The Brown Agency Is Doing Things Right

All The Service That The Brown Agency Can Offer

The Brown Agency is a modeling and talent agency that was established in Austin Texas in 2010. The Brown Agency was established and brought to life by Justin Brown, and it is an agency that has quickly become one of the most prestigious and respected agencies in Austin Texas when it comes to modeling and talent. The Brown Agency is also an agency that is unique because it is able to offer more than just beauty; The Brown Agency is able to offer world class acting talent as well. This agency is now able to leverage its expertise to find actors as well because they have partners with a company that knows how to find outstanding acting talent. The Brown Agency united with the Heyman Talent-South. Because these two companies are now working as one, The Brown Agency is able to offer their clients a wide range of talented individuals.

A Merge For The Best

The Brown Agency has its headquarters in Austin, but they also have agencies that are located in the Dallas area. The CEO of The Brown Agency is Justin Brown as well, and he works along with the talented founder of Heyman Talent-South whose name is Michael B. Bonnée. These two innovative individuals are dedicated to finding those individuals who are of the utmost talent when it comes to acting, and they are also able to scout out some of the most unique models. This merge of The Brown Agency and Heyman Talent-South has enabled The Brown Agency to improve on their commitment to give their clients the highest level of talent available. Now, The Brown Agency is able to reach a wider spectrum of individuals because of this savvy decision.

Talent Of All Sorts

The Brown Agency is a company that is able to offer modeling and acting talent to some of the largest companies in the entire world. These companies include the following: Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton. They are an agency that looks for a wide spectrum of beauty and talent. They realize that there is no cookie-cutter look when it come to beauty, and that there is no single actor who can fill every role. Since the Brown Agency prides itself on diversity, they are able to always deliver for their clients.