Rocketship Education is Changing the Education System.

Rocketship Education is one of the few charter schools that are found in the United States. The organization has been operating for ten years now, and it has taught the education stakeholders several lessons. The school has embraced the modern form of technology when teaching its students and this is why it has won the hearts of many people from all over the nation. The organization has also offered people great opportunities to work and make their lives better. One of the teachers from the organization shared her story with the public.

When the teacher came into the country several years ago, she never knew that she would have the right to stay legally for a long time. She did not know that she would go to college and graduate and later on work as a teacher. This teacher was born in Tijuana, Mexico, and her family decided to come and settle in San Jose when she was only one year old. Life in the country was not a walk in the park, the family of eight was forced to stay in a small two bedroomed apartment. Her father worked hard every day so that the family could get enough food and at the same time save so that they could afford to own a home one day. When the girl was only five, the father bought their first home. She started her education that same year.

At first, her grades in the school were great. However, by the time she was joining middle school, things changed significantly. Her parents did not have time to assist in the home work, and they still wanted their daughter to get A’s in the examinations. Her parents believed that her greatest responsibility was studying and getting the best grades. The pressure from the parents forced the teacher to cram everything that was written on paper.

With Rocketship education, things are better for students. All the people involved in the educational system are allowed to participate in the learning process, and this means that the parents know how their kids are doing in school. Rocketship Education is offering the young people better learning opportunities.