Todd Lubar in the real estate

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate business for over twenty years now. He says that the major motivating factor in the business is the fact that he seeks to help out customers to fulfill their financial goals and dreams. This only goes for the willing ones because a lot of people do dream about where they would like to live and go but only a few get moving towards making their dreams come true. He mostly helps these people by enabling them to get rid of any obstacles that might prevent them from being able to access loans. He gets to provide the clients with what they are looking for that is mostly the relief.


According to Inspirery, Todd says that the business has not always been a smooth ride all the way. He has encountered failure at one time which made him almost give up his dreams, but he rose again to become successful. He also says that patience is key in order to succeed because it takes a while to get grounded in any business. While he was working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd got vast experience dealing with real estate services, and in the process, he created good connections and was able to get customers from referrals. Todd also says that one should also not underestimate the importance of search engines like Google when looking for real estate properties. For more details visit



As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar says that hard work is very essential. According to him an entrepreneur should work until he cannot work anymore, take a rest and keep going. Another essential thing that an entrepreneur should never take for granted is the power of honesty, transparency, and communication. This is important in creating trust with your customers. The greatest feeling for him is when he helps other people to build up their companies from the start. Todd is very excited about the industry and its potential to grow and move forward.


In 1995 Todd joined the real estate world as part of the Crestar mortgage industry, where he was sure that his desire to help others build their homes would be the career that would finance his life and business ventures. In 1999 he joined the legacy financial group and got to grow and broker loans. In 2003 Todd opened the charter funding. He has been working in the industry for over twenty years. Check out Medium for more.