Raise Your Hotel Occupancy Rates

Approximately 34 percent of all hotel rooms in the United States go without occupants each day. This comes as no surprise to industry professionals who realize that getting guests to choose their property can be a very competitive business. One way that property owners and managers can improve their occupancy rate is by responding appropriately to online reviews. Spending just a few minutes each day helps these professionals spot trouble quickly and understand what customers think of their stays. Responding to these reviews professionally helps build customer trust in the property.

The first step as suggested by Online Reputation Reviews.com is to use a tool such as Google Alerts or Social Mention to find out who is talking about your property. There are way too many sites to view them individually so these tools allow the data to be gathered in one place. Therefore, property owners can view trends all in one place.
After the professional has spotted a conversation about their property, then it is important to respond. If the review is positive, then simply say thank you and that you hope that they will choose to stay with you again. Encourage them to let their friends and colleagues know about their great experience.
If the review is negative, then an article published on Hospitality Net, says it is even more vital that you respond. First, however, take a deep breath and remember to act professionally. Not doing so may hurt your property’s reputation even further. Now, acknowledge that you have read what the reviewer has said and think you understand their concern. If you do not, then encourage them to get in contact with you so that they can offer further details.
No business is perfect. If the concern is legitimate, then state what you are currently doing to rectify the situation and what steps you plan on taking in the future. Since almost 80 percent of customers consider these reviews before they choose where to stay, it is important to act quickly. According to the RepUp, organizations that respond quickly and professionally are 68 percent more likely to stay in a hotel where management acknowledges positive and negative reviews.
In many areas the hotel industry is highly competitive. Taking a few minutes each day to acknowledge reviews helps to build a new customer base which means that your return on investment is much higher at the end of the year.