3 Easy Steps To Healthy And Luxurious Hair

Every woman strives to have beautiful and healthy hair. But some of us face issues such as damaged hair or hair that simply doesn’t seem to grow. While there is no way to guarantee immediate growth of your hair, there are some simple and affordable ways you can take care of your hair and help it feel and look luxurious in no time.

Step One: Start From The Inside

If you’re looking to help your hair grow and look healthy, it starts from the inside. You must be eating healthy foods and getting your essential nutrients and vitamins, along with drinking plenty of water. If you feel you’re doing just that and still you don’t see any improvement it helps to take supplemental vitamins such as Biotin or Keratin which promote hair growth, nail growth, and beautiful skin as well.

Step Two: Try A Natural Hair Treatment

Many people use hair treatments found in their local pharmacies, beauty stores, and other retail stores like QVC. These can help, but most of the time these products are filled with chemicals that can damage your hair. A more economical and natural route is to make your own natural hair treatment. There are hundreds of different homemade hair treatments that you could make. Some are as simple as warming up some olive oil and massaging it into your scalp. You can also use honey as a hair mask which will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth after you rinse it out. If your hair is extremely dry you can try mashing an avocado and applying that to your hair, rinse after 10 minutes. There are countless ways you can supplement your beauty regime for pennies.

Step Three: Use Wen By Chaz

I’ve tried a lot of commercial hair products throughout my life in search of one that will benefit me. There has only been one product that I rely on to keep my hair feeling soft and smooth, its Wen By Chaz Dean. Wen Hair is a 5-in-1 formula that replaces the need for shampoo which is great because any time I’ve used shampoos its only left my hair feeling dry and stripped. Wen is not only a shampoo replacement, it’s also a conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and a detangler. So not only do you save time on the number of products you need to use, you also save money too.

Wen By Chaz also is infused with great ingredients including chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and rosemary extract along with some other beneficial ingredients as well. Within a few weeks you will certainly see some difference in the shine and moisture of your hair. See, http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589.

Along with these tips make sure to protect your hair from heat and sun expose as these are the elements that take a toll on the health of your hair. Some other things to remember are not to brush or style it while its wet and don’t keep it tied up too often, let your hair down so it can breathe sometimes. Then try the three easy steps I listed and I’m sure with some time you will see a difference! Check out the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.


Doe Deere Brings Freedom and Expression through Cosmetics


Doe Deere Brings Innovation To The World of Beauty Products
Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and innovator in the world of Cosmetics and Beauty supply products. Born in Russia, and raised in New York, she is a well rounded individual who has an international perspective on trends in beauty. Doe Deere not only has good taste, but an eye for unique fashion and enhancements that helps her clients, both male and female, to bring to the surface a persons inner and outer beauty through cosmetics. In 2008 Deere was selling her own designs of clothes on eBay. She was shopping for make-up to compliment her unique style of colorful, vivid, and bright clothing. Unable to find a supplier of the style of cosmetics she was looking for the entrepreneur turned innovator and Lime Crime Make-Up was founded. In 2009, Lime Crime launched their first product line, which was a original and radical style of lipstick called Unicorn lipsticks. Today Lime Crime has expanded from their Unicorn Lipsticks and has added eyeliners, nail polishes, and hair coloring to the Lime Crime arsenal of cosmetics.

Cosmetics for Freedom and Expression
The old saying beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is true. But the eyes of the beholder starts with self. Every individual that looks in the mirror is the first and foremost important eyes of the beholder. Lime Crime Cosmetics are made for every unique individual to go to the mirror and have the means for greater freedom and self expression. We all want to look good for some one else and this is natural. But when you look good for yourself – when a person looks good for their own eyes – a level of pride and confidence is experienced and this brings out the awareness of beauty within and beauty on the outside. This awareness is pivotal to achieving more freedom and self expression.

Products that Are Eco-friendly and Vegan
Doe Deere is not just the CEO of Lime Crime, but she also oversees the development of all current and future products. This leadership is not just creating profitable products, but products which are made of natural vegan ingredients, and such ingredients are healthy for the bodies that use them, but also the manufacturing of her cosmetics don’t pollute mother earth, and this is a commendable trait.

If its a Crime to Be Beautiful Then Arrest Me
Lime Crime Cosmetics are explosive. Lime Crime Cosmetics breaks chains and overcomes stumbling blocks, because with Lime Crime Cosmetics clients are given the colors, hues, and dynamically expressive cosmetics so a person has but one choice, and that is to be beautiful. Lime Crime has thousands of happy customers who agree, “If its a crime to be beautiful then arrest me”.

Doe Deere Discusses Fashion and Beauty Rules to Break

After interviewing Doe Deere, one of the things you quickly learn about her is that she is much more than just another pretty face with a makeup brush. As creator of the highly popular Lime Crime brand, Doe Deere is highly touted as an innovative businesswoman, inventor, and entrepreneur.

The center of Doe Deere’s business philosophy has always been one where she repudiates the idea of “ruling with an iron fist.” She simply doesn’t agree with that philosophy. “I don’t believe it inspires respect in a leader,” she said. “I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement instead.”

Doe Deere has also established herself as a bit of a maverick in this regard, because she regularly seeks to not only rebel from the traditional form but to thoroughly break the rules as well. A recent article expounded on her philosophy, and discussed the fact that she believes it isn’t necessarily a sin to break certain fashion rules from time to time. With that, Doe Deere shared a number of her favorite fashion rules that she sees absolutely no problem in breaking:

Breakable Rule #1: Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip.

