Friends In Real Life From Talking On Skout

It is truly amazing how much one learns about oneself while trying to meet people through social media and other applications. I use this one application to meet people, and I must admit that I have met some extraordinary people through it. It has some interesting features about it. Also, you can make all kinds of relationships through using it. Do you want to know what application I’m referring to? It’s called Skout, and it’s the newest secret in online dating and social media. It’s a fun way to meet people, and you don’t have to meet them in person or have a romantic relationship, but that option is always there for you if you choose to go through with it.

Learning About Yourself While Meeting Other People

When I first set up my profile on Skout, I made it quickly, and I didn’t put much thought towards what it was saying. I started reading other peoples’ profiles almost immediately, and I formed my own opinion of what should be written in a profile, what information is most interesting to me will be interesting to other people. I started writing my Skout profile to fit my personality. I put emoticons in it sometimes if I am feeling a certain way. I update my Skout profile frequently. Sometimes I’ll use lyrics of a favorite song or poem. It’s a great way to attract friends, which is what Skout is about for me.

Different Reasons To Use Skout

Everyone who uses Skout might have their own reason for using it because people are looking for different people to enter their lives. Some people on Skout are looking for romantic relationships, so if you are looking for friends, then you should make that clear immediately. I tend to talk to people who live near me because I like to think that we will one day meet. If that is for you, then you can change that in the search option in Skout.

Skout conducted a survey recently that was published in PR Newswire that showed some compelling statistics about what types of people use Skout. It was astonishing to read that 75 percent of people already have friends on the internet. Even more shocking was that a high percentage of people wanted to meet their friends in real life. To read the article on Skout’s survey, follow this link.

Yeonmi Park Raises the Stakes

Yeonmi Park is no stranger to the public eye. From her appearance at the One Young World Summit in 2014 to the recent article of, the stakes have been raised a lot higher not just for North Korea, but for the defectors that have escaped from North Korea. North Korea has been known as a reclusive country. There have also been reports about the Kim Dynasty and the nuclear fire power that they carry. North Korea is definitely responding to the story that Yeonmi has told about them by putting together a video that is meant to discredit and refute certain parts of the story. The video that Pyongyang has produced and released Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot. The video has been produced in a rather melodramatic way. The video makes plenty of accusations towards Yeonmi Park and her mother. One accusation that they have thrown at them was of being United States agents. However, these accusations are typically the reactions of someone who has been exposed of their wrongdoing. After all, when someone has secrets revealed about him, one common reaction is to suggest that the victim that is telling the story is not being honest. Park has made sure that her story is accurate in her book In Order to Live. She has made sure that she kept everything factual and refrained from being emotional about the telling of her story. However, getting her life story on page was difficult. There was a lot of pain that she has underwent during her escape from North Korea. Among the things that she has experienced was sexual abuse, physical abuse, starvation among all of the horrors that she had to go through after escaping from North Korea. As of right now, she is studying to become a human rights activist. She is also learning how to speak English as well as other languages so that she could more easily share her story around the world. She is also working very hard to make sure that she is telling an accurate story because she understands what even a small inaccuracy could do to her testimony.

Your Social Media Posts Could Cost You Dearly

There are times in life when we party a bit too much or get a bit too drunk and post an inappropriate selfie on a social media site. We cringe when our friends and/or family tease us about it later. However, a hiring manager may not be so understanding. She may take one look and cross your name off the interview list. You might not get accepted into that favorite university. Worse, your current employer may discover your drunk-posted selfie during an annual review and you end up getting fired.

When Mark Zuckerberg first invented Facebook as a Harvard student, it was a small experimental novelty. That was way back in 2004, and now just eleven years later, it has become ubiquitous and important as a general social connector nexus. Everyone can connect to everyone else, for free. It seems so innocuous, until something personal posted there impinges on your life.

Of course, spending too much time using Facebook while on a job can also, in a more pedestrian way, affect your employment. And, all of these pitfalls work to reduce your overall reputation. Status Labs is a company that specializes in helping people recover from a damaged reputation, whether online or in everyday life. They offer the following tips to enact as a very first step to protecting your reputation:

Make your personal Facebook page with a code name that you only give to family and friends. You main Facebook page is kept pristine for business use.
Draw up a rigid policy that never allows you to use Facebook at work during normal working hours. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see it regularly.

There are many ways to remedy the situation if your reputation is compromised and Status Labs knows all the ways. The expert professionals at Status Labs are experienced at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. They are also adept with traditional real-world reputation repair. They are as skilled with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as they are with media Public Relations. They know how to play the system to get you back in the saddle with a real second chance in life.

What can Darius Fisher and Status Labs do for you?

Your online reputation can prevent you from getting a job or even cause you to lose one. In today’s society, potential and current employers are able to flock to the internet to gain insight about you. You may be able to pass the interview process or to work well in their company but they would like to get an understanding about who you really are. Some people may think that this type of scrutiny is unfair but a horrible online reputation of a current or potential employee could transfer to the company and possibly lead to the company having a bad reputation. In an effort to prevent this from happening to you, a recent article provided tips on how to clean up on your online image.

Various tips were provided but one of the most recommended tips was using a search engine to locate oneself. This task is best preformed after clearing your cache and search history. Once cleared, type your name in the search field in order to see what comes up. Google is a popular search engine so you may want to start with that one. If you are able to retrieve damaging pictures or information about yourself then your current or potential employers will be able to as well

Now that you have found items that could possibly cost you your job online, take the time out to delete them. If the pictures are connected with one of your social media sites then deleting them should be a breeze. Some pictures may be connected to other people’s social media sites and require you contacting them and asking if they could remove the pictures or posts.

The above two recommendations may not be able to rid the internet of all pictures and information that could be damaging. For harder cases, Darius Fisher can help. Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs. This particular company offer rebranding services for individuals, groups, and even businesses.

With the help of Darius Fisher and Status Labs individuals and groups have been able to reclaim their online reputation. These particular services can prevent you from missing out on getting hired from a particular job. The services provided by Status Labs can also help increase a business or company’s profit. Negative online imaging of a company can cause customers or potential not to trust that particular company. This can be turned around with some of the services offered by Status Labs such as online reputation management, search engine optimization, or even social media marketing.