Nobody Bigger Than Chainsmokers Right Now

Ultra Miami 2018 was an epic event. The music festival attracts the biggest names in electronic dance music across the world. And one act stood out above all the others — the Chainsmokers. Everyone left the music Festival talking about the American DJ duo and their incredible performance. And positive news about this band is at a fever pitch as they ascend the ladder of worldwide fame.

The Chainsmokers rise to international fame isn’t just opinion. It is actually data driven. Billboard puts together a list of the biggest hitmakers on planet Earth that have made of the most money. It’s called Billboard’s New Dance 100 List and it honors a wide range of musical acts for the biggest ticket, music and merchandise sales. It seems that the Chainsmokers are rich.

And it’s no wonder that they enjoy this kind of fame. If you’ve ever been to one of their concerts then you know just how much fun it is. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart utilize live instruments, live vocals, prerecorded sounds, synthesizers, turntables and computers to put on an energetic performance. And with the Chainsmokers, you never know what kind of special guest you might see. The vocals of any of their smash hits might be sung by somebody just as famous. It certainly gets the crowd going.

And if you need more evidence of their success then you can look to Spotify. The music streaming service has just announced a second song for the band has been streamed over 1 billion times. Their hit “Sick Boy” has garnered over 136 million views on YouTube. And they keep topping charts in multiple countries across the world. The Chainsmokers certainly are epic if popularity is any metric of talent.

With millions of fans across the world, the Chainsmokers continue to come up with innovative ways to connect. The band recently released a teaser video for the making of “Somebody.” It’s an interesting look at how the duo makes such catchy and unforgettable hits. And it’s absolutely stunning to watch Andrew Taggart manipulate prerecorded vocals that were laid down for another track in order to fit “Somebody.”