Sentient AI — Your Wardrobe Chooser

Technology has developed very much, yet, there seem to be no ideals for closet innovation. At the current time, change is on the way. Here’s a take from Assistant Professor Ranjitha Kumar — in the Computer Science Department at the University Of Illinois in Urbana-Champagne.

Thus, Mr. Kumar believes if algorithms do their job well, people will spend less time thinking about what to wear.

When you consider how artificial intelligence has been shaping our smart fabrics and computer games, it is easy to imagine Sentient AI as your wardrobe chooser. Here’s a favorite example of the Amazon’s Echo Look. This creation was presented to the public earlier, during this year and there was a lot of discussion about it. The gadget was designed as a style assistant to help you choose what clothing to wear.

Further, the device will take two photo shots of you as you try on two outfits. It has a built-in style check instrument that decides on the best set of clothing. The Echo Look does this by combining human opinion and machine learning technology. Amazon’s dressing experts teach this software how to judge different apparels.

Nevertheless, some retail experts believe that the device’s success will also depend on an increased value other than providing fashion advice. Yes, there have been a large number of purchases by shoppers, but the Echo Look is presently missing widespread appeal. However, there is an opinion that the ideal is too foreign — as to depend on a device telling you what you should put on or not.

For now, most consumers are embracing the virtual reality (VR) shopping platforms to help them decide what to wear. These shopping platforms benefit customers in a way that they don’t have to go to a store. The Google Daydream VR headset is a full example of what shoppers are using in a virtual store.

Also, fabrics are becoming smarter as you might consider the high-tech backpack with programmable structure. Now, imagine a backpack that will allow you to share a musical video, or a Facebook page with someone else with a smartphone, with a corresponding app installed. This concept will cater to teenagers with backpacks — a new behavior in expressing themselves.

Artificial intelligence could have a massive impact on fabrics, primarily as means to assisting retailers in keeping up with the latest in fashion. Currently, researchers are already at work for solutions and using machine learning. Moreover, Sentient AI is in the works for producing the VR headset for shopping in the home. Even so, it’s not clear how fast you might get used to an intelligent gadget becoming your wardrobe chooser.