2 of The Hottest Rappers Out Today


Lil Yachty

Last year, Lil Yachty stepped out of obscurity with the release of a number of hits and the breakout success of “Broccoli” with DRAM and now he’s one of the most famous rappers. He was born in 1997 but he’s already made himself one of the most important voices in the game today. Part of the reason people love Lil Yachty is his focus on absurd aesthetics and his love of the meme culture that young people are so infatuated with today. The South has had plenty of hit makers of its own but none of the sort of style that Yachty possesses. His closest comparison is Lil Wayne but even then the comparisons simply don’t encompass everything about Lil Yachty. It will take time to fully understand his impact.




DRAM, an abbreviation of Doing Real Ass Music, is perhaps the happiest rapper alive from the looks of his videos. Just looking at any music video of his and you can see his constantly beaming smile and carefree demeanor. Like Lil Yachty, DRAM represents something you don’t see very often in music. Nonetheless, he is paving the way for an entirely new sort of rapper to make a name for themselves and change the way rappers do business in general. Rap music doesn’t have to be aggressive or glorify crime. It can simply celebrate good times and give us a positive outlook on life. DRAM is the living proof that this is not only possible but that this is where things are headed in the future.