Malini Saba- Daring to Dream in a Foreign Land

Most of the people that have immigrated to the U.S have immaculate and inspiring success stories. One such person is Malini Saba who was, before moving to the U.S lived in Kuala Lumpur with her middle-class parents. Malini grew up in Australia and at 19; she decided to relocate to the United States. With only two hundred dollars in her hands, Malini took the risk and moved to the U.S with the hope of getting more support from her husband.


Malini’s Early Life in the U.S

Malini and her husband rented a cheap apartment near in Stanford University. Her husband was a student at the University, and she took advantage to attend some classes as well. Malini studied studies financial and investment field. Apart from the knowledge she got from school, she also engaged other professionals in the industry to advise her through her journey. Malini did everything to acquire knowledge and experience. She crashed at parties where investment bankers met to ask them for tips and from this, she began making her first investment with her savings.

Post-University Success and Accomplishments

Years later, you can see Malini’s efforts paid off as she grew to become one of the fiercest investors in the country. Her investment plan worked out well, and today she is committed to learning new things and making improvements in the financial sector. Malini is so successful that she has her company Saban which continues to make investments in different assets across the globe. Among the assets she deals in include real estate ventures in India and Australia, gas and oil properties in China, and technology firms in the United States. She is the current Chairlady of her company.

Renowned Philanthropist

Malini has excelled in other areas just like she has in business. She is a celebrated philanthropist and mother. She established the Stree Program which helps women in the low-income bracket to have a bearing. It focuses on enriching their self-confidence that helps them to create a role in the community. The foundation was launched by retired President, Bill Clinton and serves different regions including Africa, Central America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Besides this, Malini has donated a million U.S dollars to build a hospital and pledged 10 million more to help tsunami-stricken victims.

In an art shell, Malini Saba is an accomplished career woman and philanthropist. She dared to venture where others wouldn’t and continues to serve others with the same seal she had when she first landed in the U.S.


The Rising of Women in The Financial World

During the year 2007 the United States experienced one of the most devastating financial disasters since the Great Depression in the 1930’s. I personally believe that this recent disaster was far more terrifying and lengthy than what had occurred within the time period of the great depression. For me, it was because of the thousands of foreclosed houses and the extremely high rate of unemployment that lead me to believe that this could just possibly be the most negative impacting crisis to have ever occured in our country. When the financial world took a turn for the worst, it was people such as Helane Morrison that stood out and made an impact on the financial crisis that was taking place in America.

Helane Morrison graduated from not only Journalism school at Northwestern University, but also the University of California Berkley School of law. To me, that makes for an amazing woman and an even better financial advocate. After Helane had proven herself worthy with her hands on experience as a clerk for the US Court of Appeals, she moved onto private practices, business ligations, internal cooperate investigations, SEC matters and many other suits that I believe helped Helane bring out her professional natural abilities. In some of these practices Helane was even given full partnership with the firm.

Currently, Helane volunteers for the American Bar Association where she sits on the hedge fund committee. Helane’s position at the Association is to ensure that the managers of hedge fund are providing all the necessary information as all other investment managers would for their practices. A lot of managers used to take advantage of the laid back rules of the hedge fund, which I find to be rather appalling as anyone should want to protect their practice, not put it at risk for selfish decisions. Helane currently works at Hall Capital as their Chief Compliance Officer.

Learn more about Helane’s background on LinkedIn or check out her Bloomberg page here: