Sussex Healthcare Achievements In The UK

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that has been in the United Kingdom market for the last twenty years. The healthcare company is very popular, and it focuses on ensuring that the elderly people living in Britain have access to excellent care so that they can live longer. Other adults who need healthcare can also seek the great services that are offered in Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare has been performing quite well in the competitive market, and its main facilities are found in the southern coast of the country. The elderly people who have been fortunate to acquire the services from this firm are doing so well, and they are living a happy life.

There are two people who have played a leading role in the success that is currently enjoyed by the organization. The two professionals are currently serving as joint chairmen. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina met several years ago and decided that they were going to partner and introduce a healthcare facility that was going to specialize on the needs of the elderly. These individuals have diverse educational and career backgrounds, and they came together for a common goal. Several years later, these two leaders are proud because of how the company has grown. Shafik Sachedina is a renowned professional in the medical world, specializing in dental activities while Shiraz Boghani is a finance executive who has ventured into the hotel department. The award winning company has been growing because of the expertise it has been receiving from its two leaders.

The first healthcare facility from Sussex Healthcare was introduced into the market in the year 1985. Decades later, the organization has opened more than twenty facilities that are all operating under its umbrella. Not long ago, the healthcare facility introduced a new gym that has all the equipment needed by the elderly people in the community. The daycare facility has the features that cannot be found in any other gym in the country. Working at the healthcare facility has so many benefits to the employees. Apart from the good remuneration from the institution, these professionals have several other benefits such as good transport and uniforms so that they can concentrate on the patients. These individuals are selected from the best in the market. To work in the organization, a candidate must have all the right academic qualifications. The amount of expertise is also considered so that the elderly people in the healthcare company do not complain about the services they are getting.

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