Todd Lubar in the real estate

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate business for over twenty years now. He says that the major motivating factor in the business is the fact that he seeks to help out customers to fulfill their financial goals and dreams. This only goes for the willing ones because a lot of people do dream about where they would like to live and go but only a few get moving towards making their dreams come true. He mostly helps these people by enabling them to get rid of any obstacles that might prevent them from being able to access loans. He gets to provide the clients with what they are looking for that is mostly the relief.


According to Inspirery, Todd says that the business has not always been a smooth ride all the way. He has encountered failure at one time which made him almost give up his dreams, but he rose again to become successful. He also says that patience is key in order to succeed because it takes a while to get grounded in any business. While he was working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd got vast experience dealing with real estate services, and in the process, he created good connections and was able to get customers from referrals. Todd also says that one should also not underestimate the importance of search engines like Google when looking for real estate properties. For more details visit



As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar says that hard work is very essential. According to him an entrepreneur should work until he cannot work anymore, take a rest and keep going. Another essential thing that an entrepreneur should never take for granted is the power of honesty, transparency, and communication. This is important in creating trust with your customers. The greatest feeling for him is when he helps other people to build up their companies from the start. Todd is very excited about the industry and its potential to grow and move forward.


In 1995 Todd joined the real estate world as part of the Crestar mortgage industry, where he was sure that his desire to help others build their homes would be the career that would finance his life and business ventures. In 1999 he joined the legacy financial group and got to grow and broker loans. In 2003 Todd opened the charter funding. He has been working in the industry for over twenty years. Check out Medium for more.

James Dondero helping the Dallas community become stronger through charity

James Dondero is best known in Texas for his charity work. Throughout his life in Dallas, he has been dedicated to helping nonprofits across the Dallas community. He recently made a large donation to the Dallas Zoo, which allowed the Zoo to bring back the beloved hippos. With James Dondero’s contribution and others, they were able to refurbish and modernize the hippo exhibit. The new habitat covers over two acres and includes a pavilion that can hold private events and named the pavilion the Highland Capital Lodge. The Zoo introduced two new hippos to the exhibit,Adhama and Boipelo. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

James Dondero has always been concerned with the Dallas community and looking for ways to help others. James Dondero continues to financially support the local community, whenever they are in need of a financial boost. James Dondero and his firm have also contributed to the Education is Freedom charity, and the Perot Museum of Natural Science. James Dondero is also a major donor to the George W. Bush Library and Museum. To better manage his charitable giving, he founded Highland Dallas Foundation, which works to direct his contributions to charities that would benefit the most. Dondero founded this foundation with help from Mary Jalonick, who is the chief financial officer. Through hard work and dedication, the foundation has been able to provide support to students, veterans, charities and civic groups throughout the Dallas area. James Dondero also gives financially to the Family Place, which helps victims of domestic violence.


James Dondero’s financial career started out at JP Morgan Chase and later at American Express. He earned degrees from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. His firm Highland Capital Management has gained much respect within the financial industry. James Dondero continues to work with many equity accounts held by individuals. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Paul Mampilly Advice On Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly believes that bitcoin’s price drop is not an opportunity to buy more. During the last day of 2016 (31st December), bitcoin was sold at a price of $968.23. Interestingly, on 8th November its value was $7,879.06, an increase of 714% in less than one year. Honestly, this is too good to be true!

Over the past few weeks, there has been confusion about what the original bitcoin should be. One side proposes that bitcoin should be a store for precious assets like gold, while the other group advocate for it to be liquid and accepted as cash all over the planet. Surprisingly, the fight was called off suddenly without any explanation. As expected, the value of bitcoin on the market dropped.

That seems weird; because the differences between the two groups don’t mean that there are fewer bitcoins in circulation. After all, in the world of business scarcity means an increase in demand, and eventually, price. Instead of the prices to shoot, it continues to decrease.

If you are a smart investor, the way the value of bitcoin is depreciating rather than appreciating is alarming. The decrease in the number of this product should have been a good thing to the owners, but that’s not the case. It appears that the people who are buying bitcoin don’t have sufficient capital to commit. New investors are not interested in the product, and that’s why its value is depreciating.

