Rookies Make Changes To The NFL Fantasy Draft

For fantasy sports enthusiasts it is the time of year when you will be looking at your MLB lineup as the season moves along to its climax and the start of the baseball playoffs. Fantasy Alarm has daily leagues and much more for baseball fans and has now been publishing its list of players entering camp with NFL teams following the draft finally being completed with winners and losers being chosen among the teams of the NFL; the question NFL fantasy players are now facing is which of the list of rookies should be drafted when the time finally comes for fantasy teams to be formed.


One of the most shocking aspects of the draft was the success the Cleveland Browns appear to have had as they used their number one overall pick to draft defensive end Myles Garrett, before following up this roundly applauded choice with the addition of Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku. Fantasy owners were waiting for the browns to dive in and draft the top ranked quarterback in the draft, North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky, thankfully for a franchise that has struggled for many years to find a franchise quarterback the decision of the Browns to sidestep a player who has received what is best seen as a mixed response by fans of the Chicago Bears seems like a positive one.


Unlike the difficulty of the Trubisky draft by the Bears users of Fantasy Alarm should be looking to the Texans new quarterback DeShaun Watson to make an early impact with a team that last season had all the weapons for a high quality run at the Super Bowl, aside from a franchise quarterback. Fresh off the National Championship winning season he enjoyed with Clemson, Watson could be called up to the starting position as early as week one if he enjoys a productive preseason campaign. The Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam newton has often been seen as the mentor for Watson, but Newton himself could be worth drafting once more with the addition of hybrid running back, receiver Christian McCaffrey who will join a team with a beefed up offensive line for what should be a return to the playoffs.