Michael Zomber: Gun Guru and Creative Author

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Michael Zomber discovered his passions in life much earlier than most individuals. The young and adventurous Zomber stumbled upon a model 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield rifle inside a small general store. The curious boy scout simply could not take his eyes off such a magnificent and powerful firearm that was heavily used by the United States military.

Fast forward a few decades later and Michael Zomber has become a renowned expert on American and international firearms. His tremendous knowledge of weapons has certainly gotten the attention of producers from the History Channel. Zomber made numerous guest appearances on the channel’s Tales of the Guns series. In his appearances on Guns of the Famous, Automatic Pistols and other related shows, Zomber offers some thoughtful and valuable insight on firearms from the perspective of a gun guru. In fact, he has collected diverse guns and rifles since his early adulthood. He even holds a unique collection of Samurai swords and other oriental weapons. However, Zomber was not exactly a gun fanatic during his college days. He studied English literature and psychology, which are subjects that eventually helped him evolve into a professional author. Zomber’s educational credentials include degrees from renowned higher education institutions such as UCLA, Villanova University and the University of Illinois.

Zomber has published several notable works that focus on specific time periods of American history. A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me provide realistic accounts of the U.S. Civil War. Zomber admits that he has always been fascinated by the antebellum era that eventually culminated in a bloody conflict. Surely, Zomber uses his knowledge of American weapons to paint an accurate picture of the military aspects of the war.

Mr. Zomber understands the huge impact that firearms have made on modern society. After studying wars all over the world, he has turned into somewhat of a pacifist. Zomber strongly supports various international efforts that help victims of war and other conflicts that involve violence. For example, he has taken active roles in working with UNICEF and Amnesty International to make some changes in the global political arena.  Be sure to follow Zomber on Facebook.