Sussex Healthcare Celebrates 25 Years Of Providing Care with Commitment To Senior Adults

Sussex Healthcare was recently featured in an article published in the Medical Daily Times. The article opened by stating that this leading healthcare organization celebrated its 25th year of operation. As an organization that specializes in servicing the needs of the elderly, this is truly a milestone event. The founders of Sussex Healthcare are Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, who collectively have experience in the related fields of medicine and business. This company’s first residential living facility was launched in 1985. Over the years it has grown to where it now operates more than 20 such residents along the southern coast of the U.K.

In addition to their home-style living facilities, Sussex Healthcare also has a new gymnasium equipped with state-of-the-art machines and a full size swimming pool. They employ a team of skilled professionals who exhibit a real sense of dedication toward making the lives of the residents more fulfilling. Some of the special areas staff members are skilled in include dealing with adults who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. They are also trained to help adults who have neurological disabilities or difficulty with cognitive reasoning.

The leadership team at Sussex Healthcare understands the importance of providing their employees with competitive wages and bonuses. In addition to providing time and a half pay for any holidays worked, they also provide training for entry level positions as well as continuing education programs for nursing professionals looking to get ahead in their careers. Additional employment benefits include subsidized meals, paid break times, pension plans and reduced rates for accommodations.

The leadership team at Sussex Healthcare is always looking for skilled professionals who would like to help improve the quality of life their residents have. They have a philosophy that revolves around the belief that all people deserve to have access to activities that encompass leisure, recreational social involvement. Their job openings are for positions located across the regions of Sussex county. They could include everything from nursing assistants and physical therapists to skilled drivers and chefs. It takes a dedicated team operating around the clock to provide care for the people living in facilities.

Eric Lefkofsky’ Tempus Labs

Tempus Labs, the Chicago based healthcare data analytical firm co-founded by Eric Leftkofsky announced additional investments in recent months. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky told the Chicago Tribune, Tempus Labs has gotten $ 80 million investment from New Enterprise Associates, Revolution Growth, Kinship Trust Co. and T. Rowe Price Associates. In total, according to Eric Leftkofsky, Tempus Labs has received $ 210 million in investments since 2015. It is estimated, with these latest investments Tempus Labs is now worth $ 1.1 billion, which now places Tempus among an elite group of private startups worth $ 1 billion or more as a “unicorn” startup. Very few startups has ever achieved such a prestigious status.

Eric Leftkofsky shared with the Tribune, the reasons behind such a positive response among the investment community is due to overall excitement about the potential ground breaking discoveries in health information technology leveraging artificial intelligence. Tempus Labs, currently employees about 400 people and uses the investment funding for additional hiring, Tempus Labs hires about 30 new employees each month.

Tempus Labs is using the power of artificial intelligence to analyze real time patient data, in conjunction with historic medical data. By customizing a healthcare plan for patients based on their own unique healthcare data has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals fight cancer and other healthcare diseases. Tempus Labs is creating a patient centric healthcare model, where the patient is providing, from the use of genetic level data, a care plan management that is truly unique to them.

Eric Leftkofsky is a Graduate from the University of Michigan, and has a Juris Doctor, he earned from the University Of Michigan Law School. Mr. Eric Leftkofsky is also the Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. In 2006, Eric founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, with his wife Liz. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation helps underserved communities, by ensuring empowering people with adequate education and human rights for women and girls.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Taking Cancer Treatments To The Next Level

At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they have employees that have taken patients satisfaction to a whole new level. When it comes to the patients care they are always looking for ways to improve. Along with always improving they are also always looking for new ways to put more passion into the work environment. They do this to make sure that each and every patient is treating with the highest quality service that they possibly can be.

When it comes to the center’s employees instead of being just called employees they are called stakeholders. The reason that most of the employees happen to be called stakeholders is mostly due to the fact of how much hard work they put in every day to help their patients in the fight against cancer. This title helps encourage the employees to work even harder because it helps them realize how much they are actually helping all of the patients.

Currently, the hospital proudly has 5 different locations which are happily located in 5 different states across the United States. With each of these hospitals, they are able to offer amazing career opportunities to many different individuals from all over the United States. So many locations make the chances of them fighting cancer even higher for the center.

The center was very first founded in 1988. Ever since the center was first founded they have kept their sight on the fight for cancer. They strive for each patient to continue improving center’s treatments. They also like to make sure that each patient’s treatment is suited to treat their exact form of cancer that they have.

The Center has always strived to better the way that they carry out their treatments. One way that they are able to do this is by changing their treatments as new discoveries are made. This not only is a lot better for the patients but it also increases the center’s chances of figuring out how to bet cancer.

