All Hail FreedomPop’s Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

If anyone has ever made a phone call swearing that they were only going to take a few minutes and ended up talking half an hour more, then they can understand why it’s so important to have unlimited talk time. Many times, some people don’t end their calls when they should because the conversation gets to a point where neither person wants to come off of the phone, so they easily use up a lot of talk time. Imagine those who have to pay for every minute of talk time or for a set of minutes, how much would they end up paying at the end of the month if they use a lot of minutes?


Since paying for every minute of talk time is outdated, many have switched over to unlimited plans and won’t stand for anything less. A FreedomPop review proves that it’s a great company to choose for unlimited plans because they have the lowest prices seen anywhere, and they are on a reliable network that everyone has heard of, which is Sprint. Even though FreedomPop is its own company, many people like knowing that they use Sprint’s network because Sprint has a very reliable call service, so FreedomPop will as well.


FreedomPop is committed to keeping their prices low, even if a customer chooses to get an unlimited plan. Those that want the unlimited plan that FreedomPop has can choose the one that starts at $20, and additional plans are available that have extra 4G LTE data if it’s purchased. The $20 plan is a plan that many are choosing and is ideal for most people. Those who choose a $20 plan will get their data, phone calls, and text messages to use until the month is up.


Those who tend to worry about the amount of 4G LTE data they may use can compromise a bit and accept the 1 GB of 4G LTE data that’s given in the $20 plan, or they may want to get the Wi-Fi service plan from FreedomPop. Adding the Wi-Fi service plan through an application to a smartphone will allow constant access for the month to Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop for only five dollars. Since the Wi-Fi service has 4G LTE data, the smartphone user can constantly access the Wi-Fi service and have 4G LTE data that is endless and can be used on the phone whenever they’re connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

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FreedomPop Now Has The Most Access For Talking And Texting

FreedomPop is the best alternative company for people who are trying to get cheap cell phone service, and it is important for these people to have a chance to use as much of their minutes and data as they can freely. FreedomPop has all these great plans that are very cheap, but they are graduated so that people have to pay if they want more data or minutes. FreedomPop is going to help everyone with this by letting them use WhatsApp without any data points at all.

The people who are using FreedomPop phones are going to be able to use their WhatsApp app for no data at all, and they are going to be able to get a number from WhatsApp. They can take that app with them wherever they want to go. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to use the system instead of using all their data, and that is going to make it very easy for these people to save money. The idea is that FreedomPop is going to help people conserve minutes, and they are going to try to find as many partners as they can get to make their phones easy to use.

The WhatsApp app is just the first thing that has been made open to public use without data charges, but it might not be the last. Venture beat says that this is a new roll out for FreedomPop, and more could be coming in the future. People who want to get the cheapest cell phone plans are going to be able to use WhatsApp instead of their normal. The plan will always be there, but now even the people on the FreedomPop free plan is going to be able to get the coverage they need.

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Get A Reliable Cell Phone And Great Service From FreedomPop

AT&T recently purchased DirecTV, and that’s one of the reasons why they are now announcing that unlimited cell phone plans will be available again for the first time since the year 2010. Post Bulletin has an article that talks about AT&T as well as Verizon having no unlimited plans for those who are new customers, but since AT&T is now bringing it back, Verizon is also considering the same. Although these companies do have unlimited plans for past customers, it became harder if not impossible for new customers to get unlimited plans. Anyone who wants to pay less for an unlimited plan should make the choice to go to FreedomPop instead.

Two people sit beside each other on a subway, and one person is talking on the cell phone while the other person is struggling to get their cell phone to work. They both have different wireless carriers, but one person has great wireless coverage, but the other person has no coverage, especially when they are underground in the subway. Wireless coverage is something that many people worry about, especially when they need to use their cell phone. It’s never a good thing when a cell phone can’t be used, simply because the wireless service carrier doesn’t have coverage in certain places, or they have blackout areas. Maybe a person has cell phone service, but the service keeps going in and out.

Those that are having a problem with making cell phone calls may need to switch to a different carrier. Unreliable cell phone service is just as bad as having no cell phone service, especially if it goes out at the wrong time. FreedomPop has very reliable cell phone service that can be used all over the USA, which is unlike some other service providers. Those who want more reliable service can make the switch to FreedomPop, and they’ll also be able to get low-cost cell phone service as well.

Although it’s good to have reliable service, many are worried about the cost of their cell phone service, which is something that is not a problem at FreedomPop. With cell phone service starting at only a few dollars and the maximum price being $20 per month for unlimited service, there are many affordable plans at FreedomPop. Those who choose to switch their phone over to FreedomPop can do so, or it’s possible to purchase a great smartphone, including Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone from FreedomPop.

FreedomPop and Switching Phones

When switching carriers, there is a chance that the customer is going to have to switch phones. After all, mobile phones are locked to their carriers. For instance, a mobile phone that is bought under Virgin Mobile is going to remain a Virgin Mobile phone. However, many people are interested in bringing their old phone into a new carrier. In order for that to work, there are a few things that need to be checked. For one thing, the phone has to be paid off. If the customer is still paying off the phone, then he has to make sure that the full price of the phone is paid before he can look to switching carriers.

Another thing to look at is whether or not the phone is compatible with the network that is being considered for switching. Therefore, it is important to find out which network the phone is part of. For instance, if the phone is on the GSM network, then it will work with carriers that are apart of the GSM network. One example is Sprint and Verizon. Being on the same CDMA network, if one wants to switch carriers from Sprint while keeping the phone, then he’ll be able to successfully make the switch with Verizon.

One other possibility for switching carriers is FreedomPop. FreedomPop is the service provider in which people could also make the switch. There are plenty of good reasons why people would switch to FreedomPop. For one thing, FreedomPop offers free services for people who are hurting for money. Their other services are also very low in price. FreedomPop is also on the CDMA network. Customers can use their old Sprint devices in order to make the switch. Otherwise, there are phones that are available for use with the FreedomPop carrier.

FreedomPop is a very inexpensive carrier to use. The reason Sprint devices are compatible with the FreedomPop carrier is that FreedomPop works under Sprint. FreedomPop started with a wholesale deal under Sprint. While initially, people were able to join FreedomPop with the use of their Sprint devices, FreedomPop has slowly gained more phones that are designated to their carriers. They have gained products like the iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy product. These products are used and refurbished. FreedomPop does have a new phone in the works. It is expected to be released sometime later this year with a fast processor from Intel.