George Soros Discusses The Brexit Issue In The UK

The Brexit issue in the UK is a major problem right now that everyone needs to be aware of. George Soros was featured in a piece in USA Today about the issue, and he has made his voice heard about what he thinks will happen when the UK might leave the EU. The problem with the UK leaving the EU is that they do not realize how much damage they could do to the economy. George Soros says that the economy will start to collapse if the UK is allowed to leave, and he wants to make sure that no one is going to leave without knowing that the issue is.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

Someone who is voting to leave the EU might not be sure what they are voting for. They are going to separate the UK from the EU at a level where they cannot get the benefits of the continental union. There is a lot of commerce and trade that goes on in the EU every day, and the economy will start to go through a recession. George Soros made billions in currency trading, and he thinks that that is the first thing that will start to change. He does not want to see the EU start to collapse because of a lack of information, but he is preparing himself to be sure he can protect his own fortune.

George Soros is a brilliant man who understands the ramifications of what could happen if the UK is allowed to leave a union that it leads. It is the best economy in the union, and it is the place that most people flock to in the EU. They will break part of the open zone that allows for free travel, and they will cause damage to the world economy that they cannot see today.

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More Holidays for Venezuelans?

It seems that Venezuelans will get more state holidays. As Daily Caller reports, for the next two months, Fridays will be off. That would be great if the country was so rich that they could afford to work less.
But, Venezuela is going broke. When oil was trading at nearly $150 a barrel, the former populist president, Hugo Chavez, started spending money left and right. Now, with oil less than $40 a barrel, this oil-rich nation is experiencing some major economic problems.

The current Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has found himself in a difficult situation. In order to look for savings, and at the same time to make citizens happy, he just announced free Fridays. The reason behind this move is to save energy says expert Jose Manuel, even at the cost of production- something that may seem like an insane idea- but according to Venezuelan form of Socialism, isn’t necessarily so.

Both foreigners and many Venezuelans are already mocking Maduro and his so-called solutions on their twitter posts.