Brian Bonar


Brian Bonar is a successful and popular finance executive. He also prides of extensive business leadership background by leading companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian is known to build a workable business structure which is claimed to stem from his technical background knowledge.

Some of the courses he has done include Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

The main specialization for Brian includes acquisition and mergers. He is fond of taking personable and creative approach to life by combining the creative power of architect with technical genius of an engineer.

Brian also likes spending time with the family, going on boat trips and golf.


Brian Bonar started as a worker IBM where he was a procurement manager and then became the Director of Engineering for QMS managing over 100 people. It was during this time that he was also serving as the sales manager of Adaptec where he got experience to start his company called Bezier systems.

He later worked for other businesses to blossom later into massive success with Dalrada Financial Services. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

One of the most achievement that Brian has made include being given the highest honor by Professional Networking Community. At the time, he was the CEO and chairman of Dalrada Finance Corporation when he was named finance executive of the year.

Being included in Cambridge registry is a great honor because only two male and females are named executives of the year. The selection committee is responsible for choosing the special honorees based on their leadership abilities, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments.

Brian Bonar had nearly 30 years of professional management experience especially in the financial sector which made him be uniquely positioned as the financial leader of Dalrada Corporation.

Being the CE0, he was responsible for functions such as managing aftermarket products, selecting employee and employer benefits. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dalrada corporation primary business it to act as a market liaison through the supply of clients with a broad variety of employee liaison programs to enhance business efficiency.

Some of the services include employee benefits, financial management, risk management insurance (including business liability and workers compensation), administration and promotion of business management services. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Other Achievements

Brian Bonar is also the CEO and chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. and the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services Company. He is also affiliated with American Finance Corporation and holds a Ph.D.