The Mighty Fortress Church Extols The Word Of God

The Mighty Fortress Church extols the Word Of God and calls upon the members of this ever-growing spiritual organization to continually challenge themselves to become better, more faithful individuals. The Church, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the flagship institution of the Mighty Fortress International Ministries. View the interactive map at

Spearheading this religious movement is the Church’s founder and Senior Pastor, the Bishop Thomas Williams. William’s philosophy is one of unending and undying faith in God, His word, and His plan for the Church’s parishioners. Church doctrine in grounded in the belief that the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to do anything, be it help someone out of difficult circumstances and/or answer important life questions. However, in order to communicate with God and benefit from His wisdom, people need to listen. Listening to God is what Williams preaches with vigor.

The Mighty Fortress Church aims to provide its parishioners the opportunity to alter the course of their lives by committing themselves to Christian-centered living in an accepting, inviting, friendly atmosphere where everyone is considered part of a greater community/family whose journeys are all important. Another important tenet Bishop William’s preaches is that accepting God’s word is the first step in establishing a healthy and productive existence.


Bishop William’s harnessed his spiritual, oratory and leadership gifts through extensive educational training. He first received his religious education at the Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma from where he is a ministerial graduate. After establishing himself as an ordained Minister, Williams studied Communications at Minneapolis’s North Central University and earned a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in that subject. Finally, the respected Bishop honed his leadership skills at St Paul, Minnesota’s Bethel University where he obtained a Master Of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

More information about Bishop Williams and/or the Mighty Fortress Church by visiting or calling (735)-535-9096.