A Winter Fundraiser Has Been Launched to Help Homeless Animals

There are a lot of goodhearted individuals out there who donate money to causes they believe in. One of the ways that people can donate toward a cause is by using Go Fund Me. This platform has been set up in an easy to use manner and allows people to make donations of any size. A person can look at the different campaigns that have been set up and then donate money to one or two that they feel are the most important. When an individual looks at Go Fund Me, they will see that in January 2016 Ross Abelow initiated a campaign that will benefit homeless animals in the New York City area.

This is something that Ross Abelow is concerned about because he knows that winter is an especially dangerous time of year when animals are left on the streets. Many get sick and some even end up dying. He knows that there are a lot of great people who work at the shelters in New York City, but they lack funding. Since they do not have the money that is needed to take care of animals, they are not able to help new ones that come into the shelters. Many homeless animals are turned away.

Ross Abelow would like to encourage people to donate to this campaign. After $5,000 has been raised, it will be given to the shelters in the area to purchase things like medicine, food, and blankets for the animals. The money will also be used to help the animal shelters expand the amount of space that is available to take care of animals in need.

Many individuals are familiar with the work that Ross Abelow does. He has been working for more than 25 years in the New York area as a family and matrimonial lawyer. He helps individuals who are experiencing difficult family situations. His legal expertise has helped many to not only defend themselves now, but also look after their well-being in the future.

There are a lot of New York City attorneys who try to do good for their community. They reach out to others using a variety of methods in order to help people and animals. Many individuals who work as attorneys in the New York City area use social media to promote certain causes. Ross Abelow is extremely active on sites like Mashable and Facebook. He provides helpful legal advice and other beneficial information by this means.