Soap Stars Team up for “Queen of Drama” TV Reality Series

The new show Queen of Drama premiered on April 26, 2015, and follows a few of daytime and primetime well known soap stars who have teamed up to form a new production company. The company was created to help these actors to take control of their careers by producing and developing a new pilot for television.

The five principal actors are Vanessa Marcil, who is best recognized for her roles on General Hospital and Vegas. Hunter Tylo from the Guiding Light. Lindsay Hartley from Passions, All my Children, and Days of Our Lives. Chrystee Pharris from General Hospital and Passons, and Crystal Hunt from Guiding Light and One Life to Live.

After the first three episodes aired, reviewers agreed the show offered plenty of drama and was very entertaining. To round off the cast of characters, they have also brought in an actress that can pull the cast together and lead. This is where Donna Mills comes in acting as a slightly similar version of her role on Knots Landing.

In Episode one, Instagram superstar Crystal Hunt, who is playing herself asks Donna Mills to assist the actors with creating a new primetime TV drama series. It is clear by the conclusion of episode one that not all the casts can agree on the same visual sense for what they want out of the show. By episode three, Crystal seems to have taken over the spotlight of the show as the cast attends the Sue Wong’s Fashion Show. Both Vaness and Hunter have to rein in their anger during the show.

Overall the first three episodes, Queen of Drama seems to live up to its title. The cast including Crystal Hunt really provides an entertaining reality show where they portray themselves as they struggle to find a niche for the show. Although the actors do play themselves, there is an air of togetherness among the cast, and a well soft style script that is easy for viewers to follow .

IMDb makes it pretty clear Crystal first became noted as a formidable actress when she was on Guiding light as a 17 year old troubled teen. She then went on to play a devious stripper on daytime soap One Life to Live. Hunt’s career started when she was only 2 years old where she participated in pageants and her talent of course was acting. Over her childhood years, she appeared in many commercials, anti drug promotional commercials until landing the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the Guiding Light.  Crystal’s body of work on Metacritic continues to grow, and she continues to be a stand out superstar of the industry at large.  Crystal Hunt’s facebook page, which she opened for fans, has more information about this popular actress.  Otherwise you can see acting reels, and even a cool interview with Crystal, on YouTube.