Stephen Murray’s Diverse Investments With CCMP

Larger investment firms tend to survive because they are managed by professionals that know how to direct the company. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was the CEO until he passed away in early 2015. The company had a diverse portfolio of different investments in the healthcare, energy, industrial and retail sectors. The company is based in New York.

This business came about as the result of several different mergers across recent decades. The name CCMP came about in 2006. The business never suffered from an identity crisis. It selectively chose growth stocks in a lot of different sectors. Most investment firms believe in having a diverse portfolio. CCMP has stock in some of the most recognizable brand names in the United States. It focuses on businesses that are successful in North America and Europe.

CCMP uses its current capital as leverage to ensure that it can make growth investments. The company has seen consistent returns for over 30 years. CCMP’s investment portfolio continues to be diverse. It recently invested in a Canadian vitamin company. The company closed a 3.6 billion dollar buyout in 2014. CCMP employs its own unique value creation model. Their value institutional investor are planned to prove successful across the long term.

CCMP sticks to investing in sectors that they know will provide consistent returns. Food, utilities and healthcare are things that nearly every human being in Western society has access to. Many of their holdings are in businesses that you might not expect to perform well. Aramark is a company that’s known for helping prisons save money on food costs.

Diversification isn’t everything when it comes to investment. Stephen Murray started his career in credit analysis before he moved into value and growth investments. Many employees of CCMP would likely vouch that his strategic investment choices were what made the firm successful. He used the company’s assets as leverage to close large deals.

A lot of other employees oversee specific sector investments. CCMP’s current CEO is Greg Brenneman. He was formerly the CEO of Quizno’s subs. Quizno’s is one of many food businesses that CCMP owns. The company employs a lot of analysts that determine whether a business is worth investing in. CCMP’s investing strategy is somewhat unique because the firm is extremely large. The mergers that created CCMP are what caused it to become as large as it is today. The company’s assets snowballed because it pushed capital into a lot of diverse sectors. CCMP may not be a household name, but the company has shares in businesses that people buy from everyday. Stephen Murray may have recently passed away, but the firm he managed isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.