Investment Tips from Brad Reifler

The investment world is dominated by the 1 percenters in America as Brad Reifler notes from Twitter. The ones who strategize and invest in funds isn’t available for people with less capital like hedge and commodity funds. If you’re in the 99 percent of Americans who want to invest, but think you can’t—think again.

In a recent Reuters article, Brad Reifler, the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, offered advice for the 99 percenters who want to invest. Reifler understands the desire to grow money investing. In fact he’s seen both sides. He began his investment career in 1982 when he started Reifler Trading Corporation. Later, in 1995 he founded Pali Capital. Currently, he founded Forefront Management Group, LLC, a small boutique investing firm.

With all his success, he’s seen the other side of investing. Years ago he invested in a 529 college plan for his children. By the time they reached college age, the investment was worthless. He actually lost money on the investment. Another life lesson he learned was when his father-in-law wanted him to invest his entire life savings. Reifler soon discovered how limited the investment options were for people in the 99 percent.

CrunchBase indicates how Reifler has worked hard to change how the majority of people in America invest their money. For years his focus was on the accredited investor making $200,000 a year and a net worth of at least $1 million—excluding their house. He’s now focused on non-accredited investors by specifically planning an investment plan designed for them.

Any investor looking for a safe returning with a good investment should follow these tips:

• Be careful about how you invest your money. It’s important to think about expenses, risks and charges associated with each investment. In fact, take inventory of your assets, then create goals.
• Focus on the safety of your money.

• Never put all of your money in the stock market. Diversify is the key to growing and maintaining your investments.

• Know and trust your investment manager. You have to know who is taking care of your investments to actually know how well they are doing.

• Know why you’re investing in the first place. This means you must consider you investment objective. Always be careful with how much money you invest. Be on the lookout too. If something is working, add to it. However, continue to diversify.

Unfortunately for those in the 99 percent who want to invest, they are often overlooked. They are considered too high risk to help. Reifler knows that’s wrong. The investment world has room for everyone—regardless of income level. The tips he gives majority of the 99 percenters will help jumpstart their investments and grow them in the long- and short-term. The company website has more about what Brad is doing to change the market.

Why Being On Wikipedia Can Benefit Your Brand

Wikipedia is known for being the place to learn just about anything and everything. The site is home to millions of content and articles, and it’s the place to search online if you need factual content on anything. The rankings for the site has shot up over the years by improving and further developing the rankings of website owners and brands. This is why so many people want to be on the site.

The problem that most people have to deal with regarding Wikipedia is that more than 90 percent of the Wiki writers are all men. This makes it incredibly easier to be a slightly more sexist place to be in. Less women write on this site, making it more than possible that the site most likely has more male views that oppose women’s rights and thoughts on different subjects. While there is little opinion added in to most articles, there is still a tendency for the writers and staff on Wikipedia to undermine the woman’s role in content and completely taking on their male views. This is why staff writers who are women are trying to reach out to gaining more female Wikipedia writers to become volunteer writers. The additional information and new articles on women’s rights is also going to help get more women to join in.

It’s true that Wikipedia is still a growing platform despite the 44,000+ writers already on the site and the millions of content already produced on the site. It is vital to consider using the site and having your own page if you want to further develop your brand or individual presence. Wikipedia is the place to be to grow online since it helps amp up your search engine marketing while also improving the authority you have over people and the world.

The one thing you will love about Wikipedia is that they have all volunteers, so you can actually hire Wiki writers to make a Wikipedia page for you and have them submit it to Wiki for approval. For example, Get Your Wiki is the best writing service out there. They have tons of Wiki writers for hire who have written content that have been accepted by the entire company in the past, proving that they do know what they are doing. Get Your Wiki has been in this industry for many years and they understand every aspect of business via Wikipedia.

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State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes Surveys The Capivari River Flood In Xerém

More than 255 people lost their homes, and one person died during the Capivari River flood in Xerém. Xerém is in the district of Duque de Caxias, 31 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. More than 8 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in the mountainous region, and a state of alert is in effect because of the mudslides that have killed hundreds of people in the past, according to State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes.

Dr. Sergio Cortes visited the region immediately after the tragic event, and he urged people to donate food, and especially water to the survivors of the flood. The area is in desperate need of drinking water, according to Dr. Cortes. But along with the clean water issue, there is a mounting garbage issue. Garbage is accumulating, and that is creating a breeding ground for infections. Water-borne diseases could create another major crisis for the residents of Xerém, according to Cortes.

