Product Recognition Technology Makes Shopping Literally “A Snap”


Image recognition is the latest technology to hit the market. Imagine seeing someone wearing a coat you like, snapping a picture of it and immediately getting information on where to purchase it. That’s exactly what image recognition can do, according to Forbes.

It’s an exciting new technology that is going to inevitably change the way people shop. Here’s how it works: the app will use a sophisticated algorithm to replicate the way the visual cortex in the brain interprets images. It then matches that image up to retailer’s products. Many retail outlets are already toying with the idea. Macy’s, Rent the Runway and Zalando are all retailers that see this as a clear way to boost sales on the fly.

The best thing about the image recognition technology is that it doesn’t require any marketing dollars beyond setting up the items on the store’s images to be recognized. To spur sales, all retailers need is one item to be proudly paraded down any busy street, subway or mall. If it’s visually appealing, people will take a picture and search for it.

One company that is leading the way into product recognition: Slyce. The company uses some of the most sophisticated technology available to capture accurate images. Users can easily snap a shot of anything around them and find similar, or even exact results available. The scanner that comes with Slyce can handle QR codes, coupons, real-life images and barcodes. You can easily snap an item to find it online for purchase. You also can snap to a list which gives you the power to take pictures of items you need to purchase, such as groceries.

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and likely by December many more retailers will be pushing this technology. Impulse buying is a tool they can use to increase their own revenue. Plus, Christmas is a great time to get people out on the street promoting their wares.

That’s another offshoot of image recognition. Some experts are saying that it may open the door for paid models to walk around real-life situations. The world people live in is turning into a runway. Expect to see people being hired to walk through popular areas and paid to look great.

The ease of the technology is a key selling point. You literally click on what other people have and buying it is at your fingertips—sometimes even with sale pricing. No longer do you have to search for anything. Image recognition makes the buying process that much simpler.