Lime Crime, Doe Deere & The Future

Lime Crime is one of the hottest sensations in the cosmetics industry. This up-and-coming brand has been on the rise since its birth in 2008. As of today, the brand has become a fan-favorite to millions of people around the world. Some of the brightest and most vivid colors can be found here. The brand’s natural reflection comes from its actual owner. Doe Deere, founder, has always had a passion for vividly bold colors ever since she was a child. This eclectic sense of style has helped to manifest her into a cultural powerhouse in a sense.

The thing about Lime Crime is that it’s completely different from any other thing on the market in current times. By just looking at the options, you’ll get a better understanding of how unorthodox the brand truly is, but this is why people of all ages seem to love it. The Blue Unicorn lipstick was one of its very first best-sellers. The Velvetine Collection of lipsticks is unmatched in style, in color and in wear. These liquid-matte lipsticks come in a wide variety of colorful hues that range from the brightest of bright to the darkest of hue. Scandal, wicked, black velvet, red velvet, utopia, alien, salem, riot, rave, faded, pink velvet, pansy and cashmere represents every color of the rainbow.

Founder Doe Deere has been on a mission to produce the best quality makeups that are side effect-free. By doing so, she has an animal cruelty-free product line. None of these fantastic products have ever been tested on animals and that speaks volumes. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has recognized Lime Crime for its valiant efforts. PETA just so happens to be one of the biggest animal-rights organizations on earth. In the end, the future of this company has already been set in stone, and it will continue to push the boundaries of cosmetic-excellence.