The Cortes medical team is passing out antibiotics, and the group is trying to disinfect the water supply in order to prevent an outbreak of dengue, leptospirosis, or the Zika virus. Those diseases are spread by mosquitoes. The team is also training the residents, so they become aware of the symptoms of those diseases, according to a recent post by

Clean water is a priority. The Cortes team is using more than 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to disinfect the water in the city. City leaders want another calamity kit sent to the region according to the Extra article, and Dr. Cortes believes the city needs one. The first kit is helping but a second kit will certainly compliment the effects of the first kit, according to wikipedia. The city does have a hydration center in place, and it can serve more than 300 people.

This is not the first flood to hit the Xerém region. Because of the city’s location, natural disasters happen in the area frequently. Xerém has a history of adjusting to the natural disasters that occur in the area. But citizens of Xerém always appreciate help from their fellow countrymen.

Dr. Cortes and his team are doing all they can to stop the spread of disease in the flooded area, but donations are needed to get the city back to normal. Donors can read about Dr. Cortes on his LinkedIn page. But a hundreds of people follow him on Twitter.

SEC Officials Prepare for More Scrutiny

SEC officials state that their view of chief compliance officers of money management firms is the same as it always of. However, they can’t help but feel a since of vulnerability as they are trying to prepare for more scrutiny. Among the results that this could bring are changes for investors of institutions. Compliance experts say that they need to pay closer attention to their due diligence and make some improvements to their work. Even though there is no change in the compliance officer’s role on account of the regulators, they are becoming more eager to make their expectations known. They are also eager to enforce any action against failures of expectations. 

One of the compliance officers that are growing in importance and showing more strict adherence to standards is Helane Morrison. She is a Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also works in the Executive Committee. Before her current position, she has practiced at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for 10 years starting in 1986. During that time, she focused on the litigation of business. She was also involved in investigations of corporations. She has later entered into private practice.

Helane has received a B.S. in Journalism when she studied in Northwestern University. She also went to University of California and earned a J.D. She was also the Editor-in Chief of a publication called California Law Review. She clearly showed a lot of competence and passion in matters of the law. She is also working real hard to make sure issues in corporations are settled. She has also worked as the head of enforcement for certain firms in San Francisco. She is of course going to be one of those entities that are going to be looking deep into the issues with those companies and trying to get them on track. 

Among the charges that SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises Inc is facing is the failure to put into effect policies that have been formulated with the purpose of protecting against the misappropriation of the assets of clients. Another charge that the firm is facing is the failure to conduct annual reviews and false statements being made and filed. These cases has gotten Daniel Gallagher troubled to the point of voicing his concern of how agencies seem to be holding chief compliance officers in liability. One thing that he is worried about is scaring certain workers off with concerns of liability. 

Abelow Helps Straighten Out Your Brother From Another Mother

Most attorneys you come across will offer a free consultation before you decide for them to take your case or not. The attorney will usually sit down with you and discuss what you have the need to discuss. After you and he have completed the consultation, you both will know if he is going to be able to help you with your cause. Attorneys help with many different types of legal issues. It may be as simple as drawing up a bill of sale, to something as difficult as writing a will. Everything that an attorney does for you helps you to represent yourself better. Take for example a will. The mother and father inherit money and want to make the choice of where it goes after their demise. The father begins setting out to say how much goes to his children, how much to church, and how much to charity or other people. Then mother has her precious jewelry that everyone says they want. How does she choose who gets what? After long thought, she chooses who will get each piece and all of this information is given to the attorney. He writes out the will and you sign it. It is then recorded as a legal contract. So when the long lost brother of another mother shows up, they have no leg to stand on.

Another type will is the living will. If I have 4 children and a husband and my parents trying to make the decision to turn off the vent or not, it will be devastating on them all. It can cause division in families. It will be much easier if you wrote up your wishes, gave them to the attorney and he put them on legal form. This makes all of this easier on the whole family. Ross Abelow is a family attorney that is very capable of taking care of either will for you. He can file it for you and be there to represent you when the time comes.

The attorney is wonderful to have around if you have to go to court because of a fight. They are great to have around if you are hurt in an accident. They are really great to have around if you were to be accused of a crime you did not commit. Attorneys in New York are listed on the Lawyer Lighthouse directory of attorneys. These attorneys are skilled and ready to serve when you need them. Abelow is one of the attorneys on the directory and he has been in New York for many years. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School and went to work with another serving the city of NY. Ready and willing to fight for you when you give him a call is Ross Abelow.