Given the current status of bitcoin, some financial experts may advise you to buy as much as you can hoping that the prices will go up again, but the way things are going, it doesn’t seem like the price are going to increase again.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investment expert and former manager of Hedge Fund. He has featured in leading TV business news like Fox Business, Bloomberg, and CNBC. He is the founder of the renowned newsletter called “Profits Unlimited.”

Having worked at Wall Street for many years, he has extensive skills and knowledge on how stocks work. He uses his experience to help his subscribers determine stocks that are likely to perform well. Paul Mampilly has won various awards, including the Templeton Foundation investment competition. Paul Mampilly has been privileged to control many accounts with millions, such as the Royal Bank of Scotland. He is a man with many years of experience in financial matters.

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Startup Basics According To Sawyer Howitt Of The Meriwether Group

Entrepreneurs come from a wide variety of education levels. Just ask Sawyer Howitt, Portland, Oregon high-school graduate entrepreneur. There is no need for being trained in a traditional manner when the business operator, and potential student, already understands the basics of running a business. And, regardless of the type of business, the old adage that optimum location is vital for maintaining a long-term successful business still applies.

For Sawyer Howitt, currentproject manager for the Meriwether Group of Portland, that location may be California in general and the University of Berkeley in particular.

California is home to several locations that are considered top cities for entrepreneurship in the United States, with prime regions including San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Santa Monica. These areas are attractive for a variety of reasons. Proximity to a large number of regular patrons helps greatly for those who are operating in traditional brick-and-mortar retail businesses, but even companies that will be conducting online business still sees these locations as prime combinations of great places to live as well as run a successful business. And, success is the goal for all entrepreneurs like Sawyer Howitt.

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Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado also ranks high on the list of top cities, with all of the potentially optimum locations being in the western half of the nation. There has never been a better time to establish a startup business like in the contemporary economy. All entrepreneur project managers understand this point in economic history. But, online businesses that can operate from any location still find these vibrant lifestyle areas attractive because they can build personal business relationships as well.

Sawyer Howitt will tell all entrepreneur candidates that there are many factors to evaluate when beginning any startup. Among those factors are access to credit lines, availability of high-speed broadband, and a great potential for building a customer base. The local economy is important, especially for new business managers who want to be a part of it. An excellent business idea does not always require major capital at the beginning. The business just needs a fertile climate for growth. Just ask Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group.


Glen Wakeman Gives His Thoughts On His Career And His Success

Glen Wakeman has built a reputation as a business revolutionary, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a mentor. He developed guidance strategies to help startup companies with M&A, entered the world of SAAS with LaunchPad Holdings, and has his BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance. He has held executive positions with numerous prestigious firms and founded Nova Four. Glen Wakeman received a lot of recognition for his performance methodology and his success as a writer and investor has been an inspiration to many individuals.

Glen Wakeman has invaluable experience in leadership concerning global affairs and provides strategic advice. He is passionate about innovation in business and has been a leader in the global marketplace. He has lived in numerous countries while running global businesses. He excels when matching money with ideas and his rate of success is high. He believes failure is a result of a lack of structure and can be overcome with a more intuitive and simpler software platform.

Glen Wakeman is excited about business learning being achieved with the application of machines. He believes there is currently so much data the possibilities are endless (Crunchbase). He feels insightful improvements are being generated with machine learning including quality and speed. His concern is in relation to privacy but he hopes the guideposts to preserve humanity will be generated and effective.

He admits to having a high level of curiosity and says it is the most productive trait he possesses. This is how he can persevere when he has a difficult problem to overcome, allow for innovative thinking and satisfy his clients. He says if he does not understand why everything is the way it is he can’t change anything. Glen Wakeman believes in productivity and uses many applications so it consistently increases. Each one saves him money, time, or both.

Glen Wakeman feels flexibility, professionalism, and financial savings can be achieved through live chat. He uses Doodle for his calendars, to organize meetings, and for his time management. This consistently lowers his administrative costs and allows him to be more efficient. He can access resources from all over the world faster and cheaper and finds the reviews help him make better choices.

