Nationwide Title Clearing Launches a New Online Portal for Accessing Property Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing recently upgraded their services by enabling customers to access property reports from the Internet. This initiative seeks to address title defects that have become prevalent in the real estate sector these days. NTC is hopeful that the online ordering system would facilitate smooth title clearing processes and minimize risks associated with buybacks or inability to foreclose.


Causes of Title Defects


Title defects slow down the process of buying or selling real estate properties. Wording issues in a document can render a title deed invalid to the owner. Furthermore, if a seller fails to include signatures of people who play a role in the sale of property, the certificate can be rendered invalid. It is important for sellers and buyers of commercial and residential structures to comply with filing procedures set by the federal real estate agencies.


As a reputable document processing and research entity, NTC has always focused on promoting growth in the mortgage and financial industry. John Hillman, NTC’s CEO, believes that people should solve title issues before buying or selling a property. He also urges the company’s clients to check property reports, such as Tax Status Report and Current Owner Report through the company’s online ordering platform.


NTC’s Mission


Since it was established in 1991, the Nationwide Title Clearing company has always strived to simplify the process of acquiring property reports. The firm’s services usually rely on extensive research on land records and existing residential properties. With its operational headquarters in Palm Harbor, FL, NTC’s services target investors, mortgage lenders, and servicers. The firm currently offers title clearing solutions to more than a half of the top ten residential servicers in the United States.


NTC’s professionals excel in providing customers with custom business, document retrieval, and final document tracking solutions. These professionals also strive to offer clients the best assignment and lien release services. For the past two decades, the Nationwide Title Clearing has recorded exceptional performances and growth regarding revenue generation and customer service.


Awards and Accolades


In 2013, Inc Magazine ranked NTC in the 1,900 position in its 5000 fastest growing companies in the US list. The firm had ranked in position 2,730 in 2012. NTC was also the recipient of the Hire Power Award in 2013 for its brilliant hiring strategies. Consequently, in the same year, the company was named in the 26th position of Fast 50’s rapidly growing companies in Tampa Bay.


Taking The Biggest Leap of My Life

For a long time I honestly thought that I would never make it in this life. As a father of three with a beautiful home, bills and everyday expenses were extremely difficult to keep up with. As each day passed by, I got behind further and further until I felt that the hole I dug was to far to climb out of. I guess I just never really understood how bad life could get when you have a limited amount of income coming in. Limited meaning I was the absolute only source of income in my household. Not even a penny coming in from anywhere else. My wife could have worked, but that would mean placing two of our children in daycare and paying full price for their positions. It just wasn’t worth the money wasted when she could sit at home with them and save money.

Right as soon as I was about to throw the towel in and sell our home, I met a guy named Greg Hague. Greg Hague just so happened to be the owner of the 990 Sells Homes Company. When I told him my problem, he quickly gave me a solution. The solution was to come to work for him as a seller. What this meant was that I would be given a $990.00 commission check if I was to find a home buyer without an agent present. At first the task seemed rather difficult, but after the first few $990 checks, I was completely wrapped around Greg’s finger. Not only was he a genius, but he was he was completely compassionate. Especially towards my personal situation.

During my first few weeks at the 990 Company, Greg had welcomed me with open arms and basically took me under his wing until I was ready to adventure out on my own. I will admit that the first couple days alone were quite stressful, but it wasn’t long before I had everything figured out perfectly. I owe my success all to Greg. If it wasn’t for him taking the time go over everything numerous times with me and having extreme amounts of patience, I probably wouldn’t have made it as far as I have.

Last week I referred a good friend of mine to the 990 Company and I had doubts at all that they would succeed just as I had. I explained to them how well Greg does teaching him new sellers and how amazing their company runs. I am in hopes that their motivation will run high and that they will also find plenty of buyers without having to contact an agent at any point in time.