MB2 Dental Breaks The Myth Of Traditional Dentistry

Many people are caught on the stigma of traditional dentistry when in fact, superior dental offices have been replaced with integrated services, advanced technology, and alternatives to injections. Dr. Steven Villanueva says, the professionals at MB2 Dental were able to change with the advancements in technology with classic expertise in dentistry for personalized care. You can get award winning dental care from the leaders in the industry for the only smile you’ll receive in a lifetime. They take the time to make their customers feel like more than a number or just another insurance beneficiary.

How Does MB2 Dental Differ

MB2 Dental takes the guesswork out of routine and maintenance dentistry. Most people associate the dentist with needles and a long recovery time which means days off work or longer wait before your child can return to school. Their advance technology will get you and your family back to what matters most. For example, depend far less time visiting the dentist for braces with Invisalign. The most you’ll spend in the office is for routine paperwork, x-rays, and molding patients teeth which is pain free. In fact, the new clear braces hit your wallet easier than pricey metal braces.

MB2 Dental Services

– alternative sedation
– oral x-rays
– oral cancer screening
– expert technicians
– tooth decay
– gum disease
– emergency services
– spa dental
– braces traditional/clear
– dental care for all of ages

You should never sacrifice your smile because of an inability to pay. Their team of professionals are prepared to help you get the dental care you need regardless of an inability to pay with in-house financing from MB2 Dental. pay for routine or emergency dental with bi-weekly or monthly payments.

Dr. Villanueva says, it is important to teach his patients how important it is to brush and floss after each meal. Taking care of your teeth can benefit your oral care health, chewing, and digestion of your food. They will teach your preschooler how to properly brush and floss along with a cool dental fact sheet for a job well done. Get the benefits of knowing a professional will spend one-on-one time with your smile each visit. You’re invited to become a part of the MB2 family to enhance your smile today. Forget the traditional myth of dental care and come see the experts at MB2 Dental today.

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