Let The Traveling Vineyard Guide You Through A Physical Or Virtual Wine Tour

The Traveling Vineyard is a great way of setting off on a tour of the best wines available in the world with a party hosted by a Wine Guide providing an interesting and entertaining virtual tour of the amazing wines offered by the company.

However, the wine experts at The Traveling Vineyard believe it is important for any aficionado of fine wines to head to France and explore the many wine producing regions offering tastings and tours to learn more than ever before about the wide range of wines constantly on offer from the nation known as the world’s leading producer of wine.

As the world’s leading wine producing nation there are a range of options on offer in France to make sure as many varieties of wine are learned about and experienced as possible; in previous years wine tastings and tours were expensive as only the top vineyards and wineries in each region opened their doors to the public, but in recent years smaller wineries and vineyards across Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Provence have now opened their gates to the public. Many of these wine producers offer bed and breakfast options to make sure as much can be learned about the wine production process as possible.

One of the most popular regions in France to explore is Champagne, the most unique wine producing region in the world that also lies just a few miles outside Paris to make it one of the easiest regions to visit in France. Champagne shows how interesting a wine tasting tour can be as the Clos Froehn bed and breakfast allows a visitor the chance to explore the region with a knowledge of the different grape varieties used, flavors a completed bottle includes, and the best wineries and restaurants to visit in the area.

The Traveling Vineyard makes it easy for any individual to get the most from their love of wine by working as a Wine Guide for this innovative company. The Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides are given the chance to build a career that can be part or full time and does not require large overheads to be undertaken at any point during the work being completed by any Wine Guide.

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The Traveling Vineyard FAQs

The Traveling Vineyard is a multilevel wine-selling company that was established in the year 2012 by the Pieroth family. However, their mother company Geerlings and Wade has been in the industry for many more years. The company hires wine guides from over 40 states, to help in the direct sales of their wines.

Who are the Perfect Traveling Vineyard Candidates?

Anyone who wants to make some extra money can join the Traveling Vineyard. Whether wine tasting is your hobby or you simply enjoy hosting parties and events to those who are looking for a side job and people who would like a full-time career. It is an excellent yet flexible way to achieve your dreams.

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Business Model and How It Works

If you would like to join the Traveling Vineyard, the process is quite easy. You get assigned to an experienced wine guide near you. You can attend their events and get insight on what it is like, working for the traveling vineyard. There is also a plethora of resources, in form of tutorials and videos, to help you learn the basics of wine tasting and the various wines offered.

Once you have decided to join them, you simply sign up and get credited for a success kit. The Traveling Vineyard success kit has all you need for a successful wine tasting event including 10 bottles of wine, glasses, carrier, accessories, flyers and brochures and a summology sheet.

The success kit of course comes at a price, but the money can be earned back in your first event. As a wine guide, you schedule events to your convenience. Then, the Traveling Vineyard will supply you with everything that you need for a successful wine tasting party. From every event, you earn a 20% commission of your sales. So, it is up to you to get more leads, depending on your financial goals.

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