Securus turns high-tech products loose in fight against prison crime

People often think of prisons in the United States as being relatively safe places. After all, they’re some of the most heavily patrolled areas anywhere in the country. Prisons often have 10 or more guards on every tier, making them some of the most densely policed real estate anywhere, not an ideal place for crime to flourish.


It can often come as somewhat of a surprise, then, that one of the largest problems facing prisons is ongoing criminal activity within their walls. Prison gangs often times exert tremendous influence over prisoners and even staff. Organized crime is capable of extending its reach beyond the prison fence line, threatening civilians, witnesses and police, even when they are not located within the prison itself.


Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading inmate communications companies, has developed a robust line of products that allows prison administrators and staff to effectively combat crime within the prison environment.


One of Securus’ more innovative products is its JLG Investigator Pro line. This cutting-edge suite of conversation monitoring tools automatically filters conversations, picking up anomalous speech, and allowing administrators and staff to direct their attention to the most pressing concerns. JLG has the capability to automatically transcribe all conversations taking place on the prisons telephone system. Dead automatically parses all texts, picking out any anomalous speech, code words, or patterns which are likely to indicate criminal activity.


The system also uses advanced biometric techniques developed by the Department of Defense. One of these is a voice recognition system which correctly identifies all inmates participating in conversations by name. The system is also capable of identifying any parties who are known to the prison and have been previously flagged due to participation in criminal activity. Should a banned party enter a conversation, the staff on duty will be instantly notified for corrective action to be taken.


Securus Technologies Brings Families Together At Christmas

Christmas is a popular time of the year. People celebrate the season for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is to make special memories with loved ones. While many meet for the festive season, some people cannot see their loved ones. One of those groups are people in prison facilities. People detained in correction facilities miss a lot of emotions going on during the Christmas season.


The emotion of connecting with family and friends is a common one. Christmas is a time of the year where fun is brought out more than any other time. People detained in correction facilities cannot see their friends and family. While they want to share the joy with everyone, they cannot go home during the festive season or any other time. To change this situation, Securus Technologies installed video visitation equipment in correction facilities. The video visitation programs allows inmates to communicate with their loved ones.


Several correction facilities have benefited from the video visitation project. The company rolled out 600 video visitation terminal projects. Inmates can now receive worldwide video calls. Inmates can now connect with their friends and family through the video visitation program. Securus released an example video of their visitation program that involved a father calling his son. He witnessed him open a gift.


Christmas is usually celebration by people all over the globe. The holiday is a unique one where families celebrate together and bond. However, with a loved one in prison, the festival appears incomplete. Securus Technologies is a leading communication and technology provider. It has made it possible for individuals in correction facilities to communicate with their loved ones.


I think that the new video visitation program is set to transform the lives of many. It will create an overall good mood in the festive season. The recent advert of a father speaking to his son is an example of a happy moment. With the help of the new application, parents can spend time with their children. The video visitation program will create a happy and joyful moment in the festive season. The program has been installed in various correction facilities.


Securus Technologies is an American technology company based in Dallas Texas. The company was founded in 1986 and has regional offices in different parts of the world. It has its offices in Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, and Carrollton. Securus has employed close to a thousand people.

Inmate Phone Calls Made Better With Securus Technologies

On March 31, 2016 Securus Technologies released the results of a survey that was conducted at their technology center. The survey itself demonstrated that more than 50% of correctional facilities were centered on updating their technology as well as to expand their services throughout 2016 in order for them to improve profitability, inmate satisfaction rates and productivity as well. The survey revealed that 56% of correctional facilities planned to update the current technology that their facility consist of. 55% also proclaimed that one of their key strategic focuses was to expand the services that their facilities already consisted of. While 15% proclaimed that they planned to cut the costs of running their facility to gain their objective to cut rates of inmate phone calls by the end of the year 2016. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies – Richard A. Smith – proclaimed that based on the fact that many institution’s budgets are under constant pressure, leaders of said correctional facilities have to focus on improving the safety as well as the productivity of their facilities. He also proclaimed that as a result of this, there lies an abundance of opportunities for facilities to automate their operations which in itself will allow them to free up their operating clash flow so that they can allocate a portion of it into improving inmate satisfaction rates by working with companies such as Securus. 

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and currently serves more than 3,400 correction and law enforcement agencies. They also serve over 1,200,000 inmates within North America as well. They proclaim that they are committed to connecting and serving by providing, incident management, public information, emergency response, inmate communication, biometric analysis and inmate self-service and information management services so that they can make the world a much safer place. The company also proclaims that they focus on connecting what matters which essentially are inmates with their family members. 

Securus proclaimed that in order for them to demonstrate their capacity as a service provider as well as to answer the needs which were identified within the survey, Securus invested approximately $1.5 million in the Technology Center, which is located in a 10,500 square-foot facility in Carrollton, TX and houses the most sophisticated criminal and civil justice solutions. The company proclaims that it essentially provides an opportunity for leaders of institutions of various sizes to experience the type of services that they have to offer in real-time.