How Mike Baur Helps People Build Better Businesses

Mike Baur has done a lot of great things as a banker, but this is not where his passion was any longer. Mike Baur chose to leave the banking business and put his focus on the business of helping others establish a business model. More people that are in the business of entrepreneurial endeavors are looking to Mike and his company, the Swiss Startup Factory, to help them with their business endeavors.


Baur has been able to help lots of people that have good ideas get the ideas out to the public. This Swiss Startup Factory has a simple mission. It is a twofold business model with a vision to provide startup services with all the services that are needed to start a business. This is a wide spectrum, but things are certainly possible with the help of the team that works for the Swiss Startup Factory.


This is a company that is helping many people that have never been able to capitalize on the great ideas that they may have had. There are tons of people that have a good business idea, but they have no real clue as to how they can execute it. What Mike and his team have managed to do is bring forth a different type of concept that gives new business owners a greater perspective. He allowed business owners to come in and be groomed with the accelerator programs. This type of 360 service that he provides gives business owners every aspect of the business in a way in which it benefits their business idea.


This is the best thing about Mike Baur and his team of consultants. They have experience in a plethora of different areas, they are able to help any business owners that are trying to sort out what they need for finances and other things like inventory. It’s good to get this type of help from consultants that have already been through the trial and error of trying to make a business work. Entrepreneurs that have never had any help may find themselves in a place where they’re dealing with unpredictable elements that will drive them out of business.


Mike Baur has worked in the business of banking for decades. He has decided to take the experience does he has in this area and help entreprenuers bring their innovations to life. He is someone that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs.


Laidlaw & Company Services

Laidlaw & Company is a differentiated investment bank providing numerous banking services. They provide services to both public and private groups for high end investments and brokering. This is an organization with over 170 years of experience in the United States. In the last 10 years, they have seen an expansion across the United States as well as a foothold in the global market with banking and investment in the United Kingdom. Laidlaw & Company have moved into banking with investing in social media markets as well as medical areas such as biotechnology.

An ever expanding and successful banking group on with an attention to detail with focusing on single areas such as medical investments. Laidlaw’s trading team has the ability to provide alternative investment options for one to branch out in seeking new and creative investment avenues.

Laidlaw & Company are not without their challenges with a recent lawsuit reporting that the company violated US financing laws on wsj. This legal challenge has not impeded the work that continues with this organization. The US and Global market continue to seek out Laidlaw & Company for their full service investment banking and brokerage services. They can provide investment support to new and established organizations to accomplish their corporate goals.

Why Consider Investment Banking

Investment banking is probably one of the riskiest businesses in the banking world. An investment bank serves as an agent to entities such as corporations, government, and other big organization. The investment banks raise capital for these companies. They also advise the organizations on how to place investment options and in most cases they facilitate mergers and acquisitions.

Investment banking requires top, notch research skills, and an observational eye. Convincing people to invest in big venture requires a set of people skills. Suffice to say it is not trading for the faint hearted as Martin Lustgarten has proved with his success.

Martin Lustgarten is a successful investment banker in America. He is the founder of Lustgarten Martin Investment firm based in Florida. Martin success story emanates from his ability to establish a smooth communication network in his company.

Martin Lustgarten realized effective communication was one of the best ways to ensure success in business. Based on all the praise he has received his system works. He treats his clientele with respect something rare in Wall Street. He improves his employees’ productivity through having a personal and professional relationship with them.

Why investment banks are important

Investments banks save organizations the hustle of research. They collect information on companies and use it to advise their clients on which stocks to buy and when to sell for most profits.

It is illegal for banks to engage in proprietary trading. Investment banks come in where they have trading departments that can carry out bonds and stocks transactions for the banks and other firms.

Asset management is one of the other departments in investment banking. It needs the experience to decide on the right stocks, real estate among other investments to best suit an organization’s needs.

Investment banks advice companies on when to bring together their assets to market to other investors. When organizations bring together assets and sell off, it serves as a fixed income product for the company.

In case, you feel you need to move to banking sector without too many retail complaints. Then investment banking should be top of that list. It is an important job that involves huge organizations depending on your advice for their financial gain. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter to keep up with his news and events.

Madison Street Capital Provides a Steadying Financial Hand

Business today is loaded with enough complicated terminology and advanced reporting tools that the average business owner, and in many cases experienced corporate officers, have a tough time utilizing all of the available resources. Madison Street Capital is a firm that has the experience and the ability to guide companies through all sorts of initiatives. Divestures, buying, selling, and other ownership transitions can become efficient and seamless with the right amount of help. In short, companies that seek out experienced partners with specific specialties and expertise can quickly conquer any task that pops up. In a world where business movies quickly, sometimes having a guiding hand can make all the difference in the world.

Madison Street Capital has the experience and knowledge that allows businesses of many sizes to tackle the complicated world of mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate finance initiatives. Whether companies are looking to restructure, perform a valuation, explore private equity, or receive financial opinion services, Madison Street Capital has the relationships in place alongside a professional staff to solve what could become a complicated puzzle. Furthermore, the firm services a wide variety of industries, which means a diverse range of experience is already present within the organization. Taking advantage of excellence to streamline a complicated procedure is one of the hallmarks of effective management, and building relationships with key partners is vital in the fast paced world of corporate finance. After all, a mistake can prove costly, which is why utilizing a third party can be essential.

In the end, the modern business world has evolved to create large and mid-sized corporations that have specialties in a wide range of industries. While companies have excelled at optimizing and perfecting techniques associated with core business and supply chain activities, many external and internal financial activities can benefit from the added power of an experienced partner. Companies like Madison Street Capital have the knowledge and expertise to simplify complex financial strategies through implementation, evaluation, and deployment. Utilizing the services of a strong partner with a long proven track record of success is a strategy that can pay huge dividends in the long and short-term operation of a corporation. In short, companies looking toward a viable financial future need to take appropriate action to perfect the financial analysis of today, which is where external specialized companies can really have an impact. After all, safeguarding the future is a tremendous responsibility.