The service that blows your mind: White Shark Media

Ever had a service from a provider and felt that they knew your emotional needs every time? Well, for Andre in Florida, that is the feeling that he got when he sought the services of White Shark Media: The Ad Words experts. He had a few words for all those struggling with Ad Words DIY. First, he acknowledges that it was a waste of time to try DIY.

The team at White Shark Media Review team met his expectations. Meeting expectations sound simple. But for people who have been frustrated by a service provider who can barely meet the expectations, it is not simple. Andre had a particular service in his mind. He had a website in mind.

He wanted to make his dream a reality but did not know how to go about it. When he shifted his attention to providers, the reviews were scary. Then he decided to use white shark. He says that the team gave him exactly what he ordered.

White Shark guys gave him regular updates. SEM is a very exhaustive process. You need regular updates on the needs and requirements of the campaign. White shark boasts of a broad interest in information. They focus on making sure that clients understand every step of the way. They provide metrics and tracking stats to the customer. Andre says that this was very helpful.

Another thing that attracted Andre is the excellent customer service provided. He felt that the team at White Shark are always there to help. At one point he was getting impatient with the responses but was given a very professional response. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

If they missed your call, they called back to follow up and even afforded a call from your senior SEM team member to walk you through the design, the stats, and the overall expectation. The feeling gives you a sense that they care.

When someone understands that the campaign may be complex for you and purposes to make it simple for you to understand, that person cares. That is what the team was regularly doing. He says that even in the midst of the launch, preparation and design were as clear as glass. He was able to be part of the process and argue that at any given time, he wants to continue the relationship.

Andre recommends others to seek the services of White Sharks. He says that it is the most professional AdWords project that he has every received from a provider.

He says that if you want to get unbeatable results in a fantastic environment, use the services of White Shark Media, and you will not regret. You will be blown by their experience, customer service, and an ever present account manager.

Darius Fisher Gives Advice on How to Minimize Employee Turnover

Darius Fisher emphasizes the impact of employee turnover on businesses and provides practical advice to avoid it. Employee turnover means the price, in monetary value, that costs the businesses for replacing an employee. For example, it can cost upto 400 percent of an annual salary to replace a highly specialized employee. A mid level employee is replaced with 150 percent of annual salary and an entry-level employee is replaced with 30-50 percent of annual salary. For higher posts, it can really add up.

There are many effective ways to increase employee satisfaction at job and minimize employee turnover. Creating incentivised goals is one way to do that. An incentive adds a friendly competition and motivation when the job gets dull. An incentive does not have to be expensive. It just needs to be something of value to the employees. For example, one month of free yoga classes can be popular among people who value fitness.

Along with providing good incentives, try to celebrate employees good work. This could be done in an email sent to everyone on the team highlighting the employee and what he/she did good. For example, shooting an email saying, ” Jamie is killing it in PR! She just got a hit for her client in the New York Times!” This will boost employee satisfaction and encourage better performance.

Another way to motivate employees is to keep them in the loop. Regularly share teams progress and any new news and events with employees. This will give them a sense of responsibility.

Along with keeping them in the loop, it is very important to give them raises whenever it is due because of their hard work.

Although you may want to give a raise, sometimes its just not feasable. Fisher provides some alternatives to pay raises.

Have a free lunch on Fridays

Greet them on their birthdays

Make room for fun during the day

Maintain a creative workplace

Have pet friendly environment

Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of Status Labs, an online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing firm. They have offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paolo serving over 1500 clients from all over the world.

Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University. He has worked as an copywriter and political consultant before joining Status Labs. He put forward the vision for Status labs and hired employees.