When it comes to The Cancer Centers of Americas teams they happen to have an extremely qualified Oncologist team. This happens to also be a team who have always worked with cancer patients therefore, they are better qualified to help with the treatments of cancer patients at the center. No matter how much time it takes the employees at the center continue to work their hardest to better understand cancer and the different forms of it. They are determined to continue on with their research until over time they have been able to help each and every patient that comes into the center beat their fight against cancer and remain cancer free for many more years to come. This has always remained to be The Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s biggest goal.

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MB2 Dental Breaks The Myth Of Traditional Dentistry

Many people are caught on the stigma of traditional dentistry when in fact, superior dental offices have been replaced with integrated services, advanced technology, and alternatives to injections. Dr. Steven Villanueva says, the professionals at MB2 Dental were able to change with the advancements in technology with classic expertise in dentistry for personalized care. You can get award winning dental care from the leaders in the industry for the only smile you’ll receive in a lifetime. They take the time to make their customers feel like more than a number or just another insurance beneficiary.

How Does MB2 Dental Differ

MB2 Dental takes the guesswork out of routine and maintenance dentistry. Most people associate the dentist with needles and a long recovery time which means days off work or longer wait before your child can return to school. Their advance technology will get you and your family back to what matters most. For example, depend far less time visiting the dentist for braces with Invisalign. The most you’ll spend in the office is for routine paperwork, x-rays, and molding patients teeth which is pain free. In fact, the new clear braces hit your wallet easier than pricey metal braces.

MB2 Dental Services

– alternative sedation
– oral x-rays
– oral cancer screening
– expert technicians
– tooth decay
– gum disease
– emergency services
– spa dental
– braces traditional/clear
– dental care for all of ages

You should never sacrifice your smile because of an inability to pay. Their team of professionals are prepared to help you get the dental care you need regardless of an inability to pay with in-house financing from MB2 Dental. pay for routine or emergency dental with bi-weekly or monthly payments.

Dr. Villanueva says, it is important to teach his patients how important it is to brush and floss after each meal. Taking care of your teeth can benefit your oral care health, chewing, and digestion of your food. They will teach your preschooler how to properly brush and floss along with a cool dental fact sheet for a job well done. Get the benefits of knowing a professional will spend one-on-one time with your smile each visit. You’re invited to become a part of the MB2 family to enhance your smile today. Forget the traditional myth of dental care and come see the experts at MB2 Dental today.

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Life Line Screening And The Solutions It Offers

There are many ways to check one’s bone density, but how many of the testing methods available today are reliable? Are they even safe? Are they affordable? One of the leading companies today that offer such solution for people’s bone density issues would be Life Line Screening, which is U.S.’s leading service provider of all direct to consumer preventive wellness and health screenings.

Their new bone density solutions today make sure that American consumers can get the best bone density results that they need to prevent themselves from unwanted incidents.

Effective and Creative Solutions

Reports suggest that to get to the bottom of some of our major problems, we may need to tap creative and effective solutions that are made available to us. The solutions for osteoporosis may easily come from the ones provided by Life Line Screening. Osteoporosis is such a big challenge in the American life; in fact, there are about two-million broken bones every year, and this costs the U.S. economy of around 19 billion dollars.

When people can detect their bone issues quickly, they may be able to save money on expensive surgeries later on, including the one involving Osteoporosis. Life Line Screening helps people in doing just this.

About Life Line Screening

Being the nation’s leader in solutions for bone density testing, Life Line S. gets meaning in helping people understand the risks of not detecting bone loss in their bodies. The mission of the company is to use preventive measures to avoid problems from escalating. It’s also with the help of a dominant team of health experts that patients of Life Line S. can get all the modules, ideas and information that help them prevent get their bones broken.

It’s also good to know that it’s the target of Life Line offer affordable and local solutions to large-scale problems. Indeed, Life Line S. plays its part well in providing and helping you make sure that your health is always in check. It may also help you to know that right now there are already about 8 million people being screened by the company since 1996.

