The Seven Day Wen Challenge

The 7 Day WEN challenge is a recap based on an article from You can go to this link for the original article. Based on the findings of Emily McClure. Emily wanted to see if the Amazon available product lived up to all the hype surrounding it. So she decided to try it out on herself, so she documented her use of the product over a seven day period.

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Day 1, Wanting to see if Wen would help her she started her trail. Claiming her hair to be greasy, frizzy, and unruly. As she washed her hair, she says it felt thicker and did not notice any hair falling out into the tub while she washed it as she usually does.

As day two began, she reported her hair was a little more greasy than usual.
Although she was a little skeptical, she continued use of the product. By the end of day three, she claims her hair was looking shiny and healthy.Emily says her hair was also oiler than she likes it. However, she was very careful to make sure Wen cleansing conditioner was washed out. Ust to be sure that wasn’t the cause of all the grease. By the end of the day, she noticed her hair still looked shiny and healthy. She was impressed by this
On the fourth day of this trail, her hair was a mess, and she didn’t have time to do it.

Day 5 things were looked promising, and she felt confident about her hair the only thing was her hair fell faster than normal. The next day was day 6, and she had finally found a routine that worked for her hair and this product. On the seventh day using this product she sucks to her routine and says her hair looked great even got some compliments on how shiny her hair was.

Based on Emily’s findings the product is great if used every day but it became oily and unmanageable if she were to skip a day. But on the days she wanted that extra shine Wen was the product for her.

Wen by Chaz products founded by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. They say “Wen is a revolutionary way to cleanse and hydrate your hair.” Chaz Dean helps his clients achieve the hair they always wanted. Wen is a 5-in-1 product.