Lime Crime, Doe Deere & The Future

Lime Crime is one of the hottest sensations in the cosmetics industry. This up-and-coming brand has been on the rise since its birth in 2008. As of today, the brand has become a fan-favorite to millions of people around the world. Some of the brightest and most vivid colors can be found here. The brand’s natural reflection comes from its actual owner. Doe Deere, founder, has always had a passion for vividly bold colors ever since she was a child. This eclectic sense of style has helped to manifest her into a cultural powerhouse in a sense.

The thing about Lime Crime is that it’s completely different from any other thing on the market in current times. By just looking at the options, you’ll get a better understanding of how unorthodox the brand truly is, but this is why people of all ages seem to love it. The Blue Unicorn lipstick was one of its very first best-sellers. The Velvetine Collection of lipsticks is unmatched in style, in color and in wear. These liquid-matte lipsticks come in a wide variety of colorful hues that range from the brightest of bright to the darkest of hue. Scandal, wicked, black velvet, red velvet, utopia, alien, salem, riot, rave, faded, pink velvet, pansy and cashmere represents every color of the rainbow.

Founder Doe Deere has been on a mission to produce the best quality makeups that are side effect-free. By doing so, she has an animal cruelty-free product line. None of these fantastic products have ever been tested on animals and that speaks volumes. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has recognized Lime Crime for its valiant efforts. PETA just so happens to be one of the biggest animal-rights organizations on earth. In the end, the future of this company has already been set in stone, and it will continue to push the boundaries of cosmetic-excellence.

EOS Lip Balm Moves Ahead of Lip Balm Leaders

There is only one way that a lip balm company like the Evolution of Smooth can rise to the top in an industry that is dominated by other companies like Chapstick. The founders of this EOS lip balm had to bring what they were selling as something that was different and highly unusual from what everyone else had to offer. This is exactly what this company did, and that is the real reason that this business has been able to thrive.

From the very first moment that people check out the Evolution of Smooth products they know that they are getting something that is different from anything else out there. This all stems from the container that this comes in. Everyone else that has been getting their lip balm in a tube will suddenly realize that EOS has something that is bigger. It is something that will last longer. These are just the little things that change the way that people look at what the Evolution of Smooth is doing. This is a company that has changed what everyone knows about the concept of lip balm in general. Men may not understand these colorful spheres, but women cannot get enough of these lip balm products. There is a reason for this admiration. Women typically lose the small lip balm tubes. The spheres from EOS, by contrast, are bright and big enough to stand out even in their purses.

This is what has become a game changer for the EOS brand. People are thrilled about the way that this company has shaken things up in a previously dull lip balm industry. There is no reason for anyone to get stuck with the small Chapstick tubes that they may lose quickly. Consumers that had this problem can simply get the EOS spheres. Evolution of Smooth can be bought from a wide range of retailers such as Lucky Vitamin, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Ulta( and many more.


Kim Dao a Millennial Supergirl!

Kim Dao is an Australian Youtuber currently living in Japan who loves makeup and fashion. She considers herself a blogger and started her career unintentionally when she formed a blog as a way to hold on to some of her favorite memories from her first adventure into Japan back in 2011. Falling head over feet for the country, KimDao wanted to make her memories something that could never be fleeting by turning them into a blog. She never intended to make a life off of her writings, but in time her blog site turned into something bigger than she could ever imagine! So many people were interested in her adventures that she decided to make a Youtube channel about all of her exciting experiences where she could share endless stories about her time traveling and soon later also making videos about fashion, makeup, and her every day life.

In the past, Kim Dao went to the University of Western Australia where she took on a double major of Psychology and Japanese, but since this modest start she has obtained countless opportunities to work with cool and unique brands such as Amore Pacific, Schwarzkopf, Shu Uemura, Liz Lisa, Etude House, and countless others. She has also been featured in the West Australian newspaper, and Japanese TV shows like NHK and TBS.

What’s so refreshing about Kim Dao is that through all her wild success she has managed to maintain the same humble, girl next door vibe and has made it almost a common catchphrase of hers to remind everyone that she’s “just a girl,” Taking a note from Gwen Stefani are we Kim? All jokes aside and the pleasant modesty that she maintains, Kim Dao is an inspiration for girls everywhere and she truly is becoming a great role model.

