Best Whiskey At Affordable Price


When you find yourself with a light wallet but do not wish to compromise on flavorful whiskey, it can be a daunting task to find a suitable choice without the chance of feeling embarrassed. Affordable whiskey can usually be for those who want to practice making cocktails without breaking the bank, low-income individuals or just another guilty pleasure. Whatever the reason, it is always handy to know a certain brand to find comfort in purchasing when high-end products are out of reach.

Old Grand-dad is a good, affordable bourbon whiskey in the $20 range and is housed at both dive bars and fancy establishments, so you can have a good cheap drink while still looking distinguished. It has notes of spicy rye with a slightly sweet corn finish that makes it perfect for cocktails such as Manhattans or Whiskey Sours.  If you have one of the best recliners, this is a perfect whiskey to just sit back and drink in comfort.

For the $10 range, there is Benchmark Old No. 8, which is one of the higher quality bourbons that reside on the bottom shelf. Sit on one of the best couches and enjoy the strong tones of caramelized oats and a subtle vanilla finish, this is also one of the more palatable whiskies in the price range. So remember these options when low on funds and find yourself trying to stretch out the worth of your dollar. These whiskies will also be great quality standards to compare other choices that are comparable in price.