaign to turn the campaign into an extremely successful one that draws in thousands of customers.

Depending on the client’s needs, White Shark Media Complaints team may suggest that the campaign not be fundamentally changed at all, but merely be adjusted.

White Shark Media has announced its plans to continue to produce effective marketing strategies for its consumers. Executives at the company have expressed the desire to help business owners develop successful strategies for marketing even if it does not benefit the advertising company immediately.

White Shark Media’s focus is on building successful client relationships and helping business owners develop effective marketing strategies and to expand their businesses.

White Shark Media’s executive team recently announced its addition of a free marketing analysis tool to the company’s website. The addition of the free analysis tool is expected to help thousands of business owners to determine the potential success rate of their existing campaigns.

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The SEC’s Strategy to ensure that Its Informants are Well Protected.

The guidelines governing the financial sector were amended by the U.S Congress in 2010 in a bid to protects individuals who volunteer to offer information on fraudulent companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The passing of the Consumer Protection Act and the Wall Street Reform of Dodd-Frank helped in the creation of the SEC whistleblower program that protects all whistleblowers. The program offers the informant protection, job security and a financial incentive for their information on organizations that violate the federal securities’ laws and regulations.

Since the passing of the two acts, many law firms have emerged in the United States that have an aim of ensuring that the whistleblowers are well represented, and their rights are not violated. An example of such a firm is the Labaton Sucharow, which was a pioneer in the sector. The company has strategies that are well set up to ensure that it is successful. It has an excellent litigation platform, financial specialists, forensic auditors who are well informed on the federal and state laws, and a talented team of investigators that is regulated by a Whistleblower Representation Practice. All employees of the company are dedicated to ensuring that the SEC informants get the best legal representation. Learn more about SEC Whistleblower Lawyers.

The activities of Labaton Sucharow are managed by Jordan A. Thomas. Jordan formerly served the Securities and Exchange Commission and he greatly took part in the formation of the Whistleblower Program and its implementation. At the SEC, he worked as an Assistant Chief Litigation Council for the Division of Enforcement and also as the institution’s Assistant Director.

The rules that were set by the Whistleblower Program under the Dodd-Frank Act demand that that 10-30 percent of the money that is collected by the SEC due to intelligence or actions of the whistleblower should be given as an incentive to him or her. The threshold of the sanctions is set at one million dollars and if the money collected is more the informant can still be awarded extra money. The job of the whistleblower should also be protected, and the Doff-Frank act states that it is wrong for an organization to retaliate against its employee because of providing information to the SEC. The institution advises whistleblowers to seek the help of an attorney if they would like to report anonymously. Reporting to the SEC is free and the information is protected by the attorney client privilege. It is however wise for one not to disclose personal information when reporting.

Martin Lustgarten Improving Investment Banking Expecations

When you think about the current economy as well as the state of the current financial realm, there are more than enough opportunities for people to not only get ahead, but to retire early and create significant amounts of wealth. However, when you also think about all of the potential problems that could be occurring in the current financial market, you already know you have to have a partner who will actually help you out along the way. For many people, Martin Lustgarten has started to represent the beacon of financial knowledge.

Martin Lustgarten isn’t completely different than other financial leaders or investors on the surface. In fact, when it comes time to just create wealth and make solid financial decisions over time, there is more than enough similarities between him and some of the other top investors today that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Clearly his performance with respect to returns has been good enough to put him in the mix for a top investor, so the real question is why do people like him so much?

With Martin Lustgarten, the reason so many people are attracted to him and his entire operation is that he is a teacher and a helper first and foremost. Not only can you see why so many people are more comfortable with investing after working with him and discussing things with him, but his general passion for finances combined with his knowledge is a gateway into a brighter financial future for anyone who discusses finances with him. So much of the world of finance is about confidence, trust, and understanding, and when it comes to Martin Lustgarten you get all of those items rolled into one. If you are able to see the results and you are able to do so without fear or stress along the way, then investments can truly become fun.

At the end of the day you have to work with people you know you can trust. This is true in any capacity but it is especially true with finances and when your entire retirement may be on the line. When you need someone you can truly trust, it is people like Martin Lustgarten that you need to work with.

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Michael Zomber: Gun Guru and Creative Author

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Michael Zomber discovered his passions in life much earlier than most individuals. The young and adventurous Zomber stumbled upon a model 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield rifle inside a small general store. The curious boy scout simply could not take his eyes off such a magnificent and powerful firearm that was heavily used by the United States military.

Fast forward a few decades later and Michael Zomber has become a renowned expert on American and international firearms. His tremendous knowledge of weapons has certainly gotten the attention of producers from the History Channel. Zomber made numerous guest appearances on the channel’s Tales of the Guns series. In his appearances on Guns of the Famous, Automatic Pistols and other related shows, Zomber offers some thoughtful and valuable insight on firearms from the perspective of a gun guru. In fact, he has collected diverse guns and rifles since his early adulthood. He even holds a unique collection of Samurai swords and other oriental weapons. However, Zomber was not exactly a gun fanatic during his college days. He studied English literature and psychology, which are subjects that eventually helped him evolve into a professional author. Zomber’s educational credentials include degrees from renowned higher education institutions such as UCLA, Villanova University and the University of Illinois.

Zomber has published several notable works that focus on specific time periods of American history. A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me provide realistic accounts of the U.S. Civil War. Zomber admits that he has always been fascinated by the antebellum era that eventually culminated in a bloody conflict. Surely, Zomber uses his knowledge of American weapons to paint an accurate picture of the military aspects of the war.

Mr. Zomber understands the huge impact that firearms have made on modern society. After studying wars all over the world, he has turned into somewhat of a pacifist. Zomber strongly supports various international efforts that help victims of war and other conflicts that involve violence. For example, he has taken active roles in working with UNICEF and Amnesty International to make some changes in the global political arena.  Be sure to follow Zomber on Facebook.