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Receive The Best Haircare With Organic Ingredients

Hair care in today’s society is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that hosts numerous product lines. Unfortunately many of these product lines take short cuts and give you inferior products. Those hard to read names of the ingredients serve a purpose. Maybe the manufacturers don’t want you to find out just what’s in the container. Modern day shampoo and conditioners are full of chemicals. These chemical may help you achieve a certain look, but it’s only temporary. With consistent use of these harmful sulfate, you’re slowly killing your fine locks of glorious hair and I’m pretty sure no woman want to experience that.

Even washing your hair too much has it’s dangers. Tap water, which is suppose to be 100% healthy, has even more dangerous chemicals in it as well. These chemicals actually help clean the water from pathogens, but they also creates a myriad of scalp problems such as excessive sebum production, itchy flaky scalp, and hairloss. Though we as a people can’t escape every issue, it’s our place to cut out as much of the issues as possible.

Celebrity Stylist Chaz Dean has one of the best haircare lines currently on the market. Have you ever heard of WEN Hair by Chaz? If you haven’t heard, WEN by Chaz is a QVC advertised all-natural brand that derives it’s source from mother nature herself. This organic base gives heals your scalp, strengthens, adds moisture and shine. The products comes in pomegranate, lavender, and sweet almond mint formulas. The entire inventory of the brand is huge and couldn’t be stated in just one article, but Chaz Dean’s in-depth knowledge and focus is creating better heads of hair worldwide. If you’re experiencing a dull, unflattering head of hair, WEN by Chaz has the capabilities to bring you back from the brink. Order yours today, visit

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Healthier Hair Test Bustle Wen By Chaz Dean

Wen By Chaz Dean offers the world a wonderful hair care product that cuts down on the need for multiple products. The cleansing and conditioning are in one bottle. This product also helps with frizz control and gives hair style. The Wen also helps people that have thin hair have the fuller hair they dream of. Wen replaces amino acids and proteins in the hair follicles. It provides the hair with essential oils that it may have been missing. Wen makes the hair look good again.

A woman makes the decision to put WEN to the test by using the product for a whole week. She notices that it takes more product than her regular shampoo. This is a little concerning to her until she thinks about all the products she will not have to buy if she uses the Wen by Chaz cleansing and conditioning product. The Wen takes the place of 5 other products saving money in the long run.

Day by day she washes her hair with the Wen. Her hair begins to be a lot healthier every day. The first day she notices her hair is softer and fuller. It has a lot more bounce and shine than it has had in many months of using her regular shampoo. The day she wakes up late she realizes how oily her hair gets because Wen replaces the oils she was missing. She notices her hair is healthier when using the Wen. Everyone is noticing how great her hair is looking. People are commenting on the changes in her hair.

For seven days the woman uses the product each day having to rewash her hair due to the oil in her hair. Each time she uses the product her hair looks better and better. It is silky and soft which makes curling difficult. The curls do not want to stay in her hair but it does increase the body. Wen will be part of her hair regime but she will probably only use it on occasion because of her budget. Wen products are available online on Amazon. It can also be purchased on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

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Wen By Chaz Gets A Life Usage Test

The newest usage test of Wen by Chaz shampoo is proving to be the best news for people who have had to deal with bad hair their whole lives. They can never get a handle on their hair because it is always doing something it is not supposed to do, but they can finally tame their hair using the WEN by Chaz shampoo and conditioner. This is a shampoo that is supposed to stop hair from shedding, and it will help people who probably never had hope for their hair because they assumed it would not cooperate.
Someone who starts out with the shampoo needs to read the package like the writer of the article on did. The writer went through all the steps to use the shampoo, and she showed herself washing her hair so that there was no question that she was using this new shampoo. She has hair that is too stringy to do anything with, and she feels the pain of all the people who are trying to get their hair in shape. She took a picture of her shower to show her hair did not shed, and she brushed and dried her hair when she was done.

