Lime Crime Makeup: Tart, Bold and New Social Media Darling

Doe Deere started out small, probably unsure this would ever have legs and grow, but this Russian-born businesswoman likes to dream big. The founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup has skyrocketed to social media fame, with Lime Crime recently picking up two million plus followers on Instagram.

Not bad for the little girl who developed an artistic talent and love of colors that were vivid and strong. After her family moved to New York, the curious Doe Deere began creating things, sewing clothes to sell on Amazon, joining a rock band and finally finding her true niche in the world of makeup.

Lime Crime has turned eight years old and has lately developed a super strong fan base on the global front. Doe Deere believes in being a savvy internet person, because she prefers an interactive shopping experience for her customers, and they apparently agree. Makeup addicts addicted to her bold crazy cosmetics are more than thrilled to post inspirational photos to Lime Crime’s Instagram with the hashtag ‘#Lime Crime.’  The same hashtag can be used on Facebook as well.

Doe Deere’s message from her blog is to young women and men everywhere is a simple one, telling her fans to experiment with cosmetics and have fun. Most importantly, be fearless with fashion, makeup and hair. Women are so used to the safe and traditional makeup palette that society has placed before them, but that’s what makes Lime Crime different. They’re sort of the outlaw brand and one that has now gone mainstream, with competitors trying to copy those radical colors of blue lipstick and glitter shadows.

Lime Crime lipsticks are a huge seller on many stores, for the cosmetics label, offering women ideal liquid to matte formulas that never rub off. Highly pigmented shades like Pumpkin, Squash, Flamingo and Black Velvet turn heads. Retailers like Urban Outfitters sell Lime Crime makeup, and it can also be bought at their Lime Crime online shopping site.

Lime Crime is a proud cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Makeup junkies and those looking for modern cosmetics trends can follow Lime Crime makeup on Instagram at @limecrimemakeup.