Reasons Why Omar Yunes is the World’s Best Franchisee

Omar Yunes, the Sushi Itto franchisee recently scooped the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award. Omar Yunes became a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a food chain with a Japanese origin when he was 21 years old and currently runs 13 units spread across Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. This represents 10% of the total number of units owned by the brand. Omar Yunes was extremely proud of the achievement but did not take the whole credit, he instead dedicated the prize to all the 400 employees who work in his 13 units. He stated that he was just a representative and the real winners were his employees.

2015 BFW Edition

In 2015, the BFW edition was graced by representatives drawn from thirty four countries that included Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, France, Hungary and Argentina. During the edition, the franchisee was evaluated and the judges considered the effect that it had on the whole network and not just the brand alone. They considered various aspects such as the amount of influence it had on the network, savings implemented, contributions of knowledge, employee motivation strategies and the amount of improvements and invoice a franchisee had projected to the model.

Why Did Omar Yunes Win?

Diego Elizarrarras, the person who organized BFW Mexico, revealed that Omar made the cut due to the crucial change factor he had brought to the franchising-franchisee relationship. Omar had also achieved a greater management of information as well as executing great control boards that resulted in each unit having clearer measurements. Benjamin Cancelmo, the chief executive officer of Sushi Itto, in a quick rejoinder stated that the food chain appreciated the awards as they depicted their combined efforts towards offering their customers with great service, unique hospitality and remarkable flavor.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a leading Sushi Itto franchisee with 13 units to his name. Omar has a passion for the food business industry and this makes him a great franchisee. He has created over 400 jobs through his 13 units and is renowned for remunerating his employees well in order for them to help him realize his company goals. His adept leadership skills have enabled his businesses to stand out in the sector.

Eric Pulier’s Journey to the Ultimate Success

To become what we intended to be, there is need to remain focused on the things that we hold important. The will is always there, but the only problem is the persistence and patience of seeing things through. People are all different but with self-awareness, we all can do great things in life. Pulier is one such great man who realized his purpose early in life and has not turned back ever since.


Eric achieved his success as a young man; some would say a boy. He started working while still at high school and by the time he was graduating, he had founded his own company. So who is Eric Pulier? He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, technologist and published author among other accomplishments. His journey into the technology world started way back in high school where he had already established his passion in computer programming. His journey as a public speaker and an author started back in Harvard University where he contributed to the school’s magazine as a columnist.


Immediately after graduating from Harvard, Eric founded his company named People Doing Things. It was through this company that he stared his philanthropic work. Giving back to the society and helping the sick, especially the children, was something he enjoyed doing. In a move to help children with diabetes, he programmed a game that helped kids understand how the human body works and how the insulin works. While still giving back to the society, Eric has invested in multiple charitable organizations with the sole aim of making life better for the less fortunate and the sick. Among the organizations or platforms he has created to help the sick include the Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is aimed at creating awareness to people living with the condition. He also created the first private social media platform called Starbright World, which brought children with chronic diseases together allowing them to share their experiences.


Eric Pulier stays in Los Angeles, California with his four children. He is not just an expert in business, but he also gives time to each and every important aspect of his life, his kids included. To him, persistence and bringing dreams to life is what has led to his success.

The Inspiring Career Of Sheldon Lavin In The Meat Industry

Sheldon Lavin’s career in the meat industry covers a span of 43 years. As the CEO for the OSI Group he has taken the small company and transformed it into the burger supplier for McDonalds worldwide.There are now almost 20,000 employees who work for the OSI Group throughout the globe. The business is family oriented with a workforce that is loyal. They have incredibly little turnover and for this company the people who work there are the most critical part of the business.

Lavin started to become successful in 1970. This was when he arranged the necessary financing for Otto & Sons. They built a processing facility for meat and became McDonalds supplier for the Midwest.By 1975 Mr. Lavin was becoming more involved with Otto & Sons. Once the father had retired he went into a partnership with the sons. This was when he began working for the company on a full time basis.The OSI Group expanded in the 1970’s and covered Europe and North America. By the 1980’s their territory included Taiwan and South America. Lavin acquired fifty percent of the controlling interest in the company when one of the partners wanted to sell out. After the last partner retired, Lavin had the voting control of the company.