The results in just one simple test show a lot of hope for people with bad hair. They are trying to get it to look as good as other hair, and they need something that is going to help. They do not have magic, but they do have Wen by Chaz shampoo that they can use. This means that people who are searching for better beauty products need to go with Wen by Chaz because it can do what it says it will do. It will tame hair, make it look shiny and make it easy to keep hair clean. For more information about Wen, visit

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Doe Deere Brings Freedom and Expression through Cosmetics


Doe Deere Brings Innovation To The World of Beauty Products
Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and innovator in the world of Cosmetics and Beauty supply products. Born in Russia, and raised in New York, she is a well rounded individual who has an international perspective on trends in beauty. Doe Deere not only has good taste, but an eye for unique fashion and enhancements that helps her clients, both male and female, to bring to the surface a persons inner and outer beauty through cosmetics. In 2008 Deere was selling her own designs of clothes on eBay. She was shopping for make-up to compliment her unique style of colorful, vivid, and bright clothing. Unable to find a supplier of the style of cosmetics she was looking for the entrepreneur turned innovator and Lime Crime Make-Up was founded. In 2009, Lime Crime launched their first product line, which was a original and radical style of lipstick called Unicorn lipsticks. Today Lime Crime has expanded from their Unicorn Lipsticks and has added eyeliners, nail polishes, and hair coloring to the Lime Crime arsenal of cosmetics.

Cosmetics for Freedom and Expression
The old saying beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is true. But the eyes of the beholder starts with self. Every individual that looks in the mirror is the first and foremost important eyes of the beholder. Lime Crime Cosmetics are made for every unique individual to go to the mirror and have the means for greater freedom and self expression. We all want to look good for some one else and this is natural. But when you look good for yourself – when a person looks good for their own eyes – a level of pride and confidence is experienced and this brings out the awareness of beauty within and beauty on the outside. This awareness is pivotal to achieving more freedom and self expression.

Products that Are Eco-friendly and Vegan
Doe Deere is not just the CEO of Lime Crime, but she also oversees the development of all current and future products. This leadership is not just creating profitable products, but products which are made of natural vegan ingredients, and such ingredients are healthy for the bodies that use them, but also the manufacturing of her cosmetics don’t pollute mother earth, and this is a commendable trait.

If its a Crime to Be Beautiful Then Arrest Me
Lime Crime Cosmetics are explosive. Lime Crime Cosmetics breaks chains and overcomes stumbling blocks, because with Lime Crime Cosmetics clients are given the colors, hues, and dynamically expressive cosmetics so a person has but one choice, and that is to be beautiful. Lime Crime has thousands of happy customers who agree, “If its a crime to be beautiful then arrest me”.

Lime Crime’s CEO Breaks Fashion Rules

Lime Crime is a beauty and makeup company that is dedicated to its customers and the fact that they are all individuals. It was founded by fashion blogger Doe Deere, who shares the same ideals of makeup should be more about the individual and less about the rules that most people tend to gravitate toward when it comes to makeup. There are many rules that Doe Deere has chosen to break that include not only makeup, but also include the way that she dressed and the way that she does her hair.

Choosing to color her hair unnaturally is something that Doe Deere has done often. While her hair was colored, she used to move toward neutral clothing colors that focused mainly around black. She did this for fear that the colors she wore were going to clash with her brightly colored hair. She did this because it was all based around an old fashion rule that she used to follow. No longer does she follow the black rule and she knows that you shouldn’t have to follow it either. If you have unnaturally colored hair, you should be allowed to wear any color that you want whether it clashes or not.

It is easy to see that Doe Deere does not care about fashion rules and knows that you shouldn’t be concerned about colors clashing when it comes to the way that you dress and do your makeup. For this reason, she knows that it is alright to wear clothes that have different patterns. You shouldn’t be restricted from wearing an outfit you love just because the patterns are not the same or clash in a way that does not look visually appealing. You can make sure that you are wearing what you want by not worrying about the way your patterns look together.

With all of her beauty experience and her life as a beauty blogger, Doe Deere has learned a lot about the fashion world. One thing that she has learned is that it has a lot of rules. These rules come with nearly no basis and are set by some people that are dead or that most people will likely never meet. For this reason, Deere focuses on breaking all of the fashion rules. There are some that she likes to break more than others, but she is always sure to make a bold statement with the rules she has broken.

