Steps and Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Online searches are done every day either by employers or individuals to get information about a person of interest. Google search has been used to get information and people usually judge based on the information found. You may not be aware of the Google searches done on your name but be sure often a potential client or a potential employer searches your name or company online. You are responsible for the quality of the information that one receives whenever you are searched. Online reputation management is the act of ensuring that whatever shows up when you are Google searched is positive while pushing the negative information at the bottom of the search results.

Online reputation management process

The first and most vital step in online reputation management is to Google. You are required to find your name and based on the information received rate yourself from negative; hey that’s not me, positive & relevant to no content. Once you have done that, there is the need for search engine optimization whereby the positive information is pushed higher in the web search results. It can also involve content creation. Tools like can be used to achieve the desired Google search results.

In cases where the search contents were unavailable, one can build their desired online foundation to look even better. You are advised to buy a domain, register it for the longest possible time and make sure your name is correctly written during its registration. You should create a personal website with all your information. You can create a profile on social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Once the above information is available, one is now expected to improve their Google image results. It is necessary and helps you to avoid unknown people’s images popping when someone is searching. You are required to take only positive photos and let Google know that the picture is about you. You can do that by including your name in the picture caption. By doing the above as stated, we hope your Google search results will be improved, and you will be capable of rising above any negative contents in your Google searches. For more information on improving your online reputation, visit