Learn about the Internet of Things with Jason Hope’s new eBook

Technology is fast changing our lives. There is no way you can live today without using an electronic device. This means that technology has become a critical part of our society. Going into the future, this can only become better. Technology will take control of our lives even in a bigger way than we know it. According to futurist Jason Hope, there is a change that is about to hit the world. This change will be brought about by the Internet of Things technology. This is a technology that will change the way we live in a big way. IoT will make it possible to connect all the devices in our lives to each other and have better control of their functionality from a single device such as the smartphone.

The Internet of Things technology is still in its early stages and many people may not have heard about it. It is for this reason that Jason hope has decided to make information about IoT available to everyone who would like to know more about it. He has published an eBook available on Amazon which will contain all the information needed to understand the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is going to be big according to Jason Hope. It will change our personal lives, business, and industries. Large scale manufacturing and production operations will depend on the internet of things to control the operations. The number of devices which support the IoT is expected to go up by 2020. More people will have access to these devices and will be able to experience firsthand the impact of these devices.

Some of the functions that will possible with the Internet of Things will include the ability to track traffic status from the comfort of your home before leaving the house. From your smartphone, you will be able to get updates on routes to use and which to avoid. In case you are held up in a traffic jam, it will even be possible for your phone to automatically text your boss and inform them that you are held in traffic. Another example is switching the lights or the oven while away at the working place.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist who is enthusiastic about technological developments. He has been very vocal on matters related to the Internet of Things. He is among the people who believe that the IoT is real and not just a dream.

Jason Hope is a graduate of W.P. Carey School of business. He holds masters in business administration.

To know more visit @: www.theinternetofthings.eu/jason-hope

Online Reputation Management Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Embrace To Push Their Brand

The reputation a business enjoys goes a long way to affecting its performance and the kind of feedback it will receive from customers. Many entrepreneurs have wanted to run profitable businesses but at some point this resolve is overridden by the lack of management and bad feedback that is shared by a section of customers. To remain relevant and to compete well with others, a business needs to clean its image online and ensure all the information shared reflects its positives.

Getting things done does not necessarily mean hiring Reputation Defender professionals. There are simple yet effective strategies that the entrepreneur can embrace to push the business to attaining its goals after cleaning its reputation.

Set up social media account

The advent of social media opened up many opportunities and brought to the business world a new platform where businesses can market their products. Setting up social media accounts for a business does not need any assistance because opening most of these accounts is free and there are easy guidelines to follow when filling information.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offer an easy way to connect with customers and potential customers. Interacting with them online helps you to understand their views of your products and you can reply with information that will clarify some doubts. Running social media accounts makes it easy to build a strong relationship with customers, which in effect boosts the reputation of the business.

Keep your site up to date

Technology changes every day and those who are found using old systems are more vulnerable to attacks. Customers always want to feel part of the new system, so updating your online store to offer additional features will prove you have effort to offer customers value for their money. Most importantly, updating your site helps to increase security.

Search engine optimization

Google can also be a great catch for you if you want to reach more buyers. Updating content that is optimized for certain keywords makes it easy for Google to offer results that are relevant to what your customers search online. Appearing on the first page of Google speaks a lot and shows that your website is preferred by many, hence reputable.


What can Darius Fisher and Status Labs do for you?

Your online reputation can prevent you from getting a job or even cause you to lose one. In today’s society, potential and current employers are able to flock to the internet to gain insight about you. You may be able to pass the interview process or to work well in their company but they would like to get an understanding about who you really are. Some people may think that this type of scrutiny is unfair but a horrible online reputation of a current or potential employee could transfer to the company and possibly lead to the company having a bad reputation. In an effort to prevent this from happening to you, a recent article provided tips on how to clean up on your online image.

Various tips were provided but one of the most recommended tips was using a search engine to locate oneself. This task is best preformed after clearing your cache and search history. Once cleared, type your name in the search field in order to see what comes up. Google is a popular search engine so you may want to start with that one. If you are able to retrieve damaging pictures or information about yourself then your current or potential employers will be able to as well

Now that you have found items that could possibly cost you your job online, take the time out to delete them. If the pictures are connected with one of your social media sites then deleting them should be a breeze. Some pictures may be connected to other people’s social media sites and require you contacting them and asking if they could remove the pictures or posts.

The above two recommendations may not be able to rid the internet of all pictures and information that could be damaging. For harder cases, Darius Fisher can help. Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs. This particular company offer rebranding services for individuals, groups, and even businesses.

With the help of Darius Fisher and Status Labs individuals and groups have been able to reclaim their online reputation. These particular services can prevent you from missing out on getting hired from a particular job. The services provided by Status Labs can also help increase a business or company’s profit. Negative online imaging of a company can cause customers or potential not to trust that particular company. This can be turned around with some of the services offered by Status Labs such as online reputation management, search engine optimization, or even social media marketing.