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The Booming Premium Dog Food Market

The newest innovation in pet food focuses on fresh, healthful and quality ingredients. People are joining the Twitter trend of feeding their pets more like they feed themselves. Companies are now using fresher ingredients, pure meat instead of byproduct, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Some corporations are even marketing food specialized for certain dog populations, and actual people-food in dog food form. Business is booming for these pet food companies. The industry is presently a $23.7 billion trade. The demand for premium dog foods has increased by 45%. Premium brands have increased to $10.5 billion nationwide since 2009. There are many companies trading in on the growing market. Nutro Farm’s Harvest Line, by Mars Petcare, is made with actual blueberries and cranberries. The fruits are frozen soon after harvest, at the perfect time to seal in nutrients. Nestle’s Purina even has options online for pet owners to create their own blend of food for their pet. The popular thinking is that each pet is unique and the best food for each critter is specifically created for them. Companies are quick to jump on the Facebook bandwagon for special dog needs also. Purina makes a new brand of food, Beneful Bright Minds, for senior dogs. Bright Minds has a special blend of fats made from coconut oil that is metabolized more easily by older canines. Colgate-Palmolive claims to have a unique line of food aimed at helping dogs to lose weight. Human type foods are also being created for dogs. Home Delights, by Mars Cesar, produces beef stroganoff and lasagna for dogs. Milo’s Kitchen by the Smucker Company manufactures dog versions of grilled beef burgers and duck jerky. Richard Thompson and Michael Heiger have joined the fresh food movement. Thompson, chief executive officer, and Hieger, chief of manufacturing, both of Freshpet Inc. share a passion for creating preservative-free, quality dog food. The company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is the only industrial refrigerated pet food factory in the nation. The move is on to create more healthful options for dogs and many different companies are joining this new quest to improve life through food for pets.

Get A Reliable Cell Phone And Great Service From FreedomPop

AT&T recently purchased DirecTV, and that’s one of the reasons why they are now announcing that unlimited cell phone plans will be available again for the first time since the year 2010. Post Bulletin has an article that talks about AT&T as well as Verizon having no unlimited plans for those who are new customers, but since AT&T is now bringing it back, Verizon is also considering the same. Although these companies do have unlimited plans for past customers, it became harder if not impossible for new customers to get unlimited plans. Anyone who wants to pay less for an unlimited plan should make the choice to go to FreedomPop instead.

Two people sit beside each other on a subway, and one person is talking on the cell phone while the other person is struggling to get their cell phone to work. They both have different wireless carriers, but one person has great wireless coverage, but the other person has no coverage, especially when they are underground in the subway. Wireless coverage is something that many people worry about, especially when they need to use their cell phone. It’s never a good thing when a cell phone can’t be used, simply because the wireless service carrier doesn’t have coverage in certain places, or they have blackout areas. Maybe a person has cell phone service, but the service keeps going in and out.

Those that are having a problem with making cell phone calls may need to switch to a different carrier. Unreliable cell phone service is just as bad as having no cell phone service, especially if it goes out at the wrong time. FreedomPop has very reliable cell phone service that can be used all over the USA, which is unlike some other service providers. Those who want more reliable service can make the switch to FreedomPop, and they’ll also be able to get low-cost cell phone service as well.

Although it’s good to have reliable service, many are worried about the cost of their cell phone service, which is something that is not a problem at FreedomPop. With cell phone service starting at only a few dollars and the maximum price being $20 per month for unlimited service, there are many affordable plans at FreedomPop. Those who choose to switch their phone over to FreedomPop can do so, or it’s possible to purchase a great smartphone, including Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone from FreedomPop.

FreedomPop and Switching Phones

When switching carriers, there is a chance that the customer is going to have to switch phones. After all, mobile phones are locked to their carriers. For instance, a mobile phone that is bought under Virgin Mobile is going to remain a Virgin Mobile phone. However, many people are interested in bringing their old phone into a new carrier. In order for that to work, there are a few things that need to be checked. For one thing, the phone has to be paid off. If the customer is still paying off the phone, then he has to make sure that the full price of the phone is paid before he can look to switching carriers.

Another thing to look at is whether or not the phone is compatible with the network that is being considered for switching. Therefore, it is important to find out which network the phone is part of. For instance, if the phone is on the GSM network, then it will work with carriers that are apart of the GSM network. One example is Sprint and Verizon. Being on the same CDMA network, if one wants to switch carriers from Sprint while keeping the phone, then he’ll be able to successfully make the switch with Verizon.

