The Man Behind MB2 Dental

When Dr. Chris Villanueva started out in the world of dentistry, there were only two options for people who wanted to become dentists. Either they could join a large corporate firm and have access to resources of large corporations, but be hindered by various regulations, rules, and strings that were attached to the resources, or they could go out on their own and become a private practitioner who had the freedom to do as they pleased but did not have access to all the resources of a corporate firm and were thus limited in their capabilities. He wanted to change that, so he started MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental focuses on giving the dentist the best of both worlds. It gives them the resources that they need to be adequately successful, while still giving them the freedom that a private practitioner would have. MB2 Dental puts the dentist and their patients first, unlike large corporate dental firms that put profits high up on the scale and the dentist and their patients low on the scale.

Dr. Chris explains that he is more productive because he surrounds himself with people that are smarter than him. By doing that, he is able to learn from other people. He also is more productive by letting his team handle all the smaller tasks. He believes that it is a mistake for a CEO to always involve themselves in various small tasks that do not require their involvement. It just ruins the flow of things. In addition, he says that he is a night owl and will work in the quiet of night while his kids are sleeping.

He also believes in the power of collaboration. He believes that we can get a lot more stuff done by simply working together. Two people are always more powerful and more productive than one. He also says that his ideas come during strange times, such as when he is eating lunch.

He also promotes an atmosphere at the workplace that is light and fun. He believes in a sense of humor and that you should not take yourself too seriously. That is one reason why MB2 Dental is so successful, because of the leadership of Dr. Chris. He knows how to set the tone in the office so that the work gets done while people are not stressed out.