Back to Schools Tips From Freedom Financial Network

Whenever it’s back to school time for the kids, we often find ourselves consumed by the activities that aid in the preparation of schools opening. Shopping is the biggest part of these preparations. Every parent would love to shop in a cost-effective manner and take as little time as possible while doing so. According to Kevin Gallegos, VP Phoenix Operations at Freedom Financial Network, having a supply list would go a long way in making your shopping experience more pleasant. Freedom Financial Network was founded in 2002 and its core business is to help people overcome debt and find financial freedom.

You will find that some schools post the lists online and they normally don’t differ very much year-to-year. It is recommended that you don’t discard your list because if certain items are on sale, you will have saved for the future. According to Freedom Financial Network, the first step you should take is establishing a budget. Avoid buying the items early unless there is a clearance sale. Take note of what you already have at home to avoid double purchase of items. Prioritize the items on your list, with the urgent items coming first and those that can wait coming last.

Once you have come up with a budget and a list of items that you need to buy, you can head out to the store to do your shopping. Ensure you take your list with you so that you don’t waste time in the store moving from aisle to aisle and so that you don’t overspend.

Train your kids to pack their own lunch, and you can do this using a packing map. Pediatrician, Nimali Fernando, suggests getting a bento-type lunch box because it has sections and would be easier for your child to organize. Hopefully, these tips will help you as you take your kids back to school.

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