One of the rules that Doe Deere loves to break on a daily basis would be the idea that people shouldn’t wear bold eyes with bold lips. She said there is simply no fun in that and sometimes a girl wants to play and wants to stand out. Doe Deere believes that life is simply too short not to enjoy yourself, so if you want to wear bold colors together then go for it!

Breakable Rule #2: Don’t mix too many colors

Another rule that Doe Deere just loves to break would be the one where you are not allowed to mix too many colors. Although she admits that color can sometimes be a dicey thing, she also said that sometimes a big, unapologetic splash of color can also be a good thing as well. Sometimes, she says, fashionistas have a tendency to second-guess themselves when it comes to color. The major question usually is, “just how much is too much?” She usually tells those people to just think of Prada’s new line, which is adept at pairing mints with bright yellows and cotton candy pinks with chartreuse coloring.

Breakable Rule #3: Don’t mix up too many patterns.

Finally, another rule that Miss Deere loves to break would be in not mixing too many patterns. Because Doe Deere loves to shatter boundaries, she tells her customers that patterns are fun. She feels that the more the merrier, and she prefers to keep them in the same color family.

As you can see, Doe Deere is a pioneer in the field of Women’s fashion. She is making a statement and will challenge the status quo!

Lime Crime’s CEO Breaks Fashion Rules

Lime Crime is a beauty and makeup company that is dedicated to its customers and the fact that they are all individuals. It was founded by fashion blogger Doe Deere, who shares the same ideals of makeup should be more about the individual and less about the rules that most people tend to gravitate toward when it comes to makeup. There are many rules that Doe Deere has chosen to break that include not only makeup, but also include the way that she dressed and the way that she does her hair.

Choosing to color her hair unnaturally is something that Doe Deere has done often. While her hair was colored, she used to move toward neutral clothing colors that focused mainly around black. She did this for fear that the colors she wore were going to clash with her brightly colored hair. She did this because it was all based around an old fashion rule that she used to follow. No longer does she follow the black rule and she knows that you shouldn’t have to follow it either. If you have unnaturally colored hair, you should be allowed to wear any color that you want whether it clashes or not.

It is easy to see that Doe Deere does not care about fashion rules and knows that you shouldn’t be concerned about colors clashing when it comes to the way that you dress and do your makeup. For this reason, she knows that it is alright to wear clothes that have different patterns. You shouldn’t be restricted from wearing an outfit you love just because the patterns are not the same or clash in a way that does not look visually appealing. You can make sure that you are wearing what you want by not worrying about the way your patterns look together.

With all of her beauty experience and her life as a beauty blogger, Doe Deere has learned a lot about the fashion world. One thing that she has learned is that it has a lot of rules. These rules come with nearly no basis and are set by some people that are dead or that most people will likely never meet. For this reason, Deere focuses on breaking all of the fashion rules. There are some that she likes to break more than others, but she is always sure to make a bold statement with the rules she has broken.

If someone tells you that you cannot wear a bright pink lipstick with a bright green eyeshadow, you should not listen to them. This is something that was previously thought to be a big issue in the beauty world, but is also something that Deere has worked to make false. She knows that it is alright to wear whatever you like no matter how it looks. The most important part of choosing bold makeup is not about whether it doesn’t fit together, but is about what colors you think look good on your own face.

The Success of Doe Deere

The life of Russian fashion entrepreneur, Doe Deere, shows that she has led an interesting and successful lifestyle. Going by a variety of names, such as Dough, Doh, Xenis, Xenu, Doe Derp, Dodo, and many others names, she has created a popular reputation for herself. After deciding not to attend fashion school, she still continued to follow her dream of being a fashion designer, where she marketed other brands of fashion, like repackaged cosmetics. Her business and her lifestyle shows how interesting she is and how she is making an impression on the internet.

One of her accomplishments in the fashion industry was creating the cosmetics brand, Lime Crime. Featured in some of the most popular cosmetic and fashion magazines, Lime Crime has proven to be a success. Designed with bright colors and unique pigments, Deere has created a fashion brand that has generated tons of followers of Lime Crime. Starting as a blog, Lime Crime eventually developed into many blogs. It has become one of her most popular brands that has helped her become a successful fashion businesswoman. As part of her marketing to introduce Lime Crime into modern pop culture, she has created YouTube videos in which she speaks forthrightly about her brand of cosmetics. In these videos she shows how she makes eyeshadow. She also has blogs in which she talks about how to make lipstick. With different interviews, Deere describes her passion for her fashion brand, explaining the process of how her multifarious makeups fits different skin tones.

With the development of Lime Crime, it has defined Deere’s success in the fashion industry. Deere continues to prove her success as a fashion designer by continuing to expand different makeup products, such as different color lipsticks and the duo tone with each one.

Before her widely known and very successful makeup brand, Lime Crime, Deere was a business innovator, aspiring to achieve success through technology in marketing different kind of makeup. She is married to rock band artist by the name of Sky Salt. Although her previous projects before Lime Crime were never quite as successful as Lime Crime itself, she showed business demeanor as well as motivation to succeed in the fashion and beauty industry. Although Lime Crime has been a difficult road to success because of her critics, she has shown business savvy by championing her product through her blog and her Twitter account.

Doe Deere has proven to be a successful businesswoman in her ability to create and market her fashion and beauty product, Lime Crime is an example of what she has accomplished and what she continues to accomplish. Though she has endured difficult criticism, she continues to prove that can be successful in anything she does.