Barbara Stokes: Natural Disaster Reversed

Natural disasters are one of those things that can never be avoided. We can predict when they will strike but we can never fully absorb the blows that they bring. Usually when a disaster hits, the economy in the surrounding area of the incident plummets and there is a lot of rebuilding to be done. Not to mention the loss of life and habitat. But there are people in place who are trying to reverse this reality for the better. Barbara Stokes is one of the individuals in particular who is doing this. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara Stokes a Mercer university graduate recently decided to move her business to the Alabama town of Cullman. Her company Stokes Development LLC specializes in building green homes that are apt at withstanding natural disasters. They are mold, mildew, hurricane and fire resistant. Stoke’s business invested 8 million dollars into a new 99,000 facility that will create 500 to 600 steel homes. This is a good cause and many of of the materials that are used in the building process are 60 % recycled. Read this article at

Barbara Stoke’s good deeds don’t end there though. The construction of the manufacturing center will call for the hiring of 80 locals looking to be employed and three years into the process up to 300 people will be employed. Too add to this the 500 or 600 steel homes need materials. These materials will be supplied by the local areas. This means that the economy of the area around Cullman will receive a boost from all the service. The fourth congressional district representative Robert Aderholt said “this is a great addition” concerning Barbara’s company.

One might ask what made Barbara Stokes bring her business to this particular area. Her answer is simple she just simply remembered and liked the way that the citizens of the area were so friendly during a time when her and her husband were living in the area. Barbara Stokes actually is “really appreciative of everything Cullman has done.” This just goes to show how we never know who we are talking to so it’s better to treat everyone nice and friendly. Barbara Stokes has ironically done the opposite of what a natural disaster would do to Cullman. She has provided some economic benefits, some jobs, and a place in time of crisis.

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