Christanna Bevin Enjoys Project Management

For business professionals who enjoy a challenge and enjoy a variety of tasks on a daily basis, one of the most interesting types of jobs that they can do involve project management. Almost all companies have projects that need to be completed. The projects may differ in size, complexity, and cost, but the projects all have one thing in common, which is a project manager.

Either officially called a project manager or someone who is assigned the responsibilities of a project manager, there is usually a defined person that is looked to for leadership regarding a project. In an official role, the project manager oversees the completion of a project. The project manager is responsible for making sure that all aspects of the project are handled in the proper manner. In addition, aspects of a project such as schedules, deadlines, assigning tasks, and other related responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the project manager.

For any project, it takes planning to make sure that the project goes well. The planning must cover all aspects of the project and take into consideration all factors that could impact a project. There are some people who do a great job as a project manager; these people understand the role of the project manager and what is needed regarding a project. Also, these people are able to communicate well and work with people to get a project completed.

A project manager who has been and continues to be successful in her role as a project manager is Christanna Bevin. She is respected as a project management professional, and she has a background that prepared her for the project management role. Christanna Bevin has managed projects in an array of business sectors. However, her primary area of concentration centers on project management capabilities to resource and utility sectors.

As a project management professional, Christanna Bevin has been able to help many clients. She understands the practice of project management, and she understands what is necessary to complete a project successfully. Christanna Bevin has earned a reputation as an excellent project manager; she has managed a variety of projects and is known as an outstanding communicator.

How Helanie Morrison is a Great Example of a Woman

When it comes to problems or challenges, there are generally two types of people. There are the ones that sit and complain about the problem. Then there are the ones that go ahead and do whatever they can about the problem. Helane Morrision is one of the people in the latter camp. Often times, people that work towards a solution often don’t pay that much attention to a problem. One of the issues that are often the most dealt with is the glass ceiling. Helane Morrison did not pay too much attention to the glass ceiling. She instead worked hard in the industry that she was passionate about. 

Helane Morrison has not only worked successfully in creating a better world for herself and women in the corporate industry, but she has also kept good character in doing so. Throughout her career, she has exposed dishonesty in certain institutions. In fact during the economic downturn, a lot of problems were uncovered with the handling of money. Among the things that were uncovered were the unethical ways of handling business. Fraud was revealed everywhere and it was not only embarrassing, but highly alarming. Among the things that were discovered were false audit claims and documents that were destroyed. Helane Morrison is one person that has worked from the bottom and made it to the top. She has started as a clerk for a few short years in which she has shown a lot of skills and discipline. As a result, she has began working for law firms and has also worked without rest in business litigation.

Helane has been involved in the exposure of security law violations and the defense of those that have been victimized by these violations. She eventually became responsible for 100 employees in her staff. She was soon elevated in status to full partner. From this point on, she has headed major investigations against corruption in business.

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SEC Officials Prepare for More Scrutiny

SEC officials state that their view of chief compliance officers of money management firms is the same as it always of. However, they can’t help but feel a since of vulnerability as they are trying to prepare for more scrutiny. Among the results that this could bring are changes for investors of institutions. Compliance experts say that they need to pay closer attention to their due diligence and make some improvements to their work. Even though there is no change in the compliance officer’s role on account of the regulators, they are becoming more eager to make their expectations known. They are also eager to enforce any action against failures of expectations. 

One of the compliance officers that are growing in importance and showing more strict adherence to standards is Helane Morrison. She is a Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also works in the Executive Committee. Before her current position, she has practiced at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for 10 years starting in 1986. During that time, she focused on the litigation of business. She was also involved in investigations of corporations. She has later entered into private practice.

Helane has received a B.S. in Journalism when she studied in Northwestern University. She also went to University of California and earned a J.D. She was also the Editor-in Chief of a publication called California Law Review. She clearly showed a lot of competence and passion in matters of the law. She is also working real hard to make sure issues in corporations are settled. She has also worked as the head of enforcement for certain firms in San Francisco. She is of course going to be one of those entities that are going to be looking deep into the issues with those companies and trying to get them on track. 

Among the charges that SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises Inc is facing is the failure to put into effect policies that have been formulated with the purpose of protecting against the misappropriation of the assets of clients. Another charge that the firm is facing is the failure to conduct annual reviews and false statements being made and filed. These cases has gotten Daniel Gallagher troubled to the point of voicing his concern of how agencies seem to be holding chief compliance officers in liability. One thing that he is worried about is scaring certain workers off with concerns of liability.