WEN Products Provide a Revolutionary System of Hair Care

In an online article posted on Bustle, a young woman provided details about her experience with a new shampoo product. The product was WEN Hair and she detailed her experience over the course of a week. The young woman decided to purchase the product on Amazon in the hopes it would add body and bounce to her normally fine, limp hair. She noticed right away how her hair felt thicker and how there were less hairs at the base of the shower. Once dried, she also noticed her hair felt like it had more body and shine. Over the full length of a week, she also discovered the product worked best when she did not skip using it for a day.

The Creation of a Revolutionary Hair Care Product

The master mind behind the cleaning system in the line of WEN hair products is a man named Chaz Dean. As a professional photographer, Chaz decided to expand his knowledge by taking cosmetology courses. He felt drawn to the field of hair care and was quickly employed by a prestigious hair salon in Bel Air. Within a short amount of time Mr. Dean was able to open his own studio where he began working on his own line of hair care products.

Chaz Dean sought to create a system of products that would help cleanse hair, while also putting back some of the essential elements needed for a healthy shine and manageability. Wen hair shampoo was designed to be both a cleansing and conditioning product, which would not strip the hair of its natural oil. Today, the WEN line of products includes items to help boost the amount of volume in fine hair, while also controlling frizz. WEN Hair also has a product on sephora.com for styling that actually works to make hair stronger, while adding more shine.