If someone tells you that you cannot wear a bright pink lipstick with a bright green eyeshadow, you should not listen to them. This is something that was previously thought to be a big issue in the beauty world, but is also something that Deere has worked to make false. She knows that it is alright to wear whatever you like no matter how it looks. The most important part of choosing bold makeup is not about whether it doesn’t fit together, but is about what colors you think look good on your own face.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wengie

Wengie was born Wendy Huang on January 9, 1986 in China. Wengie came over to Austrailia when she was only four-years-old. Wengie grew up in a poor home with all kinds of second hand things, including a second hand vacuum cleaner that her father repaired and used for the next 15 years. She just celebrated her first anniversary with her new boyfriend. She became engaged on August 13th. Wengie makes her home in Austrailia, The popular blogger lives with her fluffy, rag doll cat named Mikki. At 5 foot 1 inches tall, she tries to consume 1200 calories per day. In 2003, she graduated from North Syndey, a girls school. She has a high school certificate in Math, Economics, English, and Society and Culture. While in high school, Huang sang in the choir and was a member of the school chess team. She graduated in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Accounting, Advertising and Promotions from Sydney University of Technology. She speaks three different languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
Four years ago, Wengie began a blog site called The Wonderful World of Wengie. Two years ago, Wengie took her wonderful world to You Tube. She likes to share tips on diet, makeup, exercise,relationships, and anything that has to do with health and beauty. The blogger shares her life and tips on a weekly basis on her You Tube channel. She tells her viewers that it does not matter whether you are raised in a poor or wealthy family, you can always achieve.
Wengie has an episode about her favorite makeup tips. Her first tip is primer. Wengie recommends that people with dry skin use a primer with a moisturizer. Next, she recommends that people who use foundation apply it with a brush and going in downward strokes. Wengie says you should use a concealer for imperfections such as eye bags and dark circles.
Wengie has some diet tips that include, having small portions when eating a meal. Wengie addresses the problem why women can not lose weight if they exercise and diet. She says the problem might be muscle mass is replacing fat and their bone structure might be heavy. Another problem might have to do with water retention.
Wengie has over 750,000 people who subscribe to her You Tube site. She is very personable and gives advice like she is talking to a girlfriend.


The Success of Doe Deere

The life of Russian fashion entrepreneur, Doe Deere, shows that she has led an interesting and successful lifestyle. Going by a variety of names, such as Dough, Doh, Xenis, Xenu, Doe Derp, Dodo, and many others names, she has created a popular reputation for herself. After deciding not to attend fashion school, she still continued to follow her dream of being a fashion designer, where she marketed other brands of fashion, like repackaged cosmetics. Her business and her lifestyle shows how interesting she is and how she is making an impression on the internet.

One of her accomplishments in the fashion industry was creating the cosmetics brand, Lime Crime. Featured in some of the most popular cosmetic and fashion magazines, Lime Crime has proven to be a success. Designed with bright colors and unique pigments, Deere has created a fashion brand that has generated tons of followers of Lime Crime. Starting as a blog, Lime Crime eventually developed into many blogs. It has become one of her most popular brands that has helped her become a successful fashion businesswoman. As part of her marketing to introduce Lime Crime into modern pop culture, she has created YouTube videos in which she speaks forthrightly about her brand of cosmetics. In these videos she shows how she makes eyeshadow. She also has blogs in which she talks about how to make lipstick. With different interviews, Deere describes her passion for her fashion brand, explaining the process of how her multifarious makeups fits different skin tones.

With the development of Lime Crime, it has defined Deere’s success in the fashion industry. Deere continues to prove her success as a fashion designer by continuing to expand different makeup products, such as different color lipsticks and the duo tone with each one.

Before her widely known and very successful makeup brand, Lime Crime, Deere was a business innovator, aspiring to achieve success through technology in marketing different kind of makeup. She is married to rock band artist by the name of Sky Salt. Although her previous projects before Lime Crime were never quite as successful as Lime Crime itself, she showed business demeanor as well as motivation to succeed in the fashion and beauty industry. Although Lime Crime has been a difficult road to success because of her critics, she has shown business savvy by championing her product through her blog and her Twitter account.

Doe Deere has proven to be a successful businesswoman in her ability to create and market her fashion and beauty product, Lime Crime is an example of what she has accomplished and what she continues to accomplish. Though she has endured difficult criticism, she continues to prove that can be successful in anything she does.