The OSI Group continued their expansion into China, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, South Africa and India. At this time they already has a strong presence in Europe and Brazil.Sheldon Lavin is now 81 years of age. He is still helping the OSI Group grown and his focus now rests on Asia and Europe. Due mainly to his influence the OSI Group is now located in sixteen countries and has well over 55 facilities.Mr. Lavin contributes to so many charities and is highly active in this regard. He survived his wife after being married for 55 years. Together they raised three children. Theses children are now all married and have kids of their own. He feels all of the employees of the OSI Group from around the globe are a part of his extended family.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches a New Online Portal for Accessing Property Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing recently upgraded their services by enabling customers to access property reports from the Internet. This initiative seeks to address title defects that have become prevalent in the real estate sector these days. NTC is hopeful that the online ordering system would facilitate smooth title clearing processes and minimize risks associated with buybacks or inability to foreclose.


Causes of Title Defects


Title defects slow down the process of buying or selling real estate properties. Wording issues in a document can render a title deed invalid to the owner. Furthermore, if a seller fails to include signatures of people who play a role in the sale of property, the certificate can be rendered invalid. It is important for sellers and buyers of commercial and residential structures to comply with filing procedures set by the federal real estate agencies.


As a reputable document processing and research entity, NTC has always focused on promoting growth in the mortgage and financial industry. John Hillman, NTC’s CEO, believes that people should solve title issues before buying or selling a property. He also urges the company’s clients to check property reports, such as Tax Status Report and Current Owner Report through the company’s online ordering platform.


NTC’s Mission


Since it was established in 1991, the Nationwide Title Clearing company has always strived to simplify the process of acquiring property reports. The firm’s services usually rely on extensive research on land records and existing residential properties. With its operational headquarters in Palm Harbor, FL, NTC’s services target investors, mortgage lenders, and servicers. The firm currently offers title clearing solutions to more than a half of the top ten residential servicers in the United States.


NTC’s professionals excel in providing customers with custom business, document retrieval, and final document tracking solutions. These professionals also strive to offer clients the best assignment and lien release services. For the past two decades, the Nationwide Title Clearing has recorded exceptional performances and growth regarding revenue generation and customer service.


Awards and Accolades


In 2013, Inc Magazine ranked NTC in the 1,900 position in its 5000 fastest growing companies in the US list. The firm had ranked in position 2,730 in 2012. NTC was also the recipient of the Hire Power Award in 2013 for its brilliant hiring strategies. Consequently, in the same year, the company was named in the 26th position of Fast 50’s rapidly growing companies in Tampa Bay.


How Mike Baur Helps People Build Better Businesses

Mike Baur has done a lot of great things as a banker, but this is not where his passion was any longer. Mike Baur chose to leave the banking business and put his focus on the business of helping others establish a business model. More people that are in the business of entrepreneurial endeavors are looking to Mike and his company, the Swiss Startup Factory, to help them with their business endeavors.


Baur has been able to help lots of people that have good ideas get the ideas out to the public. This Swiss Startup Factory has a simple mission. It is a twofold business model with a vision to provide startup services with all the services that are needed to start a business. This is a wide spectrum, but things are certainly possible with the help of the team that works for the Swiss Startup Factory.


This is a company that is helping many people that have never been able to capitalize on the great ideas that they may have had. There are tons of people that have a good business idea, but they have no real clue as to how they can execute it. What Mike and his team have managed to do is bring forth a different type of concept that gives new business owners a greater perspective. He allowed business owners to come in and be groomed with the accelerator programs. This type of 360 service that he provides gives business owners every aspect of the business in a way in which it benefits their business idea.


This is the best thing about Mike Baur and his team of consultants. They have experience in a plethora of different areas, they are able to help any business owners that are trying to sort out what they need for finances and other things like inventory. It’s good to get this type of help from consultants that have already been through the trial and error of trying to make a business work. Entrepreneurs that have never had any help may find themselves in a place where they’re dealing with unpredictable elements that will drive them out of business.


Mike Baur has worked in the business of banking for decades. He has decided to take the experience does he has in this area and help entreprenuers bring their innovations to life. He is someone that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs.