Josh Verne And His Experience With Retail

One thing about successful entrepreneur Josh Verne is that he had humble beginnings. He has worked retail. However, he was not necessarily a cashier taking on the transactions of customers. He has worked on strategies that have brought his companies profits. While retail can be a harsh business, Josh Verne did hold respectable positions in stores. Therefore, he was able to have more of an influence on what stores offered customers. He has also worked at a furniture store that was owned by his family. One thing that could be said for Josh is that he knows how to make good use of his connections.


One thing that Josh would advise his customers is that they make the most out of whatever work they do. This includes retail. Anyone that works passionately in any field is going to go places. The thought should be on how to bring the company forward. However, Josh has seen that his real future is in starting his own company. Therefore, he has branched out and used all of his skills in marketing to get the business that he wanted off the ground. He has actually started more than one business including He has eventually sold that company.


Right now, Josh Verne runs Flock U, a website that allows college students create content based on school life. One thing that Josh realizes that the only people that know what school is like are the students. Another thing that is worth keeping in mind is that society changes all the time. Therefore, the personalities at school are always going to be different.


Josh Verne has gained a lot of success for his efforts. He keeps his motivation right in front of him so that he will keep working on ways to bring his career to the next level of success.