Richard Dwayne Blair Uses A Financial Roadmap To Help Guide Clients Through Life

Richard Dwayne Blair had a knack for numbers from the beginning, and thanks to all of the educators in his life, he witnessed first hand how educating someone can make a huge difference in their life. It is those two things that lead him to start his own company, Wealth Solutions, in 1994. His goal is to educate people regarding their finances and investment strategies in hopes to provide them with a better way of living. In order to assist his clients, Richard Dwayne Blair has a three pillar planning strategy.

First, Blair will lay out a roadmap for his clients. The first step is the way that Blair will learn about his clients. He takes time to listen to his client’s goals and to find out more about their finances. He will identify what their potential financial risks are and the areas were they could see some growth in their investments. This is the time where Blair tries to establish a trustworthy relationship with his client.

Secondly, Richard Dwayne Blair will help to develop an investment strategy. This plan will be designed uniquely for each client and will be based on long-term goals and money needs. Blair is very hands on and makes sure that each client’s portfolio will be redesigned for high performance in a good market as well as make sure it will suffer minimal losses if the market takes a downswing.

Once Blair and the client have an understanding as what the goals are and that a financial strategy is in place, it is time for the last part of the planning strategy. Blair will meet with the client to explain how the plan will be implemented. Blair will continuously monitor the client’s account by tracking goals, expectations, and the history of the market.

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