The Dog Food Industry Is Embracing Change


Beneful is a Nestle Purina Petcare brand that was introduced to the market in 2001. Because of a combination of factors, Beneful is one of Nestle Purina’s most profitable brands. In 2006, the brand was bringing in 300 million dollars in revenues. 6 years later, the brand started pulling in 5 times that every year. Some of the credit for this success is due to impressive marketing campaigns. The brand is credited with having some of the most progressive and innovative advertising. One of their poster adds had a scent on it that would attract passing dogs. The company has also won awards for their packaging. In 2007, the Pack Expo Selects Award was given to Beneful for a dog food package that was resealable and could be used as a bowl. Beneful is also involved in the community. They have the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest every year. In this competition, dog park renovations are submitted and Beneful will pick one and provide 500,000 dollars towards the renovation. Beneful has now built dog parks in Alabaster, Alabama, Johns Creek, Arkansas and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Beneful prides itself on the freshness and quality of the ingredients it uses in the production of food. They hold their suppliers to strict standards and guidelines and they monitor every ingredient from when it arrives at the factory to when it is siting on a shelf in a retail store.

Shifts in the dog food industry have recently occurred and the Daily Herald covered these shifts in a recent article. The article discussed how many new dog food companies were flooding the market with premium dog food. The concentration was on organic, nutritious and fresh. Consumers are loving it. Much of the money spent on dog food, roughly half in fact, is spent on premium food. The psychology behind this change is that people now treat their dog like family, so they want to feed it like family too. Because of this shift, many of the larger and better known companies are following the trends.