One other possibility for switching carriers is FreedomPop. FreedomPop is the service provider in which people could also make the switch. There are plenty of good reasons why people would switch to FreedomPop. For one thing, FreedomPop offers free services for people who are hurting for money. Their other services are also very low in price. FreedomPop is also on the CDMA network. Customers can use their old Sprint devices in order to make the switch. Otherwise, there are phones that are available for use with the FreedomPop carrier.

FreedomPop is a very inexpensive carrier to use. The reason Sprint devices are compatible with the FreedomPop carrier is that FreedomPop works under Sprint. FreedomPop started with a wholesale deal under Sprint. While initially, people were able to join FreedomPop with the use of their Sprint devices, FreedomPop has slowly gained more phones that are designated to their carriers. They have gained products like the iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy product. These products are used and refurbished. FreedomPop does have a new phone in the works. It is expected to be released sometime later this year with a fast processor from Intel.

Yeonmi Park Raises the Stakes

Yeonmi Park is no stranger to the public eye. From her appearance at the One Young World Summit in 2014 to the recent article of, the stakes have been raised a lot higher not just for North Korea, but for the defectors that have escaped from North Korea. North Korea has been known as a reclusive country. There have also been reports about the Kim Dynasty and the nuclear fire power that they carry. North Korea is definitely responding to the story that Yeonmi has told about them by putting together a video that is meant to discredit and refute certain parts of the story. The video that Pyongyang has produced and released Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot. The video has been produced in a rather melodramatic way. The video makes plenty of accusations towards Yeonmi Park and her mother. One accusation that they have thrown at them was of being United States agents. However, these accusations are typically the reactions of someone who has been exposed of their wrongdoing. After all, when someone has secrets revealed about him, one common reaction is to suggest that the victim that is telling the story is not being honest. Park has made sure that her story is accurate in her book In Order to Live. She has made sure that she kept everything factual and refrained from being emotional about the telling of her story. However, getting her life story on page was difficult. There was a lot of pain that she has underwent during her escape from North Korea. Among the things that she has experienced was sexual abuse, physical abuse, starvation among all of the horrors that she had to go through after escaping from North Korea. As of right now, she is studying to become a human rights activist. She is also learning how to speak English as well as other languages so that she could more easily share her story around the world. She is also working very hard to make sure that she is telling an accurate story because she understands what even a small inaccuracy could do to her testimony.

Stephen Murray’s Diverse Investments With CCMP

Larger investment firms tend to survive because they are managed by professionals that know how to direct the company. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was the CEO until he passed away in early 2015. The company had a diverse portfolio of different investments in the healthcare, energy, industrial and retail sectors. The company is based in New York.

This business came about as the result of several different mergers across recent decades. The name CCMP came about in 2006. The business never suffered from an identity crisis. It selectively chose growth stocks in a lot of different sectors. Most investment firms believe in having a diverse portfolio. CCMP has stock in some of the most recognizable brand names in the United States. It focuses on businesses that are successful in North America and Europe.

CCMP uses its current capital as leverage to ensure that it can make growth investments. The company has seen consistent returns for over 30 years. CCMP’s investment portfolio continues to be diverse. It recently invested in a Canadian vitamin company. The company closed a 3.6 billion dollar buyout in 2014. CCMP employs its own unique value creation model. Their value institutional investor are planned to prove successful across the long term.

CCMP sticks to investing in sectors that they know will provide consistent returns. Food, utilities and healthcare are things that nearly every human being in Western society has access to. Many of their holdings are in businesses that you might not expect to perform well. Aramark is a company that’s known for helping prisons save money on food costs.

Diversification isn’t everything when it comes to investment. Stephen Murray started his career in credit analysis before he moved into value and growth investments. Many employees of CCMP would likely vouch that his strategic investment choices were what made the firm successful. He used the company’s assets as leverage to close large deals.

A lot of other employees oversee specific sector investments. CCMP’s current CEO is Greg Brenneman. He was formerly the CEO of Quizno’s subs. Quizno’s is one of many food businesses that CCMP owns. The company employs a lot of analysts that determine whether a business is worth investing in. CCMP’s investing strategy is somewhat unique because the firm is extremely large. The mergers that created CCMP are what caused it to become as large as it is today. The company’s assets snowballed because it pushed capital into a lot of diverse sectors. CCMP may not be a household name, but the company has shares in businesses that people buy from everyday. Stephen Murray may have recently passed away, but the firm he managed isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.