Summary and Conclusion

It helps to know that there are still companies today that try to offer solutions to problems that may not be cured by regular physicians. In this article, you learned that one of these companies is Life Line S. You also learned in this article some of the essential facts about the company that can help you get an informed decision on whether to acquire their services.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partners with the NFL to Create Awareness

Prostate cancer is currently the most common form of cancer plaguing men around the world, and in an effort to drum up universal awareness, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently partnered with the National Football League Alumni Association for a nationwide campaign. Beginning September of this year, men aged 40 years and older who fulfill the eligibility requirements, will be allowed to sign up for a free Prostate Specific Antigen screening given by LabCorp. There are 2000 open slots for free treatment, and once they are filled, men who still desire testing will receive the test at a discounted price of $25. The rates of diagnosed prostate cancer are extremely high amongst men, and studies show that one in seven will receive this diagnosis in within their lifetime. There are many factors that may increase the chances of prostate cancer, including heredity and race, with African American men having a 70 percent higher chance of developing the disease. For men who are considered to be at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer, it is recommended that regular screening begins at the age of 40. There are several notable members of the NFL alumni family that will be a part of the promo, including Dick Vermeil, Bill Cower, and Herm Edwards.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals, started in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson, and headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. After Mr. Stephenson’s mother lost bout with cancer, he was moved to create CTCA after being dissatisfied with her treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has received full accreditation from the Joint Commission and has garnered Five Star Quality ratings at four of its locations. The treatment at CTCA follows traditional methods, such as surgery and chemotherapy, but also implements other integrative therapies.

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The background of Anthony Petrello

The American dream more than motivates us as a people, it gives us an identity and our system a purpose. If anyone’s story can be said to be an fruition of that dream it is Chief executive Officer Tony Petrello. Petrello. Born in a small town and having moderate means his story could have been so much different had his ability with mathematics not helped him stand out. Everyone around him took notice until eventually the right people saw his potential and he was offered scholarship to Yale University. The scholarship not only helped him attend school it also offered him an opportunity to be mentored by Serge Lang, a highly esteemed mathematician and professor at the school. Peterllo took up the offer and attended Yale University, earning first his bachelor’s degree and then Master’s. During that time, He and Lang became quick friends. However after some consideration, Petrello decided not to become a mathematician, but rather, a lawyer. He went on or earn his juris doctor from Harvard Law School.

As a Lawyer his first position was with Baker & McKenzie, where he primarily focused on taxation and arbitration. While working there his dedication and analytical ability impressed his employers enough to become a managing partner of it’s New York division. His current employers were not alone in noticing Petrello’s value. During his time Nabors Industries, a client at the time, took notice and offered Petrello a position with their company. He started out as Nabor’s Chief Operating Officer quickly taking a position on the board of directors and the board’s executive committee and only a year later becoming the company’s president. During this time, he negotiated several key deals that made the already noteworthy company significant profits. Petrello was easily earning his keep in spades.

His focus however, isn’t solely on driving profits, Petrello has changed the lives of many through his philanthropic efforts. One event that brought his attention to the issue of newborns was when his daughter was born prematurely. Major health problems arose that would follow her the rest of her life. Petrello saw how difficult it was to treat children with neurological issues and so he set to work on helping. In total he donated 7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital and was offered a seat on it’s board of trustees. The money Petrello donated was able to build a specialized facility for children with neurological disorders. This facility helps people from all over the country.

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Why you should visit Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis is famed to be one of the most common conditions at the moment. Although it affects very many people in the world, very little is known about it. Arthritis is a single disease that causes joint pain (Crunchbase). There are over one hundred types of arthritis that affect fifty million people in the United States. The condition is very common among women. It also occurs frequently in the older individuals. At the moment, arthritis is considered to be the leading reason for disabilities in the US.

Osteo Relief Institute

Osteoarthritis is currently the most common type of arthritis in the US. The condition causes the degeneration of cartilage that is found in the joints. There are several individuals who are at a risk of getting the condition. People who have excess weight, aged and those who have suffered injuries in the past are prone to the disease. Just like most forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis is degenerative and incurable. However, with the right management, the patient can live a good and long life. The patients are required to have regular exercises every day, especially before they can go to bed. This will reduce the stiffness when they wake up the following day.

When choosing the type of workout, the patients should ensure that they consult a qualified doctor, Osteo Relief Institute is among in which you can get one.The wrong exercise will only mean that the patient will experience more pain when they go to sleep. There are several physicians who can manage this condition, but very few have the expertise needed. Osteo Relief Institute is a healthcare facility that is equipped with everything an osteoarthritis patient will need.


Patients who choose Osteo Relief Institute for their treatment will have several benefits. First of all, the individuals who work at the institution are experienced, and they give the client the priority. This means that the arthritis patient will not have to worry about their health anymore. The physicians are qualified, having gone to some of the best medical schools in the world. The patient will be treated just like family.


Osteo Relief Institute is famed for having state of the art equipment that will ensure that the patient gets the best. The prices are